Reddit is banning all darknet related subreddits

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and you care because?

Fucking cunts, loved that sub

>and u care becuzzz
may e because is the only use case for crypto? Shiiit idk

Anyways, new place to hangout

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thanks just bought an unknown amount of xmr

lol it's fucking ludicrous that conde nast let that exist for so long in the first place

>freedom of speech


Dude t wasn't that bad until literally two weeks
I got all my accounts banned
Like, even the ones I didn't use for trolling
Before this, they only banned 1 account, the one you committed the infraction with, me they are banning all accounts with the same IP (assuming you broke some rule ofc)

good thing skywire is almost up

Cheers bro, make sure to continue to keep me informed with all the plebbit habbenings, okay

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the only two times i made a plebit account to reply to the stupidity of some retard the accounts were shadow banned immediately. why bother

>Browsing leddit

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what fucking censorship bullshit god damn. How am I going to find good sources now

What's that user?
Kys pajeet, even oldfags moved to plebbit now because having a serious discussion here is impossible

It was always bad. The karma system ensures you see the right opinions first, wouldn't want you reading someone's post who has the wrong opinion right goy? This is an extension of that.

yes ban everything i like!
>redpilled ideas
>little girls
>my own freedom
>tools to survive the feminist and liberal world
They cant ban be form doing things i like for reals! Suck my dick plebbit!

No they didn't you fucking ignoramus. Kill yourself


Give me one good reason why a private corporation should allow end users to run a criminal enterprise on its social media platform.

Just a single good reason.

It went far beyond criminal enterprises, though.
There was a beertrader subreddit where people exchanged regional beers.
And an e-cig sub where companies held give-aways, that is no longer allowed either.

The War on Drugs is a failure, and DNM are providing an alternative market to people who would go on to buy drugs anyways. It's arguably safer to buy from a trusted DNM merchant than a sketchy dealer on the street who's likely selling adulterated or misrepresented drugs. Simple discussion of illegal activities should be allowed as long as you are not incriminating yourself or others, and whatever goes on in private messages should stay private.

Perfect example of why centralization is good short-term, bad long-term. So easy to censor.

thanks just 100x margin shorted monero

darknet faggot btfo
u guys can't even buy drugs irl because y'all a bunch of incels

Voat is literally the biggest shithole in existence. Better find somewhere else.

>unironically posting this in a board in which the topic’s first use case was buying drugs off darknet markets
Retard, you have to go back

They banned the shoplifting subreddit.

>Paid services involving physical sexual contact
Whores selling their panties can stay though...

thanks just market sold an unknown amount of monero

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If he were still alive this wouldn't be happening
RIP you were too young

They are making their company (reddit) going public. They need to attract investors.

fucking kikes ruin shit again

2 letters: GG

>Personal information
OMFG the hypocrisy

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>le everybody went to plebbit meme

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why are they doing this? this will hit crypto pretty hard imo

hahaa beerfag alcoholics are real pissed
this is great start your own service if you dont like it retards