When is the world book beta launching and will institutions even use the liquid platform? No hype, no big exchange. no price rise for a long time. Do people even know about QASH?

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Qash is trash

What if institutions use coinbase -which is starting ETF as their main platform? Will that kill QASH?

awful awful UI

Isn't GVT just a better version of what QASH is try8ng to do?

But QASH has more connections to institutions. They also have a strategic partnership with binnance, bitfinex

"strategic partnerships with exchanges"

lol retard. their relationship with the exchanges can be said about any other coin

>QASH has more connections to institutions
once again, no different than most projects you fucking gook.

Absolute state of biz nowadays

Duuuuuuur John Doe worked at X Company, muh connections

they have connections to no institutions whatsoever

Look at the team, cocksucker

Their team is the best I’ve seen in crypto, so personally I’m bullish af. I doubt we’ll see huge spikes and crashes though, more just slow and steady gains over the next two years



credible company. Doesn't mean it will succeed but it's not like other "tokens" that are completely worthless or even nonexistent projects run by a handful PR/marketing phonies

Nice Trips, QASH $100 EOY confirmed.

Seriously tho QASH is a solid project but I'm not expecting any moon missions. I'd be estatic with $5-$10 EOY

I'd say QASH has more ambitious long term goals than what GVT is trying to accomplish.

QASH is a steady long term hold and is meant to be stable when put to use the price fluctuations aren't to crazy. If something pops up on Veeky Forums once in a while and isn't shilled multiple pasta threads per hour it's a good thing projects get killed here.

Still waiting on that QASH listing for Binance that was supposed to happen 1st week of December
Weird how such a "strong" partnership hasn't led to its listing after 3 months

Binance changed the deal mast minute and wanted to have their bnb token listed on qrptos which is not possible due to nip legislations so they put off the deal for noe
Try tl keep up user

Next year pump

Definition of the smart money coin; biz can't handle holding something for 1-2 years. This will 1000x by 2020

I really hope this world book beta delivers.

I'm expecting it to be more like $100 EOY 2019.

$1 - $10 EOY with everything going smoothly
See: binance coin

I have a feeling it will. It's unfortunate for us that they haven't placed much emphasis on marketing, but all of their resources are going to developing it. They also have the backing of Quoine. This is the ONLY crypto exchange that meets japanese regulation which is huge, and i think people forget this.

to be fair he said by 2020, so that'd be about $500. Extremely optimistic but if the QASH blockchain is a huge success and we have a huge bull run market it could pooooossibly make that.

stay away from my shitcoin gaijin

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This, once institutional investors arrive it’s off to Mars

How big are peoples stacks? Sitting on 5k atm

2.3k here, I want more but I’m too poor

Lots of IFs

Beta is next month I think. Launch a couple months after that.

no shit, it's crypto. We're all hoping the alts deliver on their promises as there's little to no working product.

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Who here holding all the way to 2020?

I am. It's bound to go up once it has it's own blockchain.