I like NULS. NULS is a good coin

I like NULS. NULS is a good coin.

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Delete this!

have u read the "yellow paper". dude its garbage just a chinese bs scam. or are you just a schill if so yes! nulls is an excellent coin please op keep holding it.


I am fingering my asshole as I watch nuls logo.

> he didn't read the yellowpaper

Same. I like every not yet pumped chink shitcoin

yes sir i agree sir

>modular blockchain


so when is this shit converting from an ERC-20 token? got some in MEW and they haven't said what needs to be done in order to convert them when the time comes. i cant imagine you can just leave them in MEW but what do i know

of course I will eventually unload my bags, hopefully sooner than later, but right now there is juice left for days, maybe even weeks, until the main chain launch.

testnet end of march
mainnet is june, i assume june is when the conversion happens

yea that is what i assumed as well, i just find it odd that they haven't stated clearly what needs to be done if you are holding NULS in order to convert them when the time actually comes
also, r8 my buy lads. exchanged 5 ETH where the bottom arrow is pointing(0.003030000) feelsgoodman

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also, do you guys think i should take profit or keep holding them? (1650 of them) i don't want it to be like selling antshares at $3 but i will have made a very nice ETH profit if i were to sell now

great buy, senpai

i get how you feel, but i wouldn't fret. we've still got the rest of march, april, may and some of june to get through before that's even a thing. in the meantime, dudes seem pretty busy with getting the testnet up. my gut says no worries.

let me get out my crystal ball bruh. Personally if I was you, I wouldn't get too greedy (maybe withdraw initial investment at some near future), but I didn't buy as cheap so I still have a reason to wait maybe until the main chain launch.

how i do:
figure out a point where you feel comfortable taking some profit. eg, at +50%, take out 25%. then after another 50%, take another 25% out, etc. i like to maintain a bit of what i have, so i never sell completely unless it's an absolute shitcoin. this helps prevent the antshares kind of regret.

I approve of this coin
You buy now

good input. i think i will just go long on them, especially, like you said, with the testnet around the corner. i literally only bought this coin because oracle said it was a good buy hehe

yeah, i heard about nuls through z as well. for all the shit the dude gets for his shtick, his EOY picks seem pretty fucking wise.
i picked up a lot of qtum during the dip on Sunday. fucking roared back.

imagine u listened to me and bought NULS when i told u to

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mean. reeeally wish i hadn't missed that.

any more picks?

Christ. Just confirmed that I bought Nuls when it first listed on Binance for $0.10 ... then sold it somewhere around $0.15...

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50% profit is a good deal nigger

Any opinions on CPChain and Banyan Network?

no one ever knows where the top is bruv
I sold ICX the other day, my sell order was already in and it hit it
Well it climbed like another 10k buterins, and i think i am rekt
Cuz even if it dumps now i don't know if it will go low enough for me to buy in comfortably.

O well at least my other swing trades worked out well, got close to the top of the pump.

I sold at $2.60.

he shilled PASC but i haven't bought any due to the fact that its only on polo and i dont want to verify ID on an exchange. i wish it was on Binance or Bittrex