He’s been right every week, /BIZ

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I thought this guy lost all his money in a hack

how can we ruin this faggot's life? I'm willing to donate 1-2 BTC.

give me 2 bitcoins plus a plane ticket I will personally go and break this faggots face

>he's been right every week

You fucking retard, his calls are literally "it will either go up or go down"

35k eoy 2019 yeah righttt

he has been right far more than he has been wrong, following his calls long term would have you up several thousand per cent

i really like philakone desu, dont understand the haters. you can call him weird but he is good at what he does.

>would have you up several thousand per cen

exactly.. He's doing pretty good so far.. even if its elliot wave TA bullshit... I'm following him.


The bullish chink

elliot wave TA is not bullshit at all. Sure, if you watch a few 10 min youtube videos and then try yourself, you will fail quite hard
Read books, study for hundreds of hours and you will be profitable using it .

Im even going to link your brainlet ass to an invaluable bit of material

>You fucking retard, his calls are literally "it will either go up or go down"

Yep. And he's been right EVERY time.

A year ago, bitcoin was $1000 and went to $19,000 within 12 months. That was before anybody important knew about it, before Lightning Net etc.

Bitcoin has evolved and become better than ever. Lightning network rolling out, Big institutes setting up positions, massive money being dumped into mining positions all over the world.

Just lol if you're not holding Bitcoin in 2018. $35,000 is conservative.

I say elliot wave is BS, because it can EASILY fail at any moment... One bad news article and BOOM, price drops like a hammer, elliot wave becomes useless..

Remember... i'm the OP, fool, who created a post in SUPPORT of Phil... Does that make YOU a brainlet???

I follow him on twatter and he's made me a decent amount of money. If you dont just get emotional about things or let your bias get in the way you'll make money but most of the underages on here cant handle anything but instawin victory due to years of moomy and duhdy giving them anything they demand.

so hate on haters and keep flapping your cunts while the smart ones keep making money little by little and leave our bias at home. It's about the money not personal bias bullshit. time to grow up lil underages

>before anybody important knew about it
you mean before you and your newfriends heard about it?
the "important" people pumped it to 20k and then dumped on your stupid heads

>39k 2019
Nice fud, 50k eoy

35k eoy 2019 yeah righttt

Yeah im with you but 35k is too conservative for end of 2019

so you support and follow phil, but think elliot wave is BS?
even though all the information he relays to you that YOU FOLLOW is based on elliot wave
no, you are still the brainlet my friend

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fucking Eliot wave is a meme

fucking coke head faggot is 60% wrong most of the time

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then why I am up over 1200% since september following his calls exclusively?

Perhaps January dip comes early

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elliot wave peaked 2014 summer, iirc

>Bitcoin has evolved and become better than ever.

I agree. Blockstream's shitcoin on the other hand is worse than ever. SegShit. LN. It's ruined. It's not Bitcoin any more.

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you're the brainlet

im expecting this shit to crash to 4000, anyone else?

just u

>shit reply
>not an arguement
>waste of a post
>back to plebbit for you

Jewish brain detached it seems. The weakness reeks faggot

Lightning network is going to render Bcash along with 95% of all other altcoins useless in the coming years.

Just wait lmao.

>buzzwords are not an arguement
>being this stupid
>being this pathetic
>Being this beaten yet still trying

keep it up you amuse me with your buzzword retorts... clean up the chess board pigeon

Subpar mangina brain detached it seems. The defeated reeks shitposts

I subscribe
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