Hey guys!

Hey guys!

My name is PRL and im fucking gay as fuck

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I'm interested, please tell me more.

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Hey dolphinBro

Buy me and my price wont move ever, isnt perpetual sideways movement fucking awesome!

Someone shilled this as a 10x

Coin burn!!!
Mainnet ZOMG!!!!!

were still gonna 3x or 5x soon r-right guis

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2x at airdrop.

are you top or bottom?
t. Ethereum

hope so and what is this I hear of people seeling right before and buying back in or some shit somone help

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top because I fuck people in the ass and smother their colon with AIDs

don't care if you're gay if you make me money

unironically excited baka

These have all happened apart from the air drop

the SHL airdrop is the best part...

trips confirm

hopefully it starts acting like it

Oh yeah, nobody knows this shitcoin and nobody cares.
It's going to be 9,85k sats before airdrop and 6,2k the next day because of those retards selling the news when there is no pump to sell.

so whats the strat we sell before airdrop and buy back ?

Tfw the only way PRL can succeed is if IOTA does too. Top kek.

Might as well get those SHL shitcoins. There is no pump so the price might go back in a month or so.

False. Bruno already said that they'll fork IOTA if it shits the bed

will be the next episode of
"swissfaggot murdered my portfolio"
user never learns

Does anyone know the exact time of the airdrop? It's 6th of April, I'd like to know the exact day time to dump asap

tfw IOTA is actually a better bet than ETH

tfw when this stupid
i forgot, /biz

Plasma dead on arrival. Why you mad?

meaning this coin is going to close to zero u think?

no reason to be mad
you missunderstood
hashgraph makes eth obsolete and IDIOTA dead on arrival


then whats swissfaggot nigga speak clearly fucking cunts speak in riddles on here

Sub 80?

possibly but i still dont know wtf u tards r saying

Unless there is a pump before, which is unlikely, hold through the airdrop

are u top or bottom?

thanks nerd have a waifu

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why has this shit been stuck on kucoin for so fucking long? are the devs complete incompetent pajeets? like what the fuck, this coin would be pretty kewl if it had any volume. Kucoin is just aids central with the bots and tops 10 real trades a day

have one


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above 120

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t. comminuty college student

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Didn't go to university at all, no use to

i droppped out after 9th im also m'intelectual
what are your thoughts on quantum computing

I am not in CS, so I can't help you with that

then say me something smart smarty guy

Depends what you wanna know

hit me with some philosphy then im quite fond of aurelius

Do you know Maslow's pyramid? Imagine if an alien race that is far superior to us arrives. If they kill us all brutally, it is the most ethical thing one race can do to another, since those guys peaked on the pyramid long time before.

why is is ethical to wipe us out? reminds me of the marble scene from men in black or the great ones in bloodborne most likely they wouldnt pay us any attention same as we dont pay any attention to ants

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A being can only think about morals if all other needs are covered well (top of pyramid). Since they are superior to us they satisfied all needs for any individual long time ago, so they had time for working out morals. Imagine a WWIII, where people don't have enough to eat, so morals will suffer (lower on the pyramid)

well if they were really be so far ahead of us they would feel no need to wipe us out right?
same way we dont feel the need to wipe out ants since they pose no threat in any capacity

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Not saying that they will, but if they do, they are right

how so? i dont follow

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Aliens invented cars 10000 years ago, they solved any kind of hunger crisis on their planet 9000 years ago. They managed to educate anyone on their planet properly 8000 years ago. So all basic needs are covered for a long time already. After that they had a lot of time of thinking about what's morally and what not. We are still in the phase in which they were thousands of years ago, so in moral thinking they far beyond us - "smarter" in morals than we are. So whatever they do to us, it is morally thought through well. So we have to accept that they are right.

It was one of the first coins to recover. Right now start accumulating before April 6th. I'm guessing you are doing right now with this gay fud.

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ahh so your saying we have no right to argue morals versus them because we cant even begin to comprehend what they understand and therefore everything they do is ''correct'' at least to us since we havbe no right to dispute them. but even so what reason or rationalization would they have about us that they would want to wipe us out?

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well I'll be a son of a bitch this price is traversing in an upwardly direction!!

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So I’m in this shit for under a stack. I’m honestly worried about the whole “decentralized internet”.

Somebody shill me on why this won’t be hit with child pron fud?

I’m planning on selling before the drop, but maybe somebody can convince me to hold

Why sell just before the coin's actual main, working product comes out? A product that will be pegged to a storage value of at least 64gb as currently intended. Don't get me wrong, I'm grappling with this too.

That's it. It depends if they are of similar nature as we are I think. Human nature after is war, not peace. I can't give you any reason whether they would wipe us out or not, it is simply hard to imagine from now. Signs show that we are alone in our milky way anyway. So if we meet, it is not gonna be in your and my lifetime.

Storage was slow af during testnet. They promised it is going to improve, if not, the product is useless

I hate nano so much, if it wasn't for mercatox holding my rais hostage I would have made it already, wanted to get in to PRL at 0.04 with 40k fuck everyone.

Okay so check it out. I had White Castle for dinner last night... And had the left overs for lunch. I have been farting all fucking day and the smell is just absolutely rancid. My question is, Why does White Castle cause such horrible rancid farts? Seriously....

I totally agree, but I'm hedging on the product actually working. Like they explained hundreds of times, it's testnet is slow af because its operating off a single node, which won't be the case at release.

thank you for expanding my mind user, your contributions to the field of science will be remembered and greatly cherished

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My friend, it was a pleasure. As said, watch out for a possible PRL pump before 6th of april (might require a stable BTC above the level we are now). If not, it might pay off to just hold through it since main met is launched end of april plus SHL looks not too bad right now.