4 days.

Do you feel the energy?

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Do you not read the official telegram or medium posts? Fiat has been delayed retard... Jesus, fucking COSS faggots are dumb.

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there is no fucking energy you fucking retard
im still a bagholder from these fucking retards
i bought in at $1 FUCKING KILL ME

>when you try to act superior by citing only public information

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> wait until it's already mooned to buy: the post

how long have they delayed?
They still have these major problems that if not solved no one will use.
Many shitcoins listed and being added along with their promotions.
No API to be used, so bots can't add liquidity.
Top of the homepage is ugly and looks horrible.
Team is of bad quality, hiring developers/engineers on contracts to work part-time on the exchange leads to low quality development overall.
Only allows $100,000 trading volume per day unless you get the highest level of verification, no big trader would like to be forced to do that.
Has no form of trading against Fiat.

4 days. Bruv, And I unleash my best FUD ever. I will destroy all

GL whalebro

They only need 10million volume per day to x4,
EZ gains bro

Nudes of Rune won't cut it. What is this FUD you speak of?

Rumor is bankruptcy, makes sense given all thats happened..
Personally Ive sold off half my stack

Nahh not bankruptcy, but nice try though.

Just dump your bags and buy CoinMetro when there's still time. Coss is fucking dead and fiat won't save it.

Sell or hold?

How does that make sense? All signs are showing improvement.

beached, maybe

Do you guys still remember me ? i shrilled coss so much here on biz but none of you listened

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>buy CoinMetro
This. Coss is dead. Time to accept your losses and move on.

>I will unleash my best FUD

As if Veeky Forums got any impact on anything
Deluded pajeet...

still looks better than the new ui, oh, and it actually fuckin worked

retarded rumor, fucking frenchies rumor most likely

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Bankruptcy rumors are FUDders just trying to lower the price before the big announcement on the weekend, after which it's going to shoot way the fuck up.

Have faith in based Rune, he knows what he's doing. He hasn't been marketing much yet because it hasn't been ready, but all of that is coming very soon.

I'm already bought all the way in and I'm not planning on selling.

If you listen to any bankruptcy rumors, you are an idiot. These people raised 5 million dollars in ETH when ETH was sub $300... ETH is almost double the price now. It’s been like 8 months and they’ve been generating revenue every single day since the exchange opened. How tf r they bankrupt, use your head don’t fall for the FUD.

Not at all. Worst exchange Ive ever tried

CoinMetro was a confirmed scam with all the extended token sales
It was also shilled by every single fucking pajeet on this board
The rule is to always sell what biz is promoting, so congrats on your future ico bags

This guy never tried EtherDelta

Yeahhh buddy. 4 days till hell breaks lose. I hope you guys started shorting on COSS, else you gonna have a bad time

i can feel it ....
the fomo....

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Shorting? On which exchange can you short coss?

So basically this entire thread is saying that the team sucks (which it does) and that everything is again delayed (which it did).

However, WHEN not IF, when they will actually finally deliver do you really think that the market is going to remember all those failures?

Remember how massively it responded on the COSS update and the Fiat gateway news? I do.

Do you really think that it's not going to be shilled like crazy everywhere "muh fiat gateway fuck kraken" and cause massive FOMO?

Buying this shitcoin now might not be a bad idea judging from it's ambitions. Sure it's risky but wouldn't be suprised at all if this shit exchange might actually work eventually.

they will be sorry

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zero energy
coss isnt even getting any of a pump, even though we know the date

They haven’t even liquidated most of their ETH from the ICO brainlet

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Ultimate normie exchange for the 2018 bullrun.. anyone that says otherwise is a FUD Fairy and I love them all for that.. I am LOVING cheap coss nigggaaaaaaa fuck all you faggots BTW