Whats his end game ?

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To avoid taxes

use his gains to increase his meth stack to try and pull white bitches off twitter.

To convince people he is a nice guy

He records him self making 900 dollars a second while misleading his followers into traps. Pretty sure the tax man is watching.

He sets traps. Lots of people tend to get reckt following him. Atleast according to his Twitter feeds. He's lost alot of followers. Tread with caution.

The last one he actually warned people before because they were complaining. I don't think he will win those people back and some of them might actually find him irl and get revenge.

i'm watching his live stream.
he's fucking annoying.

Two black guys at the same time.

How though? He mostly does BTC. He's not controlling the king in any way.

Also why the fuck would you follow his moves? Sheep and retard behavior right there. I use him to get a broader context of E wave and fibs which he is pretty good at.

Nigga is in his 30s, looks like he's in his 20s and acts like a teenager

God this fucker is annoying af

Sounds like it also

he wants to become a crypto celebrity as it (hopefully) blows up

i think ive just been unlucky so far getting burned on the calls of his i took and ignored other calls that worked out

obviously dont play with more than you can throw away

don't play off his calls dude. He plays huge positions and scalps them. His long term analysis is decent, but not perfect. So if he enters BTC at say 8850 with 35k he will close at 8930 and make a few hundred.

I set a buy on BTC at 7350 because of his post about shorting the other day. GG

Here's what happened. Occasionally him and his boy would do TA videos on lower cap coins. When they said the chart looked like a good buying opportnity (it honestly did) retards would fomo in and pump the price. What they weren saying about the coin's chart wasnt wrong but it was still a pump.

His analysis on markets that have too much vol to be manipulated by that (like btc) is fine. From someone who mostly does his own analysis, if i watch a philakone video it normally isn't too far off. Even if I disagree with him his targets are normally well reasoned.

He has done some other questionable things though. He has frequently posted video of him making money scalping and claimed that people could do the same with practice. Recently private chatlogs of him leaked. In private he claimed that no1 could make it daytrading.

Something is wrong with the dude, probably drugs.

This dude literally sounds autistic or like he has some mental disability.

For eample I though the low would be 7200-7500 from my own analysis. Which is where I bought back in. He called 7250 which it did end up hitting.

People want to hate him because he is very obnoxious but his analysis isnt bad.


Heart attack at age 40

"it's almost like i'm on drugs everyday"

Lmao. Dude knows what he's doing but he's fuckin annoying.

At least he's better than Omegamaker or Marius

One world government and a legion of post-human robot soldiers.

theicojournal com/philakone-download-all-the-data-and-all-the-cognitive-dissonance/

Talks about trapping people and organizing pump n dumps with a whale group.

He edits his trades, you can literally see the tab open in some of his vids lmao

i swear to god people are so retarded. Stop fucking following people and do it on ur own.