User, have you already deleted your Facebook account?

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2.5 years ago

I too enjoy the lack of friction provided by this smoothed metallic incline coupled with a wheeled platform allowing for increased acceleration. normal human leisure activities!

>implying I ever had one

Why? Should we have?

>data book
>delete meaning anything

Erm that is not quite how it works but nice try

No, I'm only keeping so I don't look "weird" to nosy employers. I don't know if having a LinkedIn is enough.

you can't actuall delete it tho can you? i tried before

Yes more than 100m ppl deleted it today
Th3y lost 50b in 24h
They must pay 40k per person for selling and using ure private information and they have done it to 50m ppl
Gg cuckerberg
Bankrupcy in next 24h

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Yes there is a permanent delete page but it is hidden.

No but u can deactivate it

I haven't had one since 2011

Years ago and hadn't actually used it since about 2010

This desu
Good shit
Avoided so much bullshit



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No you can permanently delete it
But it will probably still be stored on nsa server anyway

you still have one.. all you have to do is sign in and all your data is still on their servers?

And if you try to make a new troll account now they require phone verification.. soon they will try to use bank identifiers like many services in europe use.

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its not displayed but you can
google delete fb account link
its a separate link

mr cuckerberg has been cashing out his shares every day this year. He's got mad dosh

I just opened a couple new ones with fake names and profiles. I've been catfishing losers in the U.S., already had some fat losers today send me 3.75 ETH because they think I'm a cute little blonde piece that needs rent money.

No, there is a delete account option and everything is wiped. Probably still on an nsa server though

How the fuck are you brainlets on Veeky Forums if you don't know this

He knew this day will come
Sneaky yew

>Avoided so much bullshit
I usually keep my fb deactivated but i turned it back on because i needed to contact work friends and when i got a GF it was BIG FUCKING MISTAKE. She didn't text me one day and i had a panic attack for some reason and deleted her.. i talked to her later and i was stressing for no reason but when she saw my friend request, which i thought was ndb and kinda silly, she flipped out on me and fucking ghosted me after 3 months of living together almost everyday.. all because i clicked the wrong button on facebook.


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may i ask why should i delete my fb account?

I never had one. Peer pressure is for weak hands.

how do you get to it? do you have to email them?

sorry i dont spend all day googling how to delete facebook

I never created one.

If anyone here still had a Facebook account in 2018 they need to leave immediately. You’re a normie and a traitor to humanity.

faggot story
we fuck these dumb cunts who gives a fuck what they think or feel my man

you don't need to spend all day, you spend 5 minutes
fuck off braincell

why did you even delete her? why are you such a pussy lol

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>hey user, let me add you on facebook so i can hit you up later ;)
>sorry stacy, i don't have a facebook, fight the power! am i right haha
>oh ok... (jeez what a creep, can't believe i thought he was cute!)

>hohaaha Im going to disclose all my personal information on the intornent
>swag HIP nudge nudge wahohoho
>we popular now friend me pls

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Facebook is for faggots.

Because Zuckerberg rigged the US election by analyzing users FarmVille statistics.

what happened?

I have a FB page for my business and my IG is attached to it as well. Is there any way I can delete my personal account and keep the rest?

1 year ago. no use for it whatsoever.
i just check instagram babes and slide a couple of dm's from time to time.

haven't checked it in 5 years

Did it today, I'd been meaning to do so but procrastinating.

you can

got rid of mine last week. anti-free speech = fuck you.

Never had one kek

same lol

Facebook doesn't wipe shit, it's a compete lie.

After I deleted my Facebook, and actually deleted not deactivated, I went back and signed up after 3 years, I then inserted my old number and it recommended all the same friends as before, ergo, shit not wiped.

haha same lmao

t. a negri

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Just logged in back to mine to permanently delete it (as opposed to just having it deactivated) but their fucking password/captcha popup isn't working. Fucking faggots.

I havent follow up too much on this since ive never had a facebook but let me get this straight

>facebook illegally gathers info on 50mil people
>news gets out
>Stock value plummets
>millions delete their accounts
>Are facebook being sued?
>Do they have to pay fines for this?
>Is there potential for bankruptcy?

You're best off using a script to scrub everything first.

Admittedly, deleting your posts/likes or entire account probably doesn't do shit anyway

LinkedIn is enough. Facebook is just a window into your social life, so the company can see if they will be expecting lawsuits or not.

is this the same girl?

Bank Identifiers?

The reason she wants your Facebook is to filter you. See what kind of person you are without asking you and hanging out with you. Just ask for her number.

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I never had one in the first place, because the entire thought of maintaining a facebook page seems revolting to me.

People delete their facebook accounts because they have boring lives and no friends.

Boring guy with no friends here can confirm, deleted 4 years ago.

Why would I delete my account? I only use it to lurk and chat. Never bothered to update my profile with stupid shit or like endless amount of fake news people comment on. Besides I tought it was old news about fb selling your data.

or because they don't want pissed off women to write shit about you and tag you in it

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I never had one

All social platforms die kike myspace, there is no way people would NOT get fed up with any platform over time

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in 2010

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b-but messenger is the best chat app

Pointless to delete, the info is already saved somewhere.
You should have made it purely "business front" from the beginning.

wait so that Jew owes me money?

thanks dude

>you spend 5 minutes
actually it only took me 5 seconds, brain molecule

>we fuck these dumb cunts who gives a fuck what they think or feel my man
virgin psycho detected.. when your older you will realize sex isnt the only thing girls have to offer

like i said it was really stupid and she was acting weird and i had drank a bunch of coffee and my head started spiraling.. i thought it was funny and silly that i deleted her but then the even crazier part is that she literally never talked to me again after she realize that i had deleted her.. unbelievable

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Neither of those mate and women have nothing to offer by nature

Ironically, I'm "misogynistic" and women still suck me off meanwhile you're a sweet male feminist who wanks to cartoons

deleting your facebook doesn't do anything it's all still there


Always feltgoodman.


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but it will stop tracking you (maybe)

thats what cell phones are for, to track you.
and everytime someone uses text to speech they save their voice online
you can actually look up what they saved pretty easily
also your cell phone providers saves all your text messages


Kill yourself creepy soyboy

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Yep. No social media.I don't give a shit about seeing people pretending to be happy . they can see what I've been up to in person when I roll up in a Lambo. Fuck everyone.

Why the hell would I delete Facebook and lose touch with normies

had mine since 2005, no going back now