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What's the chaances that we see this project being successful in the future?

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Unironically 100%. Blockchain integration into existing financial markets is inevitable and already happening.

Based on parternships alone I'd say the chance is pretty decent. The market need for fiat pairings and asset tokenization remains to be seen however.

Well, they already have SEED partnership + interest from so many different banks that they can choose who they work with + in talks with central bank(s?).

Nothing is for sure obviously, but I like my odds with this one

80% for MENA, 30% for other regions.


I'd give higher chance than 30% for Korea, seems like they have some connections over there. In some recent videos Tal was also talking about jKRW.

80% in the MENA are good odds...and should give us sick value in the upcoming years.

Sounds about right, i would agree with that... let us see the upcoming details about the SEED group this month.

>80% for MENA, 30% for other regions.
absolute state of jihad network faggots

Its literally guaranteed.

Care to provide another estimate and back it up? I think that's conservative. If they succeed in MENA I'd upgrade their success chances in other regions probably.

However, chances for US = 0.1% no matter what happens.

I unironically think this will be $1000 in the next 5 years... How deluded am I?

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No one will use jibrel tho, they tokenize their own securities

I would say $5 EoY when the DAO is implemented and the first institutions are tokenizing.

5years prediction is more than ridiculous in the crypto space

Jibrel doesn't tokenize securities though.

It's possible which is why this project is fun.



jibrel will have a risk management edge over wildcat tokens

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Thanks, sold 100k

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there is no way to success. but have you seen lastflipwins.co/ already?

Assuming 155 million is the circulating supply, that would mean each 155 billion would need to be tokenised. That's extremely unlikely I would say. The good news is that this calculation assumes that all JNT is bought up by the DAO. In reality that's impossible, so maybe buying pressure could push JNT to $1000 well before 155 billion is tokenised. Who the fuck knows basically.

Well it all depends, if they really do manage to tokenize various assets successfully then it's not out of the question at all in the next 5 years. Especially if they indeed have managed to attract central banks and the likes. We'll see but I do have high hopes for it, looking forward to the medium post to get more details about the SEED partnership.

Agreed. I'm really looking forward to the medium post, hopefully it can clear things up with regards to the timeline and practical details of the tokenisation (I'm still not sure where they buy the JNT from for example).
Lets be honest though, $1000 isn't happening for the sole reason that it would make far too many NEETs on this board disgustingly rich.

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Cool, and what do you think will happen. They'll just buy tons of Jibrel tokens?

Never happening.

>it would make far too many NEETs on this board disgustingly rich.
What is BTC? What is ETH? What is NEO?

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ayyy that's my screenshot.

>155 billion would need to be tokenised
No, you retard. $155b worth of tokens would have to be redeemed for JNT. They can tokenize $1000 trillion assets and the price won't be affected if no one wants them and they stay in DAO.
>muh guaranteed market cap
Fucking brainlets, learn what you're invested in.

So how much jnt to make it?

Exactly, ffs I remember the posts about ETH price predictions and people with 10k saying exactly "won't happen, I'd be a millionaire".

They deliver then this will make you rich

>worth of tokens
assets, not tokens

I am trying to get to 50k, currently sitting on 30K. A lot of the anons say that 100 K's of this and i am wondering if the supply will run low soon.

Talal 100$ confirmed

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> $1000 trillion
> what is quadrillion
> "Fucking brainlets"

>what is hyperbole

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Quadrillion would have been just as hyperbolic, and you wouldn't have outed yourself as a retard

>$155b worth of tokens would have to be redeemed for JNT
What the fuck are you on about?
>$1000 trillion assets
Nice one
>won't be affected if no one wants them and they stay in the DAO
If no one wanted them, they wouldn't be tokenised. cryDRs will not remain in the DAO, it doesn't make any sense.
Anyway, read that post you brainlet.

Never read this much BS at once in a JNT thread. Stick with arab and sandnigger FUD...this is just wrong on so many levels

this thing is about to go some fucking places god damn... anything fintech related with blockchain, especially tokenization, is what will push the next bullrun/bubble

>"Hisham Al Gurg (right), Sheikh Saad Al Maktoum Private Office CEO and Talal Tabbara, Jibrell Network Co-founder, shaking hands after signing a strategic partnership agreement for launching jCash in the UAE and MENA regions at the Dubai Seed Group office."

Wow, how are they going to launch cryptofiat throughout all of MENA.. if only the Maktoum family had connections with banks outside the UAE.. then that might be possible.

People not looking at JNT right now are about to regret it real hard.

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Bullish as fuck. Waiting for the medium post.

That was tongue in cheek. Of course, it has happened before. Just hard to imagine it happening to me is all.

>Talal Tabbara

holy fuck we've been duped boys. Sell it all sell it all!

so the never trust arabs guy was right after all, SELL SELL SELL

Interesting vid why JNT is necessary.

It makes the crypto fiat trustless/decentralized and there is always on chain proof that the crypto fiat is backed by value(enough JNTa for a certain market price). This is a huge contrast to Tether etc where you do not know whether it is backed. In theory you would not even PwC with jibrel solution since everything is transparent on chain.


Why should I fund sand nigger's token

Thanks for posting, trying to keep up to date with every new interview.

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Nobody cares about your launch money in this proejct

Will I make it with 11k JNT?

will I make it with 4k?

just look at talals smug answer to the question at 12:51
he knows we're all gonna make it

11 000 x 100$=1,1mm$


30k is my minimum, I would try and play with other alts until you get 20k atleast. Problem is nobody knows when this boat is leaving and fewer people are selling each day.

hah fuck me that was smug

But minimum 2 years for those numbers right?

count on 3-4 honestly but it might be sooner

Unironically 0%

$1000 EOY confirmed

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I've got 10K and I'm not putting anymore cash into crypto. I could swing trade it but I think there's a good chance I'll get rekt so I'm just going to try and forget about JNT for the next few months.

>would have double my stack right now if I didn't buy in at 0.50

fuck me I played myself

what ifs lad its okay

ahhahahahhaha fuck i only watched the last 3rd of the interview he knows hes about to make us rich aahaha

anyone know if there was a timeline given on telegram at some point about when this medium post if coming out?

If not today or tomorrow it wont be until next week, fingers crossed.

Wtf you talking about? They are active on Telegram during the weekend too

I am talking about the medium post. . .

oh veey,

telegram is infested with add /bizkids
also the daily add threads
this shit will see NO movement or even bleed more until q3/q4
and this is not even bad
only for the add kids with poorfolios
all of you will freak out when other moonmissions start before jihad network (and they will)


>Mohammad Al Sehli Jibrel network

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>Hamzeh Kolaghassi jnt Operations



I wonder how many weeks it is before people forget about JNT for the most part and it's only remembered as that one arab shitcoin that wasn't DBX.

>$1000 trillion
oh no its retarded

>1000 trillion

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