How many of these do I need to hold to make it?

How many of these do I need to hold to make it?

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I own 250K. Am i going to make it?


Another chink scamcoin, I can only tell you how many you need to hold for some guy in Shanghai to make it

I own 400k, looking forward to 10$

Scamcoin partnered w unionpay and NEO? Nice try retard.

Get in before you fomo

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Would you care to elaborate on why this is a scam?

>Would you care to explain why generic coin #89717 isn't going to have a future?

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He's a lost cause user, leave him with the EOS fanboys.

comfy with all in 170k

Would you care to elaborate why this is a generic coin? What are your thoughts on the Banyan core team and advisers?

my position is that all of these shitcoins are worthless. blockchain solves one problem only, which is double spending with electronic currency. the only reason these companies are adding blockchain to their business idea is because of the hype surrounding the technology due to the price of bitcoin going so high. it'll become obvious to everyone eventually.

If you ask these idiots simple questions or to expand on their thoughts, you can get them to expose their stupidity.

Exhibit A -

then you have to be retarded if you don't ride the money train till it stops? jesus christ, nobody is talking about holding this for 10 years

You obviously are not aware of the bottlenecks in big data that are stalling the industry. It is okay user, you don't have to become a millionaire. Some people need to stay poor.

Yin Yang.

i'm already a millionaire though.

In that case congratulations. If you would like to to make more money, I suggest buying Banyan.

you want another mill? put 100k into this and voila, u got urself another one in a few months

i'm not good at calling tops or bottoms, so I gave up attempting to time markets a long time ago. if you're just looking to ride some momentum then fine, but i don't bother anymore.

the bottom is now, the top is late may before the coin release in june

God this shit is so overrated on here already. It's just a Dapp. If I'm taking chances on a chink scamcoin at 10 cents I'm buying CPChain.

It is far more than just a dapp. It is a dapp that will is already receiving data from China Unicom, China Union Pay, and Alibaba.

No shit.. But you're retarded if you let this train pass by.

Also, you are retarded for referring to price instead of marketcap.

Bought at 4 cents sold at 10.

and now its at 11. grats retard. next week its at 20

Both are low marketcap. One has way more potential and it ain't Banyan.

You think this is gonna hit 20 cents in this market lol? Way better value propositions out there with similar marketcaps. Have fun when this fades into obscurity.

in this market? there are daily 30-50% gainers lol

> Way better value propositions out there with similar marketcaps

Name one that is better than Banyan. Let's see just how dumb you are.

>conveniently forgets to mention smart contracts and decentralized applications
user, I...

TFD has a lower marketcap, working product and over 6000 business customers. TOMO has a slightly higher marketcap, but is a way bigger steal than this bullshit with NEO backing as well.

I hope you're joking. Smart contracts are anything but - there is no solving the oracle problem.


You just need to be one of the dev team, who controls 60% of total supply.

Where's the tl;dr post that the other user posts with the good summary. The last one was the update about whales finishing accumulating. Got in from that shill post. 50k reporting in.

.12 cents. I've already made $100 off this. Kino.

I'm waiting for the dip. I'm hoping it will dip.

Good luck with that 750k buy wall

Yikes lol.

Cool. Banyan has the founder of Union Pay Smart as their head of China. The former vice president of Alibaba is an adviser. The current CEO of China Unicom's Big Data section is also an adviser.

Which one do you think is a heavier hitter? Be honest with yourself.