The market is starting to make a positive shift...

The market is starting to make a positive shift. Bitcoin weekly charts are squeezing towards the end of a long equalibrium pattern, which should break mid-end of April and send us up to test 15k again. Once we break 15k it's blue skies. Today I brought in all of my fiat and shifted my altcoin portfolio into positions I won't touch again in 2018. What ICX did yesterday and today is a great example of how much money is waiting to explode into this market.

This is probably your last chance to get AMB this low. This time next year the AMB market cap will exceed Walton's, and very likely VeChains. I'm telling you this biz because I want you to do well. AMB is going to buy me a summer home or two. I also picked up a significant position in QASH and SPHTX, so they are worth considering too.

I also want you to be healthy, so I'm around for a bit answering questions on medicine, pharmaceuticals, nutrition, and blockchain.

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How bad am I fucking myself over taking dexedrine xr between 20-60mg almost daily?

Thoughts on Ephedrine + Caffeine for weight loss?

Amb. Pfft. Vechain. For suckers.

Now... STORM. Oh hello faggots did you say you wanted a moon?!

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Hey phag how many AMB to make it?
Also how safe is ibuprophen sometimes i feel like im abusing

Dangerous and only effective as a stimulant and appetite supressent

How much and how often and for what?

Shill me on storm

Thoughts on supplementing with zinc, magnesium, and boron. Also potentially iodine?

Any supplements to help with torn rotator cuff?

No danger as long as your not exceeding the DRIs and spreading over the day. Taking large doses as once is unwise. For Albion glycinate chelates. Iodine shouldn't need if you're eating healthy... Egg, fish, iodized salt, etc.

Just make sure you're eating healthy and not aggravating it, that's the most important thing. Don't slack off on your PT.

Thanks pharmabro. Not to spam the thread, but would appreciate your thoughts on fluoride and/or estrogen in water, other items.

any speculation on what amb masternode requirements will be, and expected ROI?

Fluoride is fine at the levels you'll be exposed to in first world countries. I use a leave on stannous fluoride gel on my teeth everyday.

Xenoestrogens are unavoidable. Don't consume things heated in plastic, don't overdo bottled water, get a good water filter for your tap. Beyond that don't bother thinking about them.

They haven't released token economics to anyone yet. Masternodes, my guess, will be 50-250k AMB. They will probably have smaller and peer nodes from 5-10k.

ROI is unknown, but my guess is at least the standard 5%, probably higher like dash in the descending 15% range.

May be tired like VEN. AMB has been talking about companies owning Masternodes, so the amount might be quite high.

Current stack looks like this:


How would you allocate among those? Some that you'd drop for others? Any advice is appreciated

hm, 50k amb is unfortunately far outside my reach. what do you think about origintrail, and the potential masternode economics for this?

you take dabs and eat vyvanse like candy pharma bro?

Besides excersize and diet what else are good measure to take to remain healthy after 30.

I excersize and eat right but honestly I still feel like I'm falling apart. Back pain, foggy memory, lack of energy. Should I be taking anything?

What percentages

No I value my brain and mental clarity

Fish oil, vitamin D, multi not much above 100% DRI. SLEEP, sleep is ultra important. Stress control. Make sure you're exercising in a way that's regenerative.

5-10k is doable for most, and if it's not masternode level you'll at least have a nice 5-10x

TRAC is ok, I wouldn't direct money away from AMB for it.

Next paycheck is 15th of april. Will it be too late for AMB by then?
Considering selling a bit of another coin to buy into it as it looks neat.

40% AMB, 33% ICX, 12% SKY - remainder split among LINK, REQ, COSS, SPHTX, CPC

Given everything you've said so far, swapping my STRAT bags for AMB would be a good idea right?

why were you holding STRAT this long, they have been in the market since 2015 and all they can show up for it is two ICOs.

Easy to use, pussy shit.
Don't be a faggot, get some DNP.

400mg Three times daily
TB500 injections, look at research peptides forum on reddit

Consider 200-400mg magnesium glycinate before bed, depletion over the past few decades in soil has led to deficiencies, blood assays are inaccurate. Lots of benefits including better sleep.

Also vit D and omega 3. You're set.

What do you mean by “regenerative”?

we all did, it's quantum mechanics, see digits

I can't wait until AMB takes a massive dump all over these shill fucks. Feel bad for the bagholders though, it's not fair.

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get rekt swissfaggot,
your idiots need at least a 3x to break even
boring day in the office?
maybe better do some poetry on linkedin

Are masternodes even confirmed for Ambrosus?