Wanna play hottest game in market?

Hey Fellow Anons what to try some real games

Chinese whale got in it
Do you want to miss out?

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holy shit this is gonna moon so hard

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ETH.TOWN going to be huge, chinese whale owns KIM dictator!!!
The game will moon! Mark my word!
@Steve Jobs

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what is this cuckery? chinese whale? where is the contract?


Check the game link

stfu you nogamer

the whale is chinese dumb fuck

and im not posting the contract if you can't figure out how to make money on your own then suck a dick

Check the contract mate:


Is this game where F2POOL invested a lot of ETH

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My moneys on the EthPyramid clones.
if just one of those contracts shoots up to a quarter of ethpyramid got, then im walking tripling my investment. idk about you. www.etherstocks.net

How do both of these IDs mention the gook whale.
It's almost as if a proxy is in use

Another half-assed discord shill attempt

I know f2pool thats a huge chinese mining pool right? holy shit they have thousands of etheriums. I dont get it tho- is this is a game i can play right now?

This has good backing, I've been waiting for this to launch. eth.town/
Others with good promise are cryptoracingleague.io/, and www.etherstocks.net, but that beta site needs "my portfolio balance" like the old site had stocks-game.funsite.cz/stocks.html
These may all be bigger than cryptokitties. Def easy money if you get in early

There's already almost 200 eth invested in this game and it is only in the presale stage, good luck with your pyramids boy

That was over 24 hours ago lmao. The game is already as good as dead.

This game is next big step for Crypto!
Finally some use for the ether ;)


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it looks like its just in presale? I dont think the game started

idk why people try to bash the pyramids when they have been proven to work time and time again.
take your winning from other games and throw em in.

This ETH.TOWN game is better than cryptokities lol

this is a scam dont fall for it

It is in presale with investor bonus. Soon alpha will be launched. Big crypto youtubers invited. So you will see how good is game :)

Everything is a scam, crypto in general is a scam. thats the most exciting part!


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There's literally an ad on Veeky Forums that I am looking at lmao. Maybe it is legit. Does anyone have any info on the team?

Haha what but I don't think a game can be a scam specially not when it's on smart contract

if thy pay for add on 4 chan its a scam

This actually looks good, multiple minigames built in and revenue sharing to participating players..

Check the team guys

IT IS LEGIT mobile gaminig studio!

t. Manvinder


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hot-memes.surge.sh/ is where it's at


It's a scam if you're an idiot! Do your research, watch the market, there is more money flowing into these games every day. Scared money don't make money!!
potpotato.surge.sh/ Once a week every Sunday
www.etherstocks.net No brainer follow the featured pumps, and make 10% every other day, and this has long term written all over it.
eth.town/ Is like nothing else out there.
This is cutting edge.

Today: "It's a scam"

6 months from now: "Damn I should have got in"

I like turtles


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gtfo with your discord shills, we dont want your kind here BTFO

These guys are legit. They worked with Atari on rollercoaster tycoon 4 for mobile. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/RollerCoaster_Tycoon_4_Mobile
There's a reason they have raised almost 400 eth in presale so far. Don't let the discord faggots ruin it for u- they are probably shilling for some shit contest or something

This F2POLL guy is rich, what does he doing there, ok I will invest too

if you dont buy eth.town ur gay

is it true that hellina is the scammer guys?

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Haha retard at least check ETH. Town
it really has good ui

Always wanted to have baby DiCaprio.

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art is pretty good

very smooth

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>Do you want to miss out?

it looks like theres a lot of art in here: eth.town/press pretty impressive.So i dont get it- the characters are just being bid on? why is one hot potato? why cant i buy a piece of the floor? please decipher this for me

hhuhuhu this ETHTOWN artwork rocks

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throw money at it

this is unironically the only eth game where it's super hard to lose

i threw money at it like at idiot and 2xed

ez pz

You guys remember the ethercraft ponzi scam? well, the people shilling this are the same scammers kek.

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The DAO hacker floor is sold out, sorry. There are still level 15 heroes. One is a hot potato, meaning the previous owner profits a small amount. Whoever has it at the end gets that character. The other level 15s are just auctions. There are also level 9 heroes, if you buy 10 you get a custom one. Theoretically, a level 9 will cost around 0.5 eth to make. A level 15 would cost 32 eth to make. This is because level 0 will be .001 eth and you need two zeroes to make a level 1, and so on. Having a hero will be necessary to interact with the floors, which will have many games. The level 15s will have the most value and be part of the story line. There will be many 'events' relating to crypto culture, you can see roadmap on the site :)

ethercraft is a POS

ethtown is bae

suck my dick

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ETH.TOWN me daddy.

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thanks for having half a brain unlike these other fucks, i'll keep an eye on this

Well, this game looks very interesting to me, I will give a chance to it :D

there are much better ways to make money like www.lastflipwins.co 25% win for the last owner