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Official icon song : youtu.be/V-BlFYvdcF0

(btc pls dont cuck us)


don't forget about Bittrex next.

Woke up this morning to see I'm up 70% and still climbing!

make sure u us cucks pump it up more, to make you gain an easy 150% today

It is amazing what perspective is and how little most people have. You guys are now back to 3.40 which was a shockingly low number and made you guys wince and panic. Now it is hailed as a breakthrough. I imagine most of you are still down 50% or more from initial and if not definitely severely down from your ATH. Use this moment to take a win and collect some profits to put in when it goes down again. Don't be foolish. This announcement was supposed to take ICX to the moon. Not stop two months of bleeding with a slight pump. Now it is wasted on a bear market with indecision.

i bought two days ago, but obviously there are people holding it through the dump, cause they believe in ICX, why sell now, when they will hold long-time anyway?

You're a retard.

the announcement is not the pump the pump comes when it is actually trading on upbit/birthumb.

Because these meteoric rise are a great opportunity to take profit out to use to buy your dips. People don't think logically and get burned by it. If you take the 40% you made right now and just tether it you don't miss out on much. ICX is not going to 100% today. It is going to go down as people do what I am saying. Taking profit to spread. So when it goes down 10-20% or whatever you're comfortable with you now received basically free coins with no risk.

Historically every single time a coin starts trading on a big new exchange it tanks because a new set of people who couldn't sell are now able to. ICX is no different.

I told you dipshits this last temporary pump from the mainnet going live too. That was when it was at like 4 dollars ffs. Imagine if you wouldn't have been emotional and took your profit from the 20% rise and bought at 2 dollars. You're welcome to get burned again. Idgaf but the only reason I am saying this is because ICX has bled harder than any coin on the market and I feel genuinely bad for you guys.

koreans do love korean shit

i understand your point, however buying the dip often turns into panicing and losing money. i will take out profit but as said as soon as it actually hits the exchanges, it will go insane, just look at past listings.

It's nuts to sell now or any time in 2018 for that matter

why is it pumping this hard though?

it will hit 0.00045 in a few mins lul

You buy that initial announcement and ride the wave. Then you sell before the actual listing. Look at Nano, Ven, Ncash, etc. They all got blown the fuck out on listing day. Anyway, y'all do what you want I tried.

IT'S ICON. ICON!!!!!!!!

look what happened to XMR after hitting bithumb

I bought at $8, climb harder CMON

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That makes no sense you fucking spastic. Koreans couldn't buy the ICO and most of them don't use Binance, so we're just opening up a new swathe of buyers.

Source fucking needed lol

The entire "Koreans can't buy ICX I swear!" is a marketing gimmick for pumps. They've always had access just like people in the US did for the ICO. Just not a KRW pairing. The KRW pairing allows them to sell not buy more efficiently.



YOU IDIOT LOL! Literally on bithumb website it says ETH OF KOREA LOL YOU MAD CAUSE YOU POOR LOOOL

>The KRW pairing allows them to sell not buy more efficiently.
What the absolute fuck is your logic with this? If it's hard to sell it's also hard to buy, you cannot do either if an exchange will not accept your currency.

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first I thought you were trolling lol. Now I realize you are legitimately fucking retarded. check back the Eos listing on bithumb brainless, was 4 dollars pumped to 5 before list pumped to 11 after listing. just watch and realize your stupidity.

Screenshotted to make fun of you guys just like I did with bitcoin private. EOS was during the golden kimchi premium bull run years of btc. If you didn't notice we are not there. And EOS is 6.50 now.

It's not binance listing lol its Korean coinbase whit like 10 coins....

EACH of those coins blowed like 4x-5x when gooks started fomoing in.

You are:

a) poor

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Koreans aren’t even awake yet. Wait another hour or two.

Normally you are correct. However, I think the only way it is different is the Westernized exchanges (Kucoin. Binance, Bittrex) vs the Korean where there isn't really the arbitrage opportunity. That's where the new listing can actually pump up the price.

But historically yes, if a coin was initially listed on Kucoin, those buyers will dump when it hits Binance and vice versa. Usually it occurs more prominently when holders of a coin who purchased it on a lesser known exchange dump it on the users of a well known exchange. The users on the well known exchange (Binance) don't want to use a lesser known one like Kucoin or Etherdelta, so they wait for the listing. Well , those that are versed on using the lesser known ones capitalize on that.

this is, by far, the stupidest thing i've ever read...

So 2 days ago nonstop icx hate threads and people whining
Now its nonstop moon and lambo threads
Jesus christ i hate this board so much really no idea why i keep coning back

It's simple really. The fudders make noise while the believers stay quiet. Then when it is mooning the believers make noise while the fudders stay quiet

>autismos sperging out at small dips and surges
That’s what makes this board great.

Day traded 0.5 BTC of XEM and now have 0.62. be real with me guys - am I gonna get justed buying at 0.0003900 or is this gonna keep pumping?

Koreans aren’t even awake yet. Buy now before they wake. I just did.

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why does it matter if they are awake its not listed yet? what time is upbit listing?

i agree, couldn't tell you how many icx bag holder threads there were. Panicked anons thinking it was over, and it would never rise again.

Now all the sudden they think this pump will last forever and it won't bleed back down at some point. I sold.... my buy orders are waiting

Where are you guys storing your Icon? I have a Ledger Nano S, but wasn't sure about storing on MEW because of the incoming transition to mainnet.

store all my coins on binance
because i know pumps don't last, so any time i catch a pump... i sell it
Don't be a fucking pussy, binance is with the shits. They put bounties on hackers heads to scare them off, and they have amazing security





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Can’t wait for to be s complete fucking nothing event hahahaha
Binance is literally the biggest exchange
If the gooks wanted ICON they would fucking have it
Those historical bithumb pumps happened in a bull market
God people are retarded
Exchange listings are a meme now

That's how I'm playing it, keeping most but certainly taking profit here.


Webtraffic is 1% in Korea on Binance. Shit tier FUD

I forgot what I wanted to post, poor fella.


What is VPN

Him selling was the best thing that could’ve happened to ICX. He was a fucking shill fuck who overhyped every little thing which ended up bringing a wave of disappointment. Now we can have organic growth.

ics bithumb trading compition confirmed buy buy buy buy

Mate, you're right in what you're saying, I bought the dip without knowing about the news, just bought because I noticed it had bottomed out, but I sold a couple of hours ago because it'll go back down, then I'll decide whether to buy more or not.

However, don't try and do the right thing on Veeky Forums by telling people what to do - because those who listen take from us, and those who don't listen pay us.

Spotted the Virgin Nocoiner red ALERT

Is there any proof the Bithumb will be listing ICX?


they sent a text to all their customers nub