What's going on with Pay TenX? Cards out? Ever going to be?

What's going on with Pay TenX? Cards out? Ever going to be?

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Worst performing crypto of all time

load your bags man :)

update at the end of the week, cards will be out soon and token structure update is also coming.. this token will never be this cheap again

Everyone is dumping this shit because it's a scam

sold with a loss, hu crybaby? :D

"we don't want to tell details, cause other projects will copy us" - SCAM


You idiots always want to buy after a coin pumps then post pink wojaks after the market leaves you with bags.

This coin is literally as low as it can go. That means if you buy now the worst you'll end up with is little to no gain. Look at its market performance. It's been a flat line for the last month.

Learn to buy the bottom for a change.

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Doing you a favor:
1. Hosp is a scammer
2. Wave Crest is dead, they are searching for a issuer
3. Don't ever invest in tokens related to cards, there is no need for them. ADV cash has been around for ages, works fine, why would you add tokens to this model?

>2. Wave Crest is dead, they are searching for a issuer
they ship cards soon, screencap your post, dipshit :)

Wave crest is dead and if they found a new issuer that's great. But you didn't understand what I was saying. There is no need for their tokens, they just wanted your money. TENX token might give you minimal revenue share in 5 years, but that's not worth it. And you think just because they have debit cards the token will "moon"? Why should it? :)

you have no clue, don't you? :)

ADVcash had debit cards years ago and of course there is demand but WHY would you fund another company issuing the same debitcards, get it? TENX might grow because of hype but that's it. Tokens are worthless.

Debate me, tell me, what can you do with your shitty tokens? Because of card fees? LMAO

I'm not planning to invest, because by the time PAY starts paying dividends, I'm not sure the average consumer will be using debit cards anymore. I expect paying by phone will soon be the primary payment method.

In the interim, I like the idea of a card facilitating direct purchases with my crypto. I'd get a PAY or MCO card if they were available. But they both seem like they aren't going to have a product until it's too late.

you can't be this blind

this is why you stay poor.. :)


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you don't understand the idea of debating do you?

or more likely you have no supporting arguments for your shitcoin :)

i have no intention to spoonfeed you

Reminder that Hosp scammed old people out of their retirement money before crypto.

Why would someone want to sell their crypto?