What do secretaries actually do in the modern era?

What do secretaries actually do in the modern era?

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Blowjobs mostly

Schedule appointments in Outlook, forward emails, and order shit from Amazon/staples

taking calls, planning schedules, buying tickets etc.

Seems like it's an invitation for a lawsuit.

Sounds like a lot of sitting around between make-work.

Fuck their bosses. They’re glorified sex dolls established as the boss’s contingency plan when his wife cucks him for Chad.

Again, sounds like a lot of makework.

How does one even get away with that?

Some of them are thirsty cougars and fit deskside support IT guys are their prey.
My wagecuck days weren't that bad in hindsight

They suck your dick and answer phone calls.


How do you not get sued for that?

The one at my work makes me dank coffee. Iced coffee with icecream if its a hot day. And she has a jooocey ass

Exactly what I was thinking, they are like your slave if you dont exploit them sexually then they do everything you dont want to

Oh I remember the original thread! I wonder if the OP got sued for publishing personal data provided for hiring purposes only? Or was that only a larp...

Basically they're legal prostitutes. 100% of them have affairs.

Coffee is good. How big is your office?

He didn't really publish it though, just a pic from social media that was already public.

If true then how do lawsuits not happen?

The ones over 60yo too? Damn, I would never expect that from Martha...

why would you have such a creepy pic saved on your computer
you obviousy know her in real life?
how would she feel knowing u have her pic saved and posted it here. ew

LOL you again. Shows that I spend way too much time here

>he hasn't saved every single picture his highschool crush has posted

She was posted before when someone was asking about hiring someone with a history... Was obviously found out quickly. You're right it's creepy. If this thread goes into doxing again it will be nuked by the mods.

Not even my pic dude. See

B-but my grandma is a secretary

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