ITT we talk about link prices in an intelligent manner, it's about chainlink valuation after mainnet

ITT we talk about link prices in an intelligent manner, it's about chainlink valuation after mainnet

riddle me this:
>when mainnet launches and sergey hands out his tokens, 700 mio will be in circulation.
>swift reports oraclize charges 1ct per node request
>if 700 mio tokens compete to get paid for even 35mio requests that’s 0.05ct per day per token in revenue (being super generous here already, if 350k of the requests use the cl network I’m surprised)
>that’s 18ct per year
>assuming 10% roi an honest valuation would be at $1.8
>$10 per link would require 200mio daily requests
>of course throughout the next years the number of APIs and requests will increase and it’s a lot more companies than just swift
>but even if it quintuples every year we’ll realistically need >4 years to reach 200mio requests (350k*5^x) which would justify $10 link
where did i go wrong?
if I didn’t, it's gonna be pic related for a long ass time

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how is TSLA worth what it is?
price speculation even though it hasnt EVER turned a profit
same as Amazon desu senpai
dont fud yourself

i'm just ballparking
and i'm holding a ton of these little tokens
but i'm still wondering
>any opinions on my numbers?

You aren't including the fact that everything in crypto is worth 10x-50x than what they're actually worth and the fomo that'll ensue if SWIFT does announce a partnership. I can easily see it flash pump to 60$ then dump to 10-30$ and slowly go to 100$ within the next two years


Not all of Sergey's tokens are immediately going into circulation, and the ones that do are going to be locked up in nodes anyway (that's the point of them). You're just another dummy who didn't read the white paper and your gay ass 'bumperino' confirms where you need to go back to. It begins with an r.

You also assume link is going to "compete" with oraclize, which is not the case.

is clearly not a smart man but
isn't anyone that's not a total brainlet willing to actually look at my numbers and tell me where they disagree?

did you just decide to ignore or are you just ignorant?
crypto is all speculation right now, if chainlink is actually utilized it's going to be worth a stupid amount

I'm trying to come up with an honest valuation.
Not trying to predict the price. I'm trying to run numbers rather than saying: oh, my gut feeling tells me that we'll hit $60, then dump, then go to $100. Because where do these numbers come from? protip: your ass(blaster)

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Life doesn't work that way look at Amazon/Tesla or in the crypto space TRX/XRP/ICX everythings value is based off of speculation not what it's actually worth

For a lot of dividend investments, there is a speculative value anywhere from 2x to 5x the 'real' value. I don't have access to data about this right now, but you can get sources by googling 'speculative price inflation' and stuff like this. There's a good writeup about this wrt Factom, I'll grab it when I got more time.

link 1000$ eoy

why are holding the token if you believe your own fud?

>youre nnot smart so in choosing to be just as stupid and ignore your post completely
The absolute state of Veeky Forums

I am still waiting for someone to tell me where my numbers are wrong. Plus those guys are of course right in saying that fomo and overvaluation are a thing

you forgot the speculation part
Things like DGB went x130 because of a Minecraft server

SWIFT messages will not go through chainlink, wtf? I think you seriously don’t understand what chainlink or SWIFT are.
The amount of jobs Link does will be proportional to the total number of API calls made on a daily basis. Right now that number is in the billions, maybe trillions.

i am truly happy that i'm not as stupid as you are
>32.8mio financial messages processed on the busiest day in 2017
>certainly not all of them will be processed by chainlink for many many years

you're a fucking retard, holy shit
you probably have no idea what Link is actually doing

Chainlink is a decentralised oracle. They will have data feeds on their network. Not SWIFT messages. The PoC they are doing with SWIFT is nothing to do with chainlink nodes.

I really can’t believe how badly you’ve misunderstood what chainlink does. Lol. Please describe in your own words how and why LINK will process any SWIFT messages?? Like how do you see it, in your mind?

Chainlink is a utility token not a share in a company

my understanding is:
each transfer supported by swift is one of what they call 'financial message'
some transfers will likely be carried out through the cl network because that will save money and open new possibilities.
if this is incorrect please educate me

tokens are the new shares, deal with it
especially the ones that can get you passive income or just income
tokens are the future, instead of having to buy real estate yourself you will be able to buy a share in an appartament building in form of tokens which then will give you dividends off of rent etc, Some Kike was talking about it on CNBC recently

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It’s absolutely incorrect. The chainlink network will feed data (such as APIs) into smart contracts. The chainlink network will not be used to carry SWIFT messages, and while are working on bond coupon payments for SWIFT, this has nothing to do with LINK.

how does then "" help swift in doing so mr smartass?

an API is no data. an API is a source of data. something that feeds information into the cl network.
in the cl test use case, the information that a bond has matured or is paying out interest. that's broadcasted (through cl) to swift's clearing department which (through a smart contract) carries out the payment to bond holders.
AKA a 'financial message'

so really noone is gonna look at my numbers?
where are all the autists?
pretty much only dumb niggers posted in this thread so far

how do you know Sergey will give away 350m tokens right away?
also you're talking pure non speculative value, even if it's gonna turn out to be $7, speculation will bring it to $14 or $21 easily, even more in na bullmarket
I also don't understand why everyone hangs up on this 1c/request
it will depend on many things, some API will be paid for, that amount will have to be priced in in what the node operators will charge for those requests
there is too many variables to even worry/think about the non speculative price right now
once a few node operators start to report their semi-passive gains, everyone will fomo like crazy. It's gonna be an actual income, not just staking some shitcoin in a wallet that gives you more shitcoins until 1 day they are worthless and the entire ponzie goes to 0