So do you guys actually have jobs or are you all NEETs?

So do you guys actually have jobs or are you all NEETs?

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I'm a neet but my time is running out, those shitcoins better moon soon

hell no im not a filthy wagie

but if LINK doesnt moon in the next 6 months im fucked

Of course I have a job. We all have sweet jobs here and the neets are just larps, right biz? Can't imagine anyone being such a useless piece of shit

Yes so i can buy shitcoins, i just bartend on weekends while i go to school my parents arent going to let me be a NEET anyway

Work for near minimum wage at a sex store. good thing we got a BTM in 2016, changed my life.

I have a job I like but it's very tiresome.

I work "freelance" on an app called zwerl. I "advice" people which is me basically googling shit for them. I get $60 a month which is a trash income even in my shithole country.

I cant get a real job because employers can legally discriminate against people with minor disabilities here.

My mom has cancer so I have that excuse as well.

My friend put in a good word for me at a place but they rejected me because "I should look for jobs better suited to my abilities as a differenly abled person" basically 'fuck you you cripple fuck.

If you can give me a job senpai. I will be happy to do it. If not, shut the fuck up.

What's your disability user? has a 'data entry' area where you get paid pennys to type out small lines of text, like a word or two. you can do those and get paid in crypto and just withdraw daily if that helps

I quit my job last August because I was living at home and turned my savings of 3k into 30k with crypto. Traveled for a bit and then expected to enroll in college come Fall. Well I was rejected from my top choice, McGill, so I said fuck it. Stayed at home all Fall trading shitcoins. Picked up some slow landscaping job for 20 hours a week just to get out of the house. That ended in November. Since then I have just been a fucking zombie. Living in parent's attic at age 24. Father goes to work 60 hours a week and I am just cooped up in the house like a fucking loser. Going to college in the Fall but that's a long ways off. I have not had social contact with anyone my age since last summer. I am slowly going mentally insane. The only upside is that I now have 200k in crypto.

Thalassemia. I can't make heamoglobin in my body so need blood every couple months.

Pic related.

Thanks man, will check it out.

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I want to die.

Shit user that sucks, in my country they wouldn't discriminate you because of that.
Beta or Alpha Thalassemia? I'm a medfag and I've seen many people like you, you'll make it.

even if I had a job I liked.. I'd end up hating it

Alpha. But it's not that bad.

I don't think I'll make it. I have no crypto, and the $500 I had saved up after 9 months of work went to mom's treatment.

Thanks man for the kind words. They mean a lot

I'm NEETing but it won't last more than a year if my investments keep going down more than up. I keep missing opportunities to get rich. I knew about Bitcoin last year but I didn't know how to buy it, that you could buy a partial Bitcoin, and when I saw the graph I thought it was already up and on the way down and it wasn't even November yet.

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I have a job and am employed by a company, yes, but I'd say I'd generally enjoy it. Do I REALLY AND TRULY enjoy it, or do I only enjoy it because I am programmed by genes/culture/society/etc to tolerate a job ("A job is necessary to make money, and you need money to survive"), I cannot comment on that point. I really have no way of knowing.

30, was a Paramedic for 10 years. Finally just gave up after making it to the top of the organization and being treated like dirt. Pay was horrible. Suicidal Ideations every day.

Now i'm a fucking NEET but I have saving and trying my best to trade it for some living cash on the markets.

I'm sure my family is complete ashamed of me after bailing out of a successful "career" and I can't go and tell them that I know what my .40 cal tastes like...

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I will smoke more when I make it. I'll have more money to buy tobacco. And I'll be stinkin up a brand new Range Rover.

Pretty boring job, my entire savings have been in in crypto since last year. Crypto is my only shot at freedom/living a fulfilling life.

I don't get why you'd back out of the career when you got to the top. Wouldn't it be more productive to act like a total asshole to change things instead of just quietly giving up?

No job but I do make enough passive income from online advertising to live off of.

Keks been browsing /b/ and then Veeky Forums from high school to uni and now working f/t in sf as a PM at big 3 tech firm with stupidly high pay and the most comfy perks.

it's astonishing to see the amount of fucking neets who do shit all, but brainlets will always be brainlets.

I wasn't the big boss. I worked in the Administration. One of the top people. The top top was a feminist who wanted her best friend and drinking buddy in my position even though I had 8 times the experience (literally, she was a 1st year paramedic). They couldn't fire me but they made my life so miserable that they banked on me quitting. It wasn't until I made some crypto gains about 2 years (of misery) later that I ended up leaving after a dust up with a person who was in a lateral position to me but then was conveniently promoted into a new made up position that was one rank above mine...

It was a lot of bullshit.

Semi-wage slave here.

I work for an old man attorney doing US taxes and advising in a foreign country. It's just me and him. We don't have a secretary, but I handle all correspondence, do the tax prep, keep track of our clients and the progress on their file, manage the billing, expenses, and other reports, etc.

My boss is a sloppy, unorganized, full of shit. He's been married 4 times - then divorced 4 times. That should say enough about the guy. I've made him entirely dependent on me to run his company. I pulled his business out of the shitter and have been running it basically myself, but with him in the forefront, taking consultations and signing off on various things. Most of the money we make goes towards paying bills/my paycheck and I show up whenever the fuck I want.

Since I'm not the lawyer (I'm the assistant), I don't get heat from clients, I don't get calls to my personal phone, nor am I in demand constantly. I do all the paperwork and office work.

I know this won't last forever, and I fucking hate taxes and the type of clients that come with it (you needy old fucks have nothing to do but annoy this shit out of us with dumbfuck questions that you know you should schedule a consultation for, as well as being absolutely fucking useless when trying to get your tax info).

I want to do something else like business in car racing - either advertising or marketing, but I don't know where to start, and I know I'd have to leave my comfy job to pursue this type of career. But that's the difference - a job over a career.

Well that's not quite the kind of situation I envisioned, especially I didn't expect that
>The top top was a feminist who wanted her best friend and drinking buddy in my position
It's very personally dependent to be able to wake up every day ready to wage a social war at your workplace. I thought of more systematic problems, but if it took a toll on you whatever. Better to quit than be miserable.

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The issue is, I didn't mind it when I could still "win" in my mind but once I saw that the game was extremely rigged and that I would be punished if I tampered with her "vision", I realized I was better off. It was nice to drive off into the sunset in my new Merc after I quit on the spot. All thanks to Crypto.

>actually have jobs or are you all NEETs

False premise. Everyone with a high end/prestigious job had multiple a "wage slave" jobs at some point.

You can count the number of people in the world that didn't have a bad job at some point on 1 hand.

Paying dues and learning is essential to personal growth.

Not advancing in your career/life just means you are retarded and lucky to have a job.

>They couldn't fire me but they made my life so miserable that they banked on me quitting

Literally zero employers do this to someone valuable. Start looking at yourself as the problem and you'll be better off. Internalize everything and make adjustments or just realize you aren't that good and start drinking heavily.

>You can count the number of people in the world that didn't have a bad job at some point on 1 hand.
wew do you not believe in nepotism or something?

I work for a top10 cmc company

I work, but i do enjoy my work. I work with a team at Edinburgh University on researching AI and robotics. Money is really good as well. Every day something something new and and challenging pops up so the job keeps you going if you like a challenge. Wasn't even sure i could work on AI and robotics given my undergrad isn't really related that much, oh well, here now.

No this place does this to everyone. They care more about nepotism than they do quality of employee. The executive director of our board who used to be the boss is now facing 13 counts of sexual harassment. The place is horrid. Worst part, they are considered a top 10 EMS agency in the United States.

I read Jordan Peterson's book too, kiddo. The fancy psychology 101 talk doesn't work here.

If this was my life I'd end it.

I work, but I'm not this fucking depressed. Dear God. Get some Zoloft op.

This movie is amazing

You are seriously the biggest faggot ever. I guarantee this fucking 19 year old wanna be hard ass hasn't ever had a real job in his life and wants to get his lame little angry projections out on others so he can feel superior enough to stave off suicide.

Do us a favor. Don't stave. kys.

>do you not believe in nepotism

Of course nepotism exists, but people with money are smart enough to know that before they hand their company over to a family member, the kid needs to learn how to work, so they make them do shit jobs.

Of course it is going to be easier for them, as the know they will make it, but those are outliers.

Much more often, the kids want to do something else and make it on their own.

Almost all intergenerational wealth is gone in 3 generations. The ones that make it teach their kids how to work. For example, the Rockefellers.

i don't have to work anymore but i still do because i like my job..and i work at home most of the time

my job is to be a NEET
it's how I contribute to the collapse of society I ever long for

I'm not a NEET. I'm a full-time student, and have held jobs various times since high school. I focus on positions that will give me experience that I want to have later in life.

NEETing is extremely boring to me. I want to kill myself after a week or two of doing nothing but video games and chart watching.

Those are some really specific things there. Cold medicine abuse? What the fuck? White people don't drink lean unironically.

just playing all day

>it's how I contribute to the collapse of society I ever long for
it's cute how disabled people say this when in reality they wish they were productive members of society

I am an apprentice toolmaker. It is a great trade. I love what I do and I'm gonna stick it out for the entire 3-4 year apprenticeship whether my meme coins sprout moonstalks or not.

I don't particularly care for luxury but loathe financial servitude enough to build up wealth.

Stable, guaranteed employment is always temporary. Never let it surprise you. You can be thrown out of work for nothing and in an instant - even when you you're doing just great. Your employer owns you if you live paycheck to paycheck. If you are under someone more incompetent than you, keep moving til the scale tips the other way.

What movie is it?

Beta failure detected. Literally everything you said is wrong. Gen Xer, had very shitty jobs, paid for my own school, own my company, couldn't be happier, just trying to tell people how to make it. I've learned to take responsibility for everything remotely within my control, it works. If it's outside my control, I give zero fucks about it and move on.

Job, master of computer science. Lots of holidays, not much hours, very good pay, interesting field.

But I can understand NEETS with their wageslaving rant when they only know McJobs. Also had shitty jobs, but got my shit together and studied. Helped of course that I'm a eurocuck and paid absolutely nothing for my education. Even got monthly support for it.

Now paying 50k taxes per year, so I guess the deal was good for the state as well. Also for me though.

Must suck to be a burger though, where you can choose between wageslaving or student debt.

I've done nothing today except check investments. I wake up at 6 AM for some reason now. I don't know why.

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