What do you guys do for a living? Do you guys even enjoy what you do for a living or are you just doing it so you can get by in life?

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I want to kill myself every day.

J-just 2.45 million more to go for financial independence..

I'm self employed. It's nice.

im a physical thetapist working 12hrs a fsy 7 days a week no kid no wife just my doge. putting majority of pay into icx....10kicx just hit last night. what do my life

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embedded systems engineer in the aeronautics industry
it pays decently (90k annually)
i hate it

pic related, but i'm 30

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Regular wagecuck corporate ladder game. Don't enjoy it but it's necessary for building up my future. Will look to quit in 10 years and establish my own venture

>i hate it

I was thinking about going for embedded too. Thanks goodness i'm not gonna waste my EE degree like that lmao

got a little diploma in paperwork, currently at burger king, had 2 panic attacks in a week but I'm 2K in debt, don't know what the fuck should I do with my life

im generally on the system testing team and its horrible, compatibility is bad at best, debuggers are bothersome to use, pajeet'd assembly and c code everywhere in need of verification/analysis

i worked hard to get what i have. i am at qp% of higly paid people in my country. have best medical for me and family. 13 salaries. yearly bonus. bmw 5 for company car. i rape at work.

but when i come home i feel emptry inside. user nothing will make you happy.

I sell the people in my office a dream that I can help them with their problems. The thing is I don't , I just fuck around till I find something new.

account manager for start up (basically sales + customer service). Pay is decent, honestly love the job/industry. The service and product are really great, so i only deal with people who want to use us and our product which is cool. It's fun helping people out in an industry you're interested in a startup company you really believe in. Vesting employee too, just tryna take this bitch public or bought by amazon so daddy can retire.

Graphic designer. Pays well but there's no challenge in it whatsoever. Clients just want the same shit everyone else is doing. The pajeets on Fiverr will eventually take over, so just milking it while I can.

I'm an engineer, making not quite six figures, but I enjoy it. Doing well, everyone says I do a good job, still young and learning.

13 salaries?

I run a boiler for 12 hours a day. only work 182 days out of the year minus about 2 months of paid time off. I like it a lot overall, the people I work with are great and it can be a little bit exciting sometimes since nothing ever runs the way it should and when things go sideways it can be somewhat dangerous, what with deadly gas blowing in the air, or fire blowing out at random times, or molten soda spraying in my general direction and second. It can be quite a rush. Pay and benefits are decent enough but I honestly do it more because I like it.

summer paycheck

electronics technicican - I make $50K a year to solder and play with circuit boards in between browsing /biz and trading crypto. I smoke tons of weed in the mornings and lunch break. No one cares what I do as long as I fix the boards and best of all there's no customers

I do IT at a company that takes care of crazy kids. Shitters are nuts. I'm not the director, so I don't stress but I make about 35K a year. I'm hourly and the overtime I make can vary 5k+ a year depending on how much I want to do.

It's a non profit and maximum cozy. I spend an hour and a half a day walking around chatting with people. It's not a hard gig and I get good benefits.
Pays rent plus a few hundred dollars a month to spend on stupid shit.

Professional Geologist. I work in the gold mining industry. I went to the University of Alberta, and later the University of Arizona. Now working in Nevada and make about $120K doing exploration. 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off. Cost of living is low for me so most of my money goes into investments and savings.

Kek thought first a boiler room.

But what are you doing with the boiler? Food production ?

every stem job pays well but it ends up either being boring as shit or too stressful, that's why people don't want it. There are no free meals, you either do a lot of work and get paid a lot, or do little and get paid little, in general. The trick is finding the ratio between well being and well paid. There are things that seem good in theory like starting businesses and trading crypto but those require more risk and at the same time other skills.

My advice is doing something you like so it doesn't feel like work or get good at trading shitcoins