Why didn’t you listen?

Why didn’t you listen?

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We haven't even gotten started.... This is all a warmup

But muh current year man!

#7 baby!

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hello new friend here i want to invest because the picture looks like eth. based on this eos will be $500 eoy right? how much should i buy to retire next to a costco

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Yeah, I've been watching EOSgo each week and it's starting to blow my fucking mind.

Hello friend, my ETH is slow and cant scale and today its only purpose is to push out scam ICOs.

BIG BIG project. If they deliver holders are rich. This is like holding ETH @ $20

Quads of undisputed truth

OP, I got 4k of these. will i make it? i went all in on this.

Wow whole %8 !!! Omg what a pump!!

you will have 4,000 different mansions congratulations user you made it

care to explain to a newbie that just started to research about it what is EOS and what does it have that makes it so interesting? thnx Im watching eosgo right now

Wait for 100/200/300% pumps once we get close to launch in June......Ohhh and i forgot, the projects built on there will have to airdrop % of their coins to holders. You really haven't seen a thing yet. Combine a real developer like Dan, Wall Street, Silicon Valley and you get EOS bud. Get in or stay poor faggot.

Yep. I only have 2200 so you will be double the perpetual baller that I am.

is it a 1:1 ratio for airdrops?

I didn’t jump in until I saw his FUD. Haven’t looked back.

whos fud

whats the prediction for EOY?

Its a platform that will compete with ETH, except IT IS everything that ETH was supposed to be. I don't want to get into technicals but you can easily research developers blogs or watch Ivan on Tech on youtube. Developers know ETH is not even in the same league as EOS.
Its backed by Block.one and one of the main investors of block one is Eric Schmidt which was Google CEO for a long time til he recently retired. Also backed by Mike Novogratz and that's Wall Street money, watch some of his videos on YT, he called the crash of BTC and really called everything that's happening in the market today. He's a well known hedge fund manager that's a partner in this.
Bitthumb CEO is a partner as well in the project. Blockone is investing one billion dollars into the project. Mike Novogratz 325 millions and i can go on and on. Projects built on top EOS will have to give out airdrops to token holders, so non stop air drops. Just imagine the FOMO everytime and the money holders will make.
DYOR you'd be surprised just how dumb reddit idiots are when it comes to this,


If its bull market and its crazy like last December this will reach 80-100. Current market conditions 25-40

r u kidding me.? which means 400 bill mcap?

>1 billion dollar ico
>ignores the most important part of scalability
>no mainnet

yep. the constant airdrops to EOS holders (mandatory by algorithim) will make people keep fomo'ing into eos for the airdrops and eventually people will just hold EOS and stop selling it cause they want those airdrops. imagine if eth holders had airdrops for every coin built on it's code. that's what EOS is doing

>Clinton Global Initative token
>Degenerate Hollywood token

I didn't listen because it's aligned with shit

>no mainnet

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if you hate money, keep doing what you're doing

US-IP Participation not allowed.

well damn here I was all set to get coins and now i'm told no not allowed. Damn shame I was gonna sit on this for awhile

>900,000,000 coins
it's like buying ETH at $70, except it hasn't accomplished nearly as much as eth as it did when it was at $70
when eth was $70, it had already had several hacks, a hard fork and plenty of history to work with.
EOS is overhyped and overbought

Nah most likely airdropping %10 or so of their supply to eos holders depending on their eos holdings(like pos)

How is it aligned? Because they have an actual billionaire VC?

You have real people that aren't fucking scammers behind this and you are mad. Why do you think ultranationalists are always poor and stay poor? It's because you can't assess things correctly, it's no better then being a religious extremist.

Use google and see that there are actual libertarian politicians helping design this instead of focusing on where they are getting their billions from for one guy donating to the Clintons.

binance nigger

when eth was $70 btc was at $1800, icos were barely starting.

right, ETH had dozens of icos starting on top of it.
What does EOS have? Nothing, because it's a testnet.

Everpedia is the first airdrop to EOS holders. The CEO of Wikipedia is the CEO of Everpedia and they're building a Wikipedia on EOS blockchain. Wikipedia that will reward writers. Idiots have no clue just how big EOS will be.

Explain how it hasn't accomplished anything?

Graphene is proven and better then anything else out there.

We know that there are going to be 6 major dapp releases at launch

We know that the IPFS hosting works from the functioning test net

We know the storage works

We know it can do 10kTPS and run multiple parallel chains

Plus Dan isn't a fucking autist in the way that Vitalik is. I hold more ETH then EOS but when I was buying ETH there were no functioning dAPPs (there are still no useful ones) and it was slow as shit.

Disclaimer I hold 3x more ETH then EOS, this comment just pissed me off.

IPFS isn't EOS. stupid to value EOS from IPFS
storage works? lol congrats they know how to use hard drives
>We know it can do 10kTPS and run multiple parallel chains
on a test net...
real world conditions are always different
>dan isn't an autist
he's even more autistic, have you even seen his face?


wow such ignorance. I saw that listed on the actual EOS site you ignorant twat. This has nothing to do with binance nor do I have an account there. This is completely from their own site.

Learn to get your facts right before you pop off at the mouth peasent. This is why your parents dont love you

Damn, i didnt know they had a few already in March. Can i still claim them after launch?

Yeah if you click on the projects they have the token info.

Some or one of them is having a second event using the genesis snapshot tool and then some are going to ETH addresses holding EOS and you don't need a registered address.

The ones that have already had it seem scammy though so I wouldn't worry.

Hey full autist the IPFS is important because you can have a globally distributed IPFS because you aren't using a single nationalized currency hurr durr cryptocurrency 101

The test net is not a closed test net brainlet. You are arguing and you don't know shit about what you are talking about.

IPFS doesn't require a blockchain dipshit

I wrote abut that the last days here, but people here are emotional 16 year old fanboys who are too attached to their coins. Everything with EOS was set up for a pump

Low bottom out at 4$
Binance and kucoin add support, korean exchanges follow soon
Main net launch getting closer
Crypto is hype driven, within 6-8 weeks of an event

I don't really care about the tech, but it was just too many coincidences

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i dont want to fund tether


genuine doubt. if airdrops are free...ppl can sell it for free. isnt it disadvantage ? where is the adv of holding eos beside shit airdrops?

They're free because the projects buit on EOS are funded through a private fund. So far one billion from block one and 325 millions from Mike Novograts

is there any other advantage beside free airdrops?

I tried telling you guys for the past two weeks. Remember me? I will always be with you user.

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I mean whats the advantage of holding any coin really?

Who wouldn't want to give this man their money?

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for example eth pos, link give some incentive for node operators, some coins have master node incentives..etc. I hold good amount of EOS but curios to know we getting any other incentive beside airdrops?

chart history for this is weird. every time it goes up 5%, it will dump 5%
it did that for months

almost no subscribers on reddit, never any Veeky Forums threads, yet it's ranked #7.
I'm thinking a lot of the volume is just the big investors like Schmidt playing whale games.

i mean look at any of the top 20 coins and there's always threads up for them, EOS? almost never.


There is so much going on... meet ups in 5 continents. Tons of projects. There are threads here every day because I am in them.

It's just not talked about on here because it's not a pump&dump scam, on r/cryptocurrency they all think it is scam because of the terms and conditions.

so what's to stop the blockchain from becoming bloated on day 1?

ETH isn't limited to 14 tx a second because doing high tps is difficult, it's because there's a gas limit to prevent the blockchain from getting bloated and making storage costs too high.

EOS solves a problem that doesn't exist. if they just let the network do 10k tps, that's 4 MB per second each node has to store.
that's roughly $2600 in hard drive space for each node

Yeah you get bandwidth for dAPPs, Storage and IPFS hosting that you can rent out to other people, groups like EOSDAC give profit back for voting for them as block producers.

You have an instant a free currency

You get airdrops from groups that use their 1.5b dapp development fund

There are more features and incentives if you DYOR

Yeah and it is commercial scale, block producers have to have server farms, there will be 121 active per chain/thread.

The bloat is avoided with you only get as much bandwidth as your coins allow.

You can look into graphene first and then EOS implementation more if you want to actually point problems out.

I started this one and the reason I haven’t been making them for several months is that I wanted to accumulate as much as I could first. In fact I was fudding it while accumulating. Every time someone would make a thread about eos I would mention something about how the tokens have no value or that it’s an Ponzi scheme. Sorry biz

$2600 a month*
isn't AWS cheaper?

ETH and EOS aren't even the same consensus algo too so comparing them is not really interesting.

If there is an emerging system that says it can swallow the existing ones whole and has some functioning product, as a smart investor it's good to look into it deeply. This isn't like credits, it has a BILLION plus dollars behind it and a thousand devs active now.

You are a game theory brainlet.

You rent from AWS, your money leaves you and you recoup nothing.

You hold a traded token, you can expand and shrink and recoup your money from buying and selling the token.

It's fucking genius and an amazing value proposition.

EOS is very simply the most genius blockchain project to have ever existed. I think it will flip Bitcoin after it flips Ethereum. This is not an exaggeration.

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most people weren't here before december, the only time it would have been profitable to be in EOS long term.
i don't care if it has $1 billion in seed funding, i care if there's demand for the platform. the only interesting thing I've seen is Everpedia
well we'll need some better numbers to compare then.

$1000 could buy me lots of AWS time, $1000 in EOS would buy me 0.00002% of the networks computation time. I have no idea if that would be nearly enough or not

For the record I have spent well over a hundred hours researching EOS and participating in its community.

You can ask me pretty much anything about EOS.

One thing someone said that was incorrect was that all eos projects are “algorithmically required” to token drop.

This is not true. Only projects being funded by EOS VC will make it rain tokens. The good news for EOS holders is that the VC firms in charge of selecting airdrops will only pick winners.

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Agree. Too many big names backing it and they won’t put their reputation on the line. Focus on Mike Novogratz, this guy was Jewed out of his fund in Brazil and look what happened there. The guy is a clean record and speaks the truth. Watch his videos and you’ll know EOS is in good hands.

are there SPV nodes?
how will they deal with the storage problem? if 21 nodes are randomly selected each time.. well who knows if 21 nodes will even be able to afford the size of the blockchain?

Bitcoin is 190 gb and EOS's blockchain will fill up 1500 times faster. 1 month of EOS and the blockchain will be bigger than Bitcoins

Listen brainlet, if you don’t think Dan “I had unprotected sex with your mother” Larimer can’t deliver the Amazon of blockchain by June then just FOMO in when we crash to $300 you mETH head.

Kneel now, so that later we may spare you.

I have attached a picture of you from the future. It’s you defending Ethereum EOY 2018 after EOS flips Bitcoin.

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you said you've been studying it for months and this is all you have?

>Mike Novogratz
promotes and finances highschool wrestling
i.e. little boys rubbing against each other
why there are so many weird childliking people at eos?

Oh you gay and simple ridiculous faggot.

Ask daddy anything.

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i already did and you ignored it

>eos is bad because funny british man

>eos is bad because brock pierce got funding from pedos when he was 17 and was never charged but still left block.one and eos anyway

>eos is bad because of wrestling

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How can I as a server owner run an EOS node ?


Please look into how this works, this isn't btc/eth. There isn't full dAPP data in every block. The block headers are removed quickly, everything is quickly pared down to a basic ledger.

Dan has a hour long talk about this that I recommend.

Also what I know is there will be 121 Block Producers receiving funds to fund the hardware, and there will be a minimum storage and computational requirement.

What did you say you mentally retarded person? If you don’t have EOS your brain doesn’t function correctly.

Ask me a question with substance or do not waste my time with your shockingly inferior mind.

So each of these 121 producers is going to be able to handle an extra 5.5 TB per year in hard drive space? and the VCs are funding it out of the goodness of their hearts?
So you don't know the answer. what a faggot

Sign up for block producer status and present a case of why the community should vote for you.

If you are really interested make a fake email and I would want to help/start a team. I know most of what there is to know about EOS at the moment.

Currently not super interested, but more interested in the whole node/miner/stake structure or what you wanna call it

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5.5tb is so cheap.

I have 35tb that I paid $12/tb for, your arguments are still really weak and you obviously have not researched anything.

uh, i did'nt said eos is bad
have bags
just noticed the weird childlove going on

Well you have to get voted in as a BP and so long as you are receiving enough vote to be in the top 121 you receive tokens. The top 21 make substantially more. A lot of the top contenders for those spots right now have massive funding.

my bad, missed a zero 54 TB per year

and mr. pierce got raided in a spanish villa full of childporn with his two buddies who got convicted for weird sexual behaviour

HPB will rape this coin's MC by EOY. GL fanboys

there's very little on the web about it, no one on reddit or Veeky Forums knows the answers to my questions
i've tried researching, i've had much easier time getting answers on every other coin.


Insert 1,000,000 trumpwrong.gif

Ok, thank you! What about the incentives for those node operators to not do something stupid/bad with the network? If they are so few

Redpill me on EOS.

I understand, I think rather then looking to community for really complex network info and new complex governance look to the project heads.

Dan has a lot of talks on youtube about EOS and how the actual chain will function, EOSgo is a good resource for more casual news.

Thomas Cox is handling writing a lot about their governance. He has a lot of interviews that are great, he is a politician so he is really engaging.

Keep dreaming buddy. One day you'll realize its about who you know not what you know and in EOS case its both. Stay poor faggot

Buying most shilled coin on biz, just after Link.

You're in line for a major surprise.

You literally never learn.

i can get complex network info on any other coin from the community.
EOS fags always just reply with toxic comments. it's the same in every eos thread.
none of them know it they just say "trust dan"

not gonna watch an hour long video for something i should get an answer to in 10 seconds.

Funny how there's so many posts in this thread and this is the only one with any value.

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>Who you know
HPB partnered w largest payment processor in the world and NEO

>What you know
HPB developing hardware to scale its TPS

You bandwagon fools never learn

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Well 121 leaves you with less then a percent control per delegate. ETH and BTC have much more centralized mining pools controlling a lot larger pieces of their network. Sometimes over 30-40%


A technical explanation

run for block producer