What are some good ways to earn money

what are some good ways to earn money
>doesnt have to be a lot
>doesnt have to be legal
>doesnt have to be quick
>cant take a lot of time daily

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Um, buy STORM coin.

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giving blowjobs

why would i

Buying drugs via TOR and selling them locally for 2-3x of the price.

Do you lift? You can easily buy vials of testosterone off reddit for about 30 bucks and resell them for 45-55.

be a scammer like Marius, copy some TA from other TA fags and sell it for $20, ban everyone who points out you're a scammer

Dont know why but this pic made me laugh

A job user, you have literally described any job

Leave your fucking room for more than emptying your piss bottles and getting food, then join us in the real world

invent AvacadoToastCoin (AVTC)

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Ave Caesar

also invent the SLICES DEX

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later add the Avacado Classic fork and Toast Cash fork

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i've 3x my ETH in the last week from this

buy chainlink

It is not yours until you take it out user.

I know you, you are going to keep piling it in there until they exit scam and lose everything.

Do yourself a favor and take out your original investment at least.

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this guy knows whats up
if it's your first time doing this you should keep it within your group of friends / social circle tho, otherwise you're gonna get mugged.

Rob white people.

You mean, collect welfare?

Start a PND patreon. PND discords don't generate enough money, so patreons are the next hot thing. There already are a few out there.

Buying icx before the bithumb listing in a few days


Where the hell was the STORM shills when it launched? Bullshit mane.