Future of currency is right here, and biz, being the low IQ board that it is, absolutely hates it. Can't wait for the mass suicide in 2019.

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PnD coin. It existed for half a year before people realized it's the future. Meaning its not the future.

What will this single purpose currency coin do when eos main net is released and anyone can make their own instant/feeless currency with a 50 line smart contract? The test net even comes with this as an example.

Bitcoin is here since 2009...

Keep them coming. I'm screencapping all these posts for your future embarrassment.

It's because Sayaka is shit-tier.

Monero is the future currency.

when next pump? I need to dump my bags not at a loss though

Stop abusing Sayaka on your worthless shitcoin.

Why don't you actually try to answer the question instead of being a pompous fanboy. I legitimately don't see a purpose for nano to exist once eos is released but maybe I'm wrong.

In since $0.11 on bitgrail (got out in time). I haven't sold and won't sell, this crypto has the chance to completely disrupt merchant services in the next 5 years.

Top 3 market cap in two years while the market 10xs.

If you don't understand what EOS is trying to do then you don't know what you're on about.

There was a time when I actually spent time answering questions like yours and many others here about Nano. But eventually I got tired of spoonfeeding everyone, specially when 95% of them were fudders who would keep repeating the same shit again and again even after being refuted.
So no. I won't answer any more questions. I will let time speak for me. If you research and come to the conclusion that you don't want to buy, then don't. I honestly couldn't give less fucks.

Nano is cancer scam.

Pajeet coin, i'm just waiting for the next vulnerability.

Way to dodge the question. Eos is trying to be a general blockchain environment in which people can build their projects. A simple currency is one such use case.

>hurr durr but my shitcoin because you're dumb if u don't seriously I won't explain anything just buy it durrrrr

Fuck off pajeet. Glad I sold this shit at 140k sats

It'll be big for sure just based on how many normies know about it already, just need some decent updates and easy $100 eoy

nano sucks, double spending problem, hacker still has more to dump, no one will adopt nano and the use it has it fast and feeless transactions. btfo wins again

See what I mean, you don't know what you're on about, do more research on the project before coming on here.


You either don't understand the double spend problem, don't understand nano or are being purposefully misleading.

Nano was the first alt I ever bought you dumb nigger. I bough in at $2 and shilled it for months. I even contributed to the codebase. Then I actually did do some research and I came to the conclusion that it was a dead end project. The block lattice is cool but nano itself is a shitcoin

wow, I didn't know sorry I am wrong nano the best!

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They don't know a big developer praised the platform and it's going to fork It
Hint: not Charlie lee

You just seem confused at this point

holy shit, OP is right. biz, and specially nonanors are low IQ. they cant even tell when someone is obviously fucking around

>it was all a ruse

I bought this because of hype and speculation (taking LTC spot, coinbase rumor)., just like TRX and XVG when it's at 80sats
I don't even know what the fuck this coin can do

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reddit is the other way sir

>double spending problem
There is no "double spending problem" in Nano. You'd have to go out of your way quite a bit to double spend. You'd need to do it intentionally at places without internet access and even then it doesnt constitute "double spending" in the meaning of the phrase because the nodes will vote on which payment is valid and which one is not.

You know that autistic best friend who always tell you that Linux is superior and he don't get why people buy an overpriced Apple laptop.

BIZ is that guy, and nano is the Apple laptop.

If any crypto wants to get used like a currency it needs adaption from normies . And that is currently happening , twitch donations, webshops accepting it, Reddit hype, steps to fysical ATMs etc.

This will be at least 80 bucks eoy.


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80 is a conservative estimate. Of course it depends on the overall capitalization of the market. But one thing is for certain, it is disruptive tech and will be one of the few cryptos to make it big after the shitty ones have died.

Well said

Until you can answer you're nothing more than a pajeet

Nano is the future you blind fucks..

In this market its all about being the first (look at Bitcoin). So EOS better hurry up, in my opinion they are to late in the game

oldfag here. bought my first bitcoin under $3 in 2011. have been in the game ever since. two things you newfags need to know

1) BCH is the real bitcoin
2) NANO will be top 3 looks much more nteresting

>unironacilly holding nano bags because of one bad trade while day trading
Should i just release it or hodl ?

Thats not even a roadmap you brainlet redditor

Get the fuck off our board soyboy and enjoy the bags

What do you prefer? A roadmap or a working product? Hmmm tough question..