LINK moon thread, let's see how these weeks unfold

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No moon until I accumulate 10k. I will let you guys know.

you didn't buy the dip?


bought another 10k today /comfy/

i have no more money to put in this fucking mission. i did buy $190 worth yesterday morning though :)

400 links is still 400k in 2 years dw about it user

This. Sitting at 9080, was going to buy 1k more at .40 but fuck me right?

I thought it was over. I thought I failed at life. Then sergey came along and pulled me out of the darkness. Thank you Veeky Forums

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Anyone else miss the dip and now fudding like hell? I'm expecting that faggot assblaster back with his stupid shit any minute now and then it'll be another 2 fucking months before a good buy in again.

Why the pump?

Friendly reminder Link is mooning because local network test phase is over. Now they are in ropsten testnetwork (an ETH clone network made for testing). Main net is being launched on 9th April (date in which ends the Pivotal tracker to do list).

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Me too. Hoping so hard for bitcoin to get crucified soon so I can pile up a glorious stack

In your honest opinion anons, is this dipping back to $.40? It's certainly overbought right now and every single purchase I've made of link has turned out to be a hasty decision.

probably btc is going to dip soon so will everything else

Glorious boyos

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Pump n dump.

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Did you fags forget that it was at .55 cents less than a week ago ?

I'm hoping for the CME short fags to dump it into the ground next week

here comes the dump, that wasnt long

we go vs ETH here son. Stack Gwei, not dollars.

$2 when?

I hope by the time it’s on plebit/normie radar.. link will be in the double digits so only big players can accumulate moon worthy amounts... the echoing cries of “Veeky Forums was right all along” will be almost as good as my exit from wage slavery

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I'm no expert but can't see it dipping back to 40c.

- Main dip is over.
- Usually holds up between 60 - 80c.
- Has been slowly but progessively rising regardless of what BTC is doing.

if you are not all in on LINK rn you are a cuck unless you are in REQ or ICON until April 8


how many link do i need to retire next to a costco dudes already have a decent amount i hope

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0 customers you dumbasses

On 9260. Just need a few more months

How many Links do I need to make it?

strange, im gonna buy me some this friday.

Looks a lot more like Charles bro.

> he STILL pairs against usd

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How much will 10,500 LINK be worth EOY

kek wills me retiring next to costco with 3344 link

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10,500 LINK will be worth 10.5k Link eoy. Guaranteed fren.

You know they could just add more tasks, right?


Our savior Sergey of Nazareth will redeem us!


do I sell 150 LINK for the memes?

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I'll take them, free of charge.

But I want to charge you, cockass.
Not giving my stinkies away for free.


You guys are gonna get fucked. The 100x days are over. Link might go to $2. You don't even know what the token economics are and sergey said himself it's 2-5 years away from smart contracts going mainstream.



sounds like youre a big ole pussy ass faggot

>$0.27 this weekend
>transfer in $1,000
>take a nap
>wake up
What’s happening?!

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Kek this ad

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Not fat enough.

Guys did I fuck up bad? I thought the nano hype was gonna give me more satoshi's and I could put my shit into link...

Now the dirty nano cocksucking fags are tanking..

And i've lost so much btc value. And link has mooned now..

poopy pooopy doopy DOOOOO

>TFW only have 120k links and 800 nanos

you missed the dip that's what happened

Sergey has beautiful round eyes. Hes not a jap

Unironically the eth token fud is starting to get to me. Surely an eth token can't reach $1k right anons?

it was never 27 cents

>Unironically the eth token fud is starting to get to me.
that's because you're a moron

wave 2 incoming

I'm crying...I have a little tear in my eye...

We made it OP...

Now go out and breathe in the fresh air...

Take it all in. Inhale deeply.

Take a fresh breath of life.

Think to yourself, what life can give you now. No longer a slave to our jobs. We can sing, dance, laugh, smile all the way till the end of our days.

Just surround yourself with good people, genuine friends...Don't tell them you're rich at first...gradually introduce them to it...

Godspeed my beautiful soul. Godspeed.

Veeky Forums why is LINK so fucking undervaluedß
Its even below shitcoins like reddcoin.
If i buy into LINK will I make it?
pleas dont fuck this up Veeky Forums

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