How much XMR do I need for an Israeli girlfriend?

How much XMR do I need for an Israeli girlfriend?

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You're gonna need lots of XRP

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ex idf fag here
I'm calling the MP
that bracelet is not allowed

also her hair isn't tied

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Leave our women, goy

Yellow fag

1000 Bancor

people who can't follow simple rules are useless degenerates

We're coming to get em

אתם שני ג'ובניקים מסכנים בדוק הייתם בקרייה באיזה תפקיד מסריח, עופו מפה לפני שתפסידו את כל הכסף שלכם

You'll need about [unknown amount]

Get some shekels not some XMR

Not gonna make it
Gonna make it

פשש לא ידעתי שיש פה יוצאי מטכ"ל

I'm assuming that you can probably get one just by being an American soldier and going to or being stationed in Israel.

Those IDF girls are Ukrainian models, but good job swallowing the Jew psyop you dumb goy.

You'll need XRP

stupid goy 20% of israel population are immigrants from ussr ukraine included

> when you realize all Veeky Forumsraelis are actual israelis

There's only like 20 million Jews in the world, wouldn't even take much blacking to eradicate them

לינק 1000 $ עד סוף השנה
>התחושה כשאתה לינקלט

Any advice on dropshipping wholesale israeli uniforms from Alibaba? I'm looking to take this look global to cover up millions of obese western females... to make them less visible and fade into the background more...