Tell me I'm retarded Veeky Forums

Tell me I'm retarded Veeky Forums.

>inherited 125k from some weird long lost relative
>had 25k debt, paid it off in cash
>set aside 50k to live on while I decide what I do with my life (28, unemployed and no marketable skills)
>now have 50k sitting around in a savings account
>no idea what to do with money
>will probably enroll for a Bachelor of Arts in Japanese Studies in Japan

it's either that or I do something with that money. Something retarded like traveling the world with that money and then commit suicide once it's all gone... or you help me do something useful with it. As you can see, I'm not good with money.


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>Bachelor of Arts in Japanese Studies in Japan
What do you want to do with that BA?

put it in IRA

Get an investment property (like an apartment) or put it into some safe longterm investments.

Put atleast $3k in ChainLink. Research the god damn project before you say no.

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>will probably enroll for a Bachelor of Arts in Japanese Studies in Japan

dude you have nothing to do with that money? go all in on a promising crypto project right NOW. hmu and i can help u make a good choice

Op let me help you translate this:

ching chong wing wong kamikaze buy LINK $1000 EOY chang ching

Whalebro, is that you?

>shilling this desperately
Reminder that this is your "investment"

How long does it take to learn Japanese?

Nobody who isn't born in Japan ever learns Japanese.
It takes about 2 years of self study and 2 years living in Japan to become reasonably fluent if you have high functioning autism, about double as long without autism.

This. OP seriously do this. I bought an apartment less than a year ago with a $20K down payment and it's already gone up $60K in value. I live in a major city though where you have to hunt to find the undervalued deals.

My biggest piece of advice is to look through hundreds of listings and get a feel for the market and where the next hot location in the city is going to be.

Then it's time to be quick and smart. When a new listing pops up that looks undervalued (or that the owner/developer priced it incorrectly), put in an overbid right away. For example - listing is for $350K in an area that's on the rise so you put in an offer for $400K and tell them they have 2 days to accept, insist on a private showing before the open house (scarcity is important, buying in the boonies generally won't yield the same gain as a place conveniently located nearby the city...debatable but this is what I've seen to be true).

The reason this strategy works is that people have been conditioned to follow the "bird in the hand is worth two in the bush" meme. Seems to work best with a developer that just gutted and remade a place in my experience.

Or go all in on ICX. Either way will get you the same gains.

>still not buying in after seeing that video

Some people are meant to be poor

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30k downpayment in city apartment for renting purposes (monthly return must exceed monthly interest+amortization)
30k 2.5x leveraged stock portfolio of your chosing
30k in gpu mining rigs (wait for turing release next quarter)
10k cash/gold

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thanks and checked

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Depends how much time and effort you put in as well as how bad you actually want to learn. Most people give up.

Probably work for a tourism company in Japan for other baka gaijin or become a translator.

can't read that ye ha-HA

>can't read that ye ha-HA
If you don't know any Japanese yet, you should know three things:
- Japanese in university is a meme, go to if you actually want to learn anything. The "daily japanese thread" is the one for neckbeards, the one I linked to is for actual Japanese. Use the linked resources.
- Japanese education is a meme, except for maybe Toudai, Kyoudai, and Waseda.
- Japanese education aimed at foreigners is even more of a meme

Don't go to Japan before you have a vocab of at least 6000 words. Don't tell people you watch anime, just say you watched pokemon as a kid. Follow the law. Make sure you dress well. Don't bring shame to the white race, it reflects on all of us.
Also, kansai>kantou.

Oh, I see they stopped linking resources.
Well just use a cracked Dr. Moku apk to learn the kana, learn the radicals on the kanjidamage site and use this deck for Anki to learn vocab.

investment wise that BA is as useful if not less usefull than travelling around the world and necking yourself.
You cant retire with 125k. you have a fuckign great start but thats about it. find something thats remotely interesting and still marketable and do it. You dont find your passion and then make a living off of it, its the other way around.

Watch some Elliot Hullse and take some fucking action in your life. Your 28 for gods sake.

>10k for beer
>10k for a holidays, for example few winters in asia
>30k for a porsche and sell if you get bored racing that thing

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>investment wise that BA is as useful if not less usefull than travelling around the world and necking yourself.

Idk why but I kek'd

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Rental property is the smartest long term thing. f you can get a scholarship/financial aid then go for your bachelor's. I'm sure you already know that it won't be a very useful degree, but you can probably get a passable job in an unrelated field if you minor in business. Don't do anything stupid like trying to be a NEET off of that money. It would only last you a couple of years. If you tried investing it you'd only have like 9k a year to live on; that's not bad if you already live with your parents, and you want to be a NEET, though. Avoid used cars or other non-essentials that you won't actually enjoy, yet feel compelled to buy.

I know Kana already, also some basic vocab and grammar.

The university I was thinking of applying is the Hokudai. From what I read it's considered a good university in Japan, is it not? I mean it's one of the Imperial Universities and has one of the toughest acceptance rates, it also seems to be somewhat prestigious within Japan. What do you think of it?

Pls user, you were very helpful I'm sorry to bother you this much but your post was very useful to me.
>Don't go to japan before you know 6k

With the money I have I could study at a language school before enrolling in Uni there, but this program I'd like to do has an intensive language learning aspect before the actual classes.

Also, don't worry, while I'm dumb, I'm not unkempt or a whigger, I have good manners and no criminal record etc.

>Also, kansai>kantou.

why you say this

>but you can probably get a passable job in an unrelated field if you minor in business.

That is an option (business as minor).
Thanks for the advice and for being kind user.

Also thank you very much for these.

>Make sure you dress well

out of curiosity.
Could you post an example of what you call "dress well" for a westerner living in Japland?

I spent two weeks in Tokyo earlier this year for something work related and the Japanese seem to put a lot of effort on appearance and dressing well. Like almost everyones outfit fit well, was put together well, scarf neatly wrapped, clean. I dont shave everyday but while in Tokyo I felt compelled to shave daily and put a little bit more effort into cleaning up before going out for the day.

The program looks okay. Hokkaido uni is nice, Sapporo has a climate that doesn't absolutely destroy you in summer.

Even with the program I think you should know a lot of vocab before going to live there. You'll get the most out of your time that way, and Japanese do not know English at all.
You have a serious problem communicating with people if you know no Japanese before you go there.

You're not just supposed to not be impolite by American definitions; you're supposed to be quiet in public places, think of others before yourself, show a polite interest in people etc. etc.

Kansai has nicer people. They have an actual sense of humour. Okonomiyaki and kushikatsu are great as well.
Kansai people aren't as stiff as most Japanese, and will also less mind transgressions in your manners.

No jeans. No oversized shirts with writings on them. No sneakers.

Try chinos, dress shirts and jackets, and suede derbies or stuff like that. Also make sure you have a dry closet, although Sapporo should be okay. More southern, you'll find moisture to be a real problem.

I'm glad my post was helpful, despite the typos.
If you really start to get into business then remember that you can get an MBA (or law degree) with a bachelor's in anything. If your Japanese skills are good enough then you might be able to work with a transpacific company. I'm going to presume you're a bit of a weeb, so you might be able to make vacation packages that are based around anime and other weeb shit that people like to see in Tokyo. After awhile you just could hire qt nip girls to do the tours for you.

japanese studies wtf? are you trolling? just put 100k into crypto when the next dip happens and use 25k to get some liscences like forklift/truck and get a job

no trolling OP to hang in roppongi?