Can I start a small business with a 100 dollars?

Can I start a small business with a 100 dollars?

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Yea you could get some decent kneepads for that price

A weed one, yes

Yes men, come to Venezuela your pay to our employees 4$/month and the rent is like 15$/month and you can sell stuff at very high prices the riches here pay for it

Gib me $100 and I'll tell you..
See how easy that was?

maybe... on paper

why you gotta do the kid like that there’s plenty of cash to go around if you catch me drift hehe

Here you go. Pic very related.

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>just be a talented mechanic bro

I'm sorry I tried to help you then. If you can't see how this line of thinking applies to every small business then you will never do anything and if you do you will fail.

sure buy drinks & snacks (small bags) and sell them outside events at 2, 3x cost - sporting events, concerts, bars - you’ll make enough in a month to get a permit and a regular spot - then start selling hot dogs or something cheap & easy to make - u got a biz now my fren

I can understand why everyone screams here now

Use ELIX to start a small business. Crowdsource your money.

is this really this cheacp? how much for qt3.14?

get yourself nice dildo and lovesense and join chaturbate

This, or hire some kids to run a lemonaide stand in an affluent part of town and sell gluten free, dairy free, organic, handmade lemonaide

not if you have to ask

>go to garage sales
>identify true antiques that people think are worthless
>buy $100 of various trinkets
>sell them for profit

It's doable OP

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Start a window washing business. You need a squeegee, a bucket and a step ladder. Get the ladder second hand. Print flyers/ business cards with what's left over.
You're welcome.

You could ask you Mom to make some Kool aid and sell it at the end of your trailer Park.

maybe he could give Lahey $100 to fuck off?

you can purchase a guitar and busk for 1000 dollars

>1g of pure coke
>cut with baby power
>repeat 50 times reinvesting gains

There, millionaire


Sell poop on Etsy.

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>dairy free lemonade

*wipes lips*
can I?

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