Invest in utility coins and tokens because of their "promising tech" and "future use cases"

>Invest in utility coins and tokens because of their "promising tech" and "future use cases"
>99.99% of people who buy them don't actually intend to use them for anything, only hoping for them to go up in value.

Anyone else see a problem with this?

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nope I dont. I'm not some soft hand bitch that lets morals get in the way of money.

oh noez he's buying things to sell later the hoomanity!!!!!!

toughen up buttercup cuz your morals have no place in a money making environment.
sage in all fields for this shitshow thread animeop made.

Btw I have about 30 different coins I bought just for resale and money made. Problem? Not for me it isnt since easy come easy go.

Problem for you cuz idk what your autism is on about but whatever you soft ass bitch

No need to be so angry.

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Way to completely miss his point.

Stop making assumptions about my emotions you pathetic twat.
Sorry not sorry I didnt type it all nice and polite and dainty so you dont get your fee fee's hurt over words. Toughen up buttercup the world isnt your personal safespace.

Now explain to me and the readers why buying coins to make money is a bad thing?
Every single coin you own is something you plan on using? show the portfolio and I Dont mean the easily faked blockfolio one.

So yeah explain why me buying a coin to later sell for profits is a problem? Because what you mean is it's only a problem for you and your autism flareups. But go on i'll wait for your logical and reasonable nonemotional response and explanation

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Dear god, I hope you are not the furry who wants other people to take care of all of your money, and said that you don't even want more money, because if you are, get the fuck out of here.

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Oh, you're just a brainlet from reddit. Carry on.

Yiff yiff :3

I think it's another one

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What I was saying was that the tech and utility doesn't matter nearly as much as people think when nobody is planning to use the tokens for their intended purpose in the first place.

He's right you know, you did completely miss the point.


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Just tell me next that you are also a nocoiner.

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Also hello!

No I'm not, I have plenty invested in cryptos.

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Oh, you're just a /b/tard throwing around the word reddit like it means anything. carry on peasent

Again you just repeated it's bad you dont use those coins. WHY? HOW? What makes it bad according to your autism? Because I see money to make not coins to use. And the ones I CAN use eventually I will collect also.

So again how in the world is it a bad thing since you didnt actually explain it past your cuz it's bad cuz you dont use it.

What cryptos?

Sup. You Suommers are an odd bunch lemme tell ya.

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being this autistic. Hope you read this and go through your own post. Do you see whats wrong with your post?

No I didn't.

I'm speaking about gross overvaluation of utility tokens, you're raging like a lunatic about something completely else.


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>didn't deny being a brainlet
>admitted to being a redditer

You keep saying 10 words for every one your opponent says, and you'll never win a debate

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Haha I did neither you grasping at straws soy

cute but no

still no explanation just more babblespeak. dont like the overvaluation dont buy up or sell. but the original post didnt come off as that at all more of a weep weep stop buying coins you dont use. sure changed your wording once called out on it. hmmmmm sure is strange

and if you think i'm raging you're once again making hilarious assumptions. Just cuz I type tough doesnt mean im raging you sad pathetic safespace it

most disturbing is how many fake white knight faggots rush in to defend what they think is a female cuz of some queer ass anime pic you post over and over and over and over and over every reply. autism much cunt?

well guess I gotta dial back how I type a bunch of weak soft sissies are taking it wrong and not realizing not everyone types like a soft dainty sissy online. Pathetic new gen of kids these days all cuck no manhood.

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didnt realize how deep the thirst for possible maybe it's a legit girl this went.

stay thirsty and pathetic im sure she/he/it will suck your peen for defending it.

run along degenerate fagsuits.

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What the fuck do guys who quit society have to do with this user? This has nothing to do with dating and relationships you sad pathetic cunt.
Oh just desperate attempts to attack with no substance to back it up. This is how I know you lost
try harder next time or I might assume you're another dumb mangina feminist

It's just that your writing style reeks of pent up incel rage.

But you're right, it is beside the point.