Satoshi here. AMA

Satoshi here. AMA

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bch is real bitcorn?

Clearly not--it's not decentralized.

Is this going to turn into a thinly disguised Link shill thread?

how fast are you rotating in your grave?

No, I don't care about oracles.

I am not dead.

what do you think of Satoshi Lite?

>electronic cash system that's fully peer-to-peer, with no trusted third party.

LTC is fine for what it tries to do. I don't care too much about micropayments,

Why don't you cash out?

That's what the Bitcoin Blockchain is and will always be.

Cashed as much as I needed. I don't need more money right now, and I will never cash out from my watched addresses for obvious reasons.

i guess you didn't get my sarcasm, faggot.

I assumed it's from a misunderstanding of what the Bitcoin Blockchain aims to achieve and what it is.

>first post literally outs OP as a LARPing arsewipe

What an absolutely fucking pathetic thread

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Not at all; you're just misinformed.

You came to the right plae Satoshi. This is the world you created.. biz.. it belongs to you, you are the true king

Confirmed not Satoshi.

Thanks, but I don't think Veeky Forums understand Bitcoin.

That some meta-faggotry-larping right there. Why would Satoshi let people assume he is dead for years, and not move the wallets content at all? Why would he be afraid if he is anonymous?

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can you please post a signed message using the BCH blockchain stating bitcoin cash is the real bitcoin?

My question:

What's your take on people who go online and pretend to be someone else? Like, a politician/law enforcement/celebrity etc?

Why do you think they do it? Is it because their real lives are so crushingly depressing, or such utter fucking failures of life?


My bitcoins are a cryptographically signed proof that I continue to believe in Bitcoin. People trust them, and I leave them there.

Bitcoin cash is not the real bitcoin; I thought this was clear.

I believe there are substantially more reasons for their reasons. You should learn to cherish the anonymity that the internet grants you and embrace its benefits.

so sell all ltc, because their creator sold as his

What will you do with the genesis coins when quantum computing breaks sha256?

sign a message using one of the oldest keys

That's too long to read. Let me know if you have any personal thoughts.

I clearly don't identify with his philosophy, and the reasons he stated for selling his LTC obviously don't apply to me.

you are not satoshi.

Nothing, I won't be alive by then and I don't plan to do anything with them anyway.

Craig, couldn't you have done that Q&A on Twitter instead?

Most importantly, Bitcoin is meant to be a decentralized, trustless payment system. Increasing block size to enable a faster ledger increase is obviously not an option. Bitcoin Cash is not Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Cash will be the top coin and make most other coins obsolete in the process
>BCH 120k+ by summer 2018

That's fine, because Bitcoin is not in a race for the highest exchange rate, it's in the race for allowing decentralization.

Did you work with with a team or by yourself?

I worked with other researchers/friends along the years, so Satoshi is meant to represent everyone who helped me implement this system. The original implementation and the white paper were completed by myself.

What are your top 3 alts Mr nakamoto?

satoshi wrote there would be centralization of miners, and that it is okay. btc is getting mined by the same people that mines bch, but i guess that's okay by bcore cucks.

what is not okay for me is crippling the technology to sell patented solutions like lightning, and off chain shit like microsoft is already building.

go fuck yourself, impostor.

peer to peer. on chain. trustless. bch is the real bitcoin.

Why set the limit of 21million? Also what projects outside of bitcoin have your interest? Finally, what are your thoughts on ASICs that centralized the blockchain?

I like Ethereum and privacy coins.

Centralization of miners is not ideal, but it not that important to my proposal of decentralization.

LN is a solution for people who want to scale. I'm impartial to it, but it's a far better solution than Bcash.

BCH will not stay trustless considering the estimated ledger increase.

Final verification question... did anyone on your team have blue, orange, green or purple hair. If so what color?

>Why set the limit of 21million?
It's really hard to come up with a number, because I didn't know how well it'll be adopted and I settled on 21 for better or for worse. It shouldn't matter too much, Satoshis should remain usable.

>Also what projects outside of bitcoin have your interest?
I'm interested in smart contracts, and I'm working with someone on something related.

>Finally, what are your thoughts on ASICs that centralized the blockchain?
Unfortunate, and I did not predict it. However, ASICs have the upside of securing the network, so it's a trade-off. I'm not too bothered by it.

Not that I remember

Nice non answer and I can respect it. So why are you here on /biz? Why now? Will you begin to post again on the talk forum?

No, Bitcoin is doing fine and it doesn't need me anymore.

Please distribute your watched coins among all addresses active on 1st Jan 2014. Reward us, your fiathful

No, sorry

why are you doing this nick?

Ok then. What change would you have made earlier if you could?

Trusted third parties are securities holes ;)

Are you familiar with the document “How to make the Mint”?

No change really. It works well. I made some changes after release such as introducing a block size limit, and I made some mistakes in the white paper that people use dishonestly, but it all turned out well.

In that case, I feel obliged to ask a cultural question. And this being Veeky Forums, the one single cultural question is this: are traps gay?

Yes, I was working on similar stuff in the 90s. There have been lots of proposals for electronic cash, but no decentralized solution existed.

Why did you make it possible to store additional data apart from the transaction data on the blockchain? Didn't you think of the possibility to upload things like cp on the blockchain, and don't you agree that's a bad thing?

>It's really hard to come up with a number, because I didn't know how well it'll be adopted and I settled on 21 for better or for worse. I
holy shit you just admitted you know jack shit and you are not satoshi even further. holy shit i don't know why i took the bait and started replying, holy fuck

How do you feel about Bitcoin Private?

Babushka here

Don't ask me anything

Did you help write the document or did you just implement everything that it had?

trips of truth, larp confirmed

I actually added myself a reference to a Times article in the Genesis block if you want to check. I didn't anticipate the CP, but it is what it is--I couldn't have designed it without allowing arbitrary information, and all blockchains have the same problem.

I said the same thing in the Bitcointalk forums if you paid attention when I was active

the 21 miilion is because how new blocks are found, halving, average times. holy shit, i'm not going further and not wasting my life with some larping faggot that's probably a kid. read "mastering bitcoin" at least before trying.

Let's say you are Sathoshi. Why not airdrop the shit out of Bitcoin to ALL small address, to get it really distributed. Hell start right here in this thread.

i meant the thread ;)

im curious as to what your artistic preferences are. maybe lob some movies, literature, etc?

Nick is that you?

Yeah, I’m with you on this one... why try to larp like this... >< the doc I referenced was not public until recently and he wouldn’t have known about it unless he was an author...

dump when

>I don't think Veeky Forums understand Bitcoin
What is the true nature/future of Bitcoin?

I support privacy coins, but I don't take sides as I'm friends with a group of researchers that joined early in this space.

here, retard:

I wrote the white paper.

Yes, it's explained in the whitepaper how I got to the number. However, coming up with the halving times and the block reward was just an estimation.

Bitcoin is meant to offer decentralised payments, not to be "really distributed."

Yeah for bitmain it's perfect!

Adam Smith, "The Selfish Gene" by Dawkins, Ayn Rand for her influence on cypherpunks

Offer decentralized payment systems. This is already in place and working. Next step for me is smart contracts, and I am thankful to the Core team for all their efforts. I support RSK as the next step in Bitcoin, but I believe there is more community/dev interest in LN at the moment.

>Bitcoin is meant to offer decentralised payments, not to be "really distributed."
So instead of Goldman Sachs we get Roger Ver and the Winkletoss Twins.
Hell make us all millionaires in here. No skin off you back and shame on us for not being on Bitcointalk in 2010. If the real Sathoshi came back now and airdropped coins to small players supporting Bitcoin. That would be one for the history books.

What are your thoughts on something more green, really fast and fee-less such as NANO?

I never supported the actions and philosophies of Roger Ver and Jihan Wu

It's completely different from my vision, and it solves a problem I had no interest in to begin with. Nano and similar coins are not designed to be trustless and decentralised as per my original view. However, if it pushes for less governance, less trust, and more decentralisation, it's good, but not my interest.

You shoud do something then, they will take It all...

Take what? Bitcoin is decentralized and secure, and it cannot be seized

Not decentralized if most is holded and created by a single group

Agreed. He could start by empowering the people on the fringes that believe in Bitcoin. Hell I sunk 1/3 of my money into Bitcoin at 15k. Stupid maybe. A believer. Yes. Meanwhile people like Roger Ver shit on us daily and that asswhipe is a multi-millionaire not helping anyone but himself.
If I had got in at the beginning I would be empowering a generation. These fuckers do jack shit.

It's not about the currency being equally distributed--that's a whole different issue. The network is trustless as anyone can run a full node and check the entire ledger history, and it's decentralized because anyone can run a node and propagate a transaction to the network without trusting a third party

Every knows that Craig is Satoshi and that his company Nakamoto Chain (nChain) is one of the Bitcoin Cash dev teams

I would just stop by, and congratulate you...if you are real Satoshi of really did make an important change in all our lives. big respect

Everyone who matters knows the truth ;)

What life advice do you have for a young man going to college and working a close to min wage job? I am already in crypto and have been for nearly a year.

Post up private key to your founding address's so we know youre not LARPING.

Also why is the NSA/CIA on Veeky Forums

>this thread


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Also I read an article a while ago that the NSA discovered your true identity. Did anything come from that, did you get a visit or an email or anything?

All my life I fought for what I believed in, and that'd be my advice for everyone else.

NSA created our beloved XBT. Go research SHA-256 hash that we to encrypt. NSA BUILT SHA-256

I did, yes, but cannot talk details for obvious reasons.

I have written a few papers and have done a few speeches in college revolving around crypto and block chain but people can’t wrap their heads around the idea that the dollar is very flawed. Where do you see economies moving towards in the future? Running off of debt isn’t substainable. I would say that gold and silver is good for when shit hits the fan but those two assets are also heavily manipulated. But in short where do you see economies moving and where do you see gold, silver and even bitcoin going price wise.