Google for the Smart Contracts FAQ page and look at what it says under the search result.
"No information is available for this webpage".
You click on "Learn Why" and find out that ...

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Their FAQ page is intentionally blocking Google from indexing this properly in the search results.
ALSO, why is this only showing up in the search results when filtering for "last 24 hours only".
These questions need to be answered. This has me perplexed and intrigued.

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As far as I'm aware they aren't planning core adapters on Bcash.

I don't care about the second search result. Read my post. Why is the link team intentionally blocking Google from indexing their page. Are they intentionally trying to stay out of the spotlight?

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They're doing their best to hide the project until mainnet goes live
We were never meant to have this coin
$1000 EOY

They have the website set up so that web-scrapers (such as google) can't access the content? Nothing fishy.

Your 2nd question is retarded. That's the result because you narrowed it down via time and keywords, to a point where only 1 result exists.


Literally this.

>That's the result because you narrowed it down via time and keywords, to a point where only 1 result exists
You are literally as dumb as a nigger. Is this your first time using Google?
When you filter content by date, ONLY content that was created in the specified timeline is reported. There were also many results displayed. So the search for yourself nigger.

I get what you mean now, that's usually done to discourage crawling, it's not just blocking google but it may be a side effect. Search for

> A description for this result is not available because of this site's robots.txt

What about bing?
christ you are a fuckin brainlet

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They are updating website

Fuck off spastic.

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LINK is the industry coin. It wasn't meant for us neets $1000 eoy

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amen link brother

It is true, but the singularity is on the beginning of the battle boyz.

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DocuSign confidentially filed for an IPO the week after they paraded Sergey on the panel to cue in that they had solved the problem they had been working on. Sergey was that solution. DocuSign will use link to create a block chain smartcontract ecosystem for fortune 500 that will allow them to verify and send payments in the same action.

plug and play catalog of smartcontracts regulated by decentralized oracles. Immediate economy wide adoption incoming.

oh yeah and swift, and tesla, and Microsoft, and zeppelin os, etc etc etc etc etc

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They had been working on the lambo problem

Tfw we fucked (((them))) right in da pussay

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Why were we not meant to have it? I've had this feeling deep down for awhile just couldn't put my figure out exactly why.

Can't say I admire your commitment at least.

It is a little bit interesting that they did this IPO right after SXSW with Sergey....
but what is it for?
Tom Gonser said before that if they did an IPO, it would be as a way to get funding.
Funding for what?
Implementing smart contracts? Hmmm

It sounds to good to be true but logically seems like the next step.
>t. 30k link bags

OP it's been like this for a while. The FAQ shows up as if it's been updated or created within the last 24 hours.

Nothing fishy though and I don't think they're stopping anything from showing up in google. Hopefully a friendly web developer can explain, though I doubt it's interesting or meaningful.

Who buying IPO for this when it hits presumably the nasdaq? Would be nice if link holders had the right to pre buy before ipo date.

Fake news.

Chainlink will moon after REQ cools down. Get ready boys

you do realize that there are perfectly legitimate reasons for blocking bots from spidering specific webpages on a domain, right? For something like a FAQ that might have very important and crucial time sensitive changes made to it, you don't want stale results from a search engine providing an inaccurate synopsis of the information. You want people to directly visit the site for pertainent information. This is common. Even my own little shit website has a robots.txt descriptor to filter certain shit for this exact reason.

Is this new??
Does this look anything like Docusign ?

SWIFT test transactions were found on the site back in November. Were removed/hidden within a few hours; This could be to prevent further similar leaks.

Meant to be a B2B product, not end consumer

Any source in this?

There isn’t newfriend

On my laptop I have pictures saved, but I'm honestly too lazy to dig it out and boot it up

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that deep green candle ID and almost digits has inspired me, one second

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>a young sergey appears

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Why dont you google Zsnarks if your so great?




found a better pic

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Yeah I'm what do I need a scotttrade account? I'm in early 20's don't have anything in stocks yet but definitely want to pick up some docusign shares.

user delivers when?

Hello? Is the larper still here?

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you guys know you have to be an accredited investor to invest in IPOs, right?

"To be an accredited investor, a person must demonstrate an annual income of $200,000, or $300,000 for joint income, for the last two years with expectation of earning the same or higher income. A person is also considered an accredited investor if he has a net worth exceeding $1 million, either individually or jointly with his spouse."

No source but i seen it.
Its one of the main reason i hold heavy back breaking bags.

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Am i the only one that swing trades my Link with no panic involved?
I keep adding more to my stack. Will i be rekt one day or is everyone doing this

Yeah I only have 5k cash to drop into docusign I'm poor. So unless I wait until it starts trading then I can get some right?

I got royally btfo doing this lmao
lost a 70k stack when the price went up, best I can do now is 58-60k. just 1 more dump please

they're probably using the BAT network nignogs

first you say
>why is this only showing up
and then
>There were also many results displayed

I'm the one that's dumb. kek state of linklets.

I've tried, but link always fucking goes up when i try. Lost today for example.

Yeah the problem is with every move up you think 'this might be it!' and burn all your profits... Because it MIGHT be IT

Yeah it's risky.
Price is so manipulated it's not even funny.
I was getting ready to sell but the last 2 times the 4h RSI started to dip, some huge green dildo appeared and suddenly raised the price.
We might go down but I doubt we'll see < .40 again

It's been said in the finance conferences that volatility of cryptocurrency is off putting to corporates so maybe they would not want people actively trading LINK. Although as popularity inevitably mounts up, trading use would follow regardless.

assblaster explained why

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I've never seen this before and I thought I'd seen everything. Gonna read it but this is potentially a huge step.

it's just for the old test front end thing. Odd that this wasn't posted much before

So this is probably what Docusign is all about.

This will give them a huge leg up on the competition and having docusign and tom gosner as collaboraters will give them a shit ton of legitimacy.

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How do I buy docusign? I have etrade.

shoo shoo pajeet

30k Link stack fuck off.

Is this new on the testnet faq Page?? If it’s new it’s definitely Docusign

I have a hard time believing this

I still want to hold some link regardless just in case it does moon, I don't want to make the same mistake I made when eth was $1 and I thought Veeky Forums was delusional for thinking it would make them rich.

Serious? After I read wp I knew this wasn't a joke.

It looks like a solid project I just don't trust what I read on Veeky Forums because there's so many 'insiders' who are just larpers

how could you guys miss this:

literally a game changer for LINK. strap in boys...

Corporate performance metrics chainlinked to a docusign employment contract. No awkward goodbyes, the smart contract activates and your keycard stops working kek

are you needing affirmation that link is a revolutionary project? Bold? yes. A joke or scam? No 100% no. Every visionary use case you have heard of with Ethereum, needs ChainLink to make it possible. Look at REQ, it literally needs ChainLink to succeed. This is why I am so comfy because I know that if ChainLink fail, well, a lot of other projects will too and at least I put my money where it is make or break it for this entire technological revolution. There is so many use cases for ChainLink too. For example, This same logic applies to a large amount of other use cases. A few examples:
>Flight insurance
>Bond payments
>Sports betting
>Pay as you drive cars
>Automatic speeding tickets
>Supply chain records
>Data for apps
>Escrow for houses
>Escrow for online purchases
>Shipping insurance
>Life insurance
>Automatically executing trust funds
>Automatic release of titles when you pay things off

I literally have an email on deadman switch
that will go out to family incase i get hit by a bus, explaining the potential of ChainLink so they do not market sell this shit.

I had never seen this one before. Its like its talking about LINK

Im not trying to fud. But how can we be 100 % sure that they are talking about chainlink?