Just got added on cmc boiiiis. who strapped in for the moon ride? 150k reporting in here

just got added on cmc boiiiis. who strapped in for the moon ride? 150k reporting in here

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250K and my body is ready. I wish they would have got the marketcap and circulating supply correct though.


Would you mind elaborating on your thoughts? Why is this a scam?

jelly, buying another 50k end of march unless that's too late.
not even going to bother lmao. take a look at their team and current marketcap. just prepare your pink wojaks

The fud on this is so weak that they aren't even trying anymore. It is not worth their time as they know it is a losing cause. It takes 10 minutes to not only understand that this is not a scam, but to also understand that this is maybe the most undervalued coin on the market.

I literally hear that every day about a million different coins

30k reporting in. My last trade money but should enough to make six figures.

The only thing that worries me is the increase in circulating supply in the coming months

just sell before they release them. I'm not planning on holding this long term. Next release of coins is in june i believe, it's easily a 5-10x before that, then a massive dump in june

I will send 1BTC to whoever can explain what BBN does.

> Global Data Fusion Value Network

What the fuck does that even mean? Is it me or is the whitepaper literally buzzword salad? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

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it's a pajeet coin, just look at the name, don't bother with this shit

At the end of the day it will be your own fault for allowing that to stop you looking into this one.

when people throw words 5x-10x like that you know they just want to dump on you.When something seems to good to be true it probably is

this is just the regular Pump and Dump coin of the week.Next week you will be left with bags and biz would have moved to shill the next shitcoin

dunno, who cares? look at the team

when something is too good to be true it's probably too good indeed.

Just ride the pumps like credits.

I think I can help you. The way big data works now, the information often becomes stale and old due to the bottle neck of how fast we can curate and categorize it. This allows changes in humanities micro evolution to be missed when trying to do trend projections. When you add the blockchain, it removes the bottleneck and allows data to freely and quickly be transferred through the banyan network to be curated, categorized, cleaned, and anything else they deem to be necessary for quality projections.

Right now, Banyan has close ties to Union Pay, Alibaba, China Unicom, and many more large business/data driven corporations.

I am not expecting a full bitcoin or anything for that matter, but if you are flush, feeling generous, and found this useful, here is my address - 1Cee9SDJc7pjvKoGVsx4MNDQBN6MQUwXqZ

Thanks for trying at least. You lost me at
> changes in humanities micro evolution
>implying that adding blockchain to anything REMOVES bottlenecks

Both of you are severely mistaken. This one is pretty easy to see if you look for 5 minutes. Start with the team and who they are.

After that, understand what China aims to do with Big data and blockchain technology.

Can I try to explain? The reason big data and AI is going to be such a big industry (and already is) is because advertisers and retailers are able to predict trends before they happen. This is actually getting freakishly accurate. Blockchain technology is going to make this happen even faster which makes the information coming in more relevant and accurate.

Kelvin Long left Union Pay Smart (The company he created) specifically to focus on AI/Big Data via Banyan Network. Check out their AMA with the CEO today on reddit - reddit.com/r/BanyanNetwork/comments/8435ui/the_first_official_banyan_network_ama/

The reason blockchain will make this faster is because Banyan will eventually run on the HPB blockchain which uses hardware and software to achieve faster transaction times. Their goal is 1 million transactions per second this year.

A billion supply? lol fuck this shit coin

600 million of that is locked for 5 years.

Shiiit, its already mooned 2%

don't bother lol, we gave them an oppurtunity to get in low. only fud this coin gets is ¨scam¨ and nonsense from people not reading anything about it

Thanks for the heads OP, have a little bit in, been watching this guy for a few weeks now

Yeah, you are right. biz had their chance and many jumped on it. The rest will watch from the sidelines/Fomo is at $0.40.

Gotta love when that deposit is confirmed 40+ times on the ethereum network but still pending at 0 on bibox

go on bibox telegram and get support, they're super fast and helpful

oh really? have you seen this 10%bonus at lastflipwins.co ?

Ok Ok.. you guys are for real. I'm interested, started reading up and I take back my scam fud..
Anyway, I dont have extra fiat to invest until the end of the month. Where do you see this going in the next two weeks?

It went through, just took about 10 extra minutes, didn't miss my price point by much, especially relatively speaking

I'm surprised it's still this low user, if this was December/January it would not be

It should 1.5x in the next two weeks. Anyone who did their research on this could see that it's an easy 10x if timed properly. If you do your own research then at least when you call something a scam, you have a reason to and you're not just echo-ing the Veeky Forums contrarian hive-mind.

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some jewtubers are making review vids as we speak. CZ is their bitch, so an imminent binance listing will occur, under NDA atm, so don't know when. Just got put on cmc a few hours ago, once it gain traction it'll go fast i think. ICO price was 3 cents. low as fuck marketcap considering their team. my comfiest hold from now until late may

Is it still considered an ICO if it wasn't public user?


Here's a question, I cant buy with fiat for the next little while, but I do got a nice Jibrel stack.
Should I sell some of that for this?

yes, most definitely. Jibrel isn't going anywhere soon compared to bbn. I sold my jibroni stack for this. You'll be able to buy back way more jibrels if you ride this wave and sell off before the next release of coins in june

Am I retarded? Only limit buys?

Everything you said is accurate with exception to Binance. More exchanges are on the way though...But I guarantee binance is not imminent.

What piece of information made you change your mind?

Literally all of it.

When suppoman?

I only got 14k, hoping it does well so I can buy a stack of EOS and ZIL for the summer

It's almost at $0.11

It’s kinda strange though, all of these big Chinese projects with partnerships like HPB, NAS, BTO, BBN etc aren’t on Binance even though it’s a chink exchange

hope to god it's not kucoin. that's a death sentence

highest + % on gaybox right now lez go

where can I buy this motherfucker?

nah, we've warned ceo multiple times not to go to kucoin


Don’t be insensitive, it’s clearly bi not gay


Thanks for writing this, now I know that it's a shitcoin and all these shills are pejeets.

lmao how can you write stuff like "When you add the blockchain, it removes the bottleneck and allows data to freely and quickly be transferred through the banyan network"?? Adding the blockchain SLOWS THINGS DOWN. You use the blockchain for its other properties, like being immutable and decentralized.

Try harder next time.

Not when that blockchain does 1 million transactions per second.

Stay poor you edgy little faggot.

Should I dump some MAN for this. Had a great pump today, wondering what'll be better in the short term.

Do it and sell late May. There are obvious gains to be made.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I already have 4k though. MAN has some big exchange listings coming too, supposedly.

Man is baked in and BBN is not.

Im in a tough spot. I have some BBN right now but want more and my only 2 holds are like 60% ICX and 30% NAS. With ICX potentially going higher today and over the next few days, what should I sell to take a higher position in BBN? Or should i just hold what I got?

I would sell the ICX right now and wait for BBN to dip to around 0.07

>thinking it'll dip to 7 cents
don't let that train leave you at the station, m8

>Thinking BBn will dip to lower than the lowest price it got to during the supreme SEC mt gox fud

I am considering selling some ICX for it. However I agree with I just dont see it going back that low baring a market crash.

>it will go up forever

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Of course not, but what indication do you have that its going to dip other than a full market crash? Its not as if its fucking skyrocketing

>it will drop 40% out of the blue

>60% of total supply controled by devs

No thanks. Also, the same imbeciles who don't care about that monstruous amount held by the team are the same who argue about one digit premine of PoW good coins.

Why is coinmarketcap run by a bunch of pajeets that never get the circulating supply right? Every coin they add has no market cap or circulating supply even though the developers tell them what it is when they submit the application

what is it that you retards do not understand? it's not a long term hold, holy shit. We're talking now until late may. just fomo in later

the shilling for this shitcoin is off the charts i wonder why?? yea big boys want to dump on noobs again

This is still a bull trap. The alts breaking out of downtrends will retrace back to accumulation zones and start consolidating there. They will start running April/May with a lot of cycles catching up later since they need to bottom out first Regardless, I hold BBN and plan to accumulate more when it dips. If it doesn't dip, great.

This thread reeks of curry and poo.

I don't hold any right now. Is it fomo if I buy now and how confident are you it will dip below 1200 satoshi again?

pajeet shillers, fuck off. posted same shit again again no use. drop your bags and move on

dont do it bro u will see this shitcoin next week at -40 %

>tfw you can identify willy the whale by his predictable unchanging typing cadence


fyi no matter how many vpn's you hide behind/threads you samefag under nobody's buying your xtcc bags

what makes you think this?

i've made 5k from this one today alone lol. screen capped to remind you to kys in the next few weeks

thats how they do it they accumulate and then fucking pump 10 threads on biz about it making promises of 10x on a week for u to FOMO.When's the last time biz give u good advice? u have to think everybody is here to burn you

sometimes biz is kind, but this is the last thread u'll see from me. I'll make one in a few weeks to either remind you to kys, or beg people to buy my bags. i'm betting on telling you to kys

Yep. Go up and read the "convo" between a few anons. It reeks like pajeet.

I have been thinkning about getting in since 5 cents but haven´t done it yet. am i too late?

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No. I'm still deciding between dumping my MAN or not. If I even can, because fucking IDEX and not having enough eth to deposit AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

It reeks of goddamn devery pajeet

know that feel, will probably keep rising the coming 2-3 days cause of the CMC listing today.

Read up on their team
When you've done that, remember that it's at 12 mill market cap. Put those two together, and what do you get?
protip: ur not too late

OP just stop posting these threads. Same goes for all of you in here. If biz doesn't want to buy in by now it's their own damn fault, just stop shilling or you'll make this project look like pajeet's street corner

>When's the last time biz give u good advice? u have to think everybody is here to burn you

When's the last time you've taken a look at a trading chart and understood or even looked at the market volume for a trading pair? You actually believe that 10 threads on biz has enough influence to disrupt? If that was the case people would know better than to talk about advantages at all.

I guarantee he is wrong. You can DYOR but I guarantee he is wrong.

I've read the whitepaper and researched the team and I've been hovering over this for 2 days since I'm newfag and never traded before. I regret not pulling the trigger earlier but once the depth chart looks a bit better I will buy. I just gotta commit I think

There will be a youtube video where David Zhou is interviewed for a medium sized youtuber. This will be released tomorrow or the next day. A very large youtuber has a video coming out this week. No one knows about this. This is going up very very soon. Maybe bitcoin will tank and save you, but it has been crushing in that realm also.

Check out the dream team of Banyan. I'm investing because these are among the best experts in big data.