Cashing out

So, I've been lurking this sub for a while as well as r/cryptocurrencies.
Is there anyone that has cashed out more than 10 000 $ ?
Is there anyone that has actually cashed out a single penny ?
I'm legit curious. All this talk about coins and I have yet to see proof of someone actually cashing out a big amount of money.
Please enlighten me.

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I say this with shame that I cashed out during the 6k crash in Feb mainly because I owed taxes and thoughts of it going to like 1k BTC and me owing the JewRS made me sick. So yeah I sold 40k to gdax and then 10k to my bank account.

>cashing out before 2020


>cashed out
lol newfag
you can't cash out

Cashed out 25% each at 2k and 4k on the way up, hodling the rest. That was 15k so far.

Everyone knows you can't cash out, don't let them lie to you.

I did it in January through Gemini. Just send your btc/eth, sell for USD, and wire to your bank account. I cashed out $75k with no issues.

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can I ask you a serious question about bitbean

>lurking this sub
Subtle, 5/8

i'm 18 and in the middle east and even I managed to cash out 20k usd I have no clue how you people in first world countries struggle to cash out

cashin out is gay. We dont gay. We eat and sleep bitcorn.

Why is there a new autistic moron asking this question every month?

If there was a way to like press a button and just have you autistic morons killed we could get on without having to read this stupid shit constantly.

t. Have cashed out more than 150k.

Cash out? What about the cryptocurrency revolution?

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Sure, ask away. I don't know anything about bitbean though.

Cashed out $150k at $15k on the way down. Early adopter though, so still have plenty.

I only own BTC and LTC at the moment. Made all my gains through BTC appreciation and ETH appreciation but traded between, BTC, ETH, LTC, and XMR only.

That said, I know someone from a fund who cashed out $550 million at the top. Started with $2 million in 2014. Those are the guys running the game.

I cashed out. I now have a condo on my wrist and a condo around my neck.

>lurking this sub
This is not a sub, redditfag

>he doesn't know that you can't actually cash out
everyone that tells you differently is just lying, sorry user.

Who actually has that much money laying around to give out in exchange for "imaginary" tokens ?
150k is a lot, not to talk about 550 mil.
Do these exchange companies earn so much money on small transactions that they have enough real life money to pay out 550mil ?

It's not the exchange's money, baka. You're not selling to the exchange. You're selling to other people on the exchange. It's their money.

Yes but someone has to buy that at once or you're stuck with literally over 9000 offers, waiting for the cash ?

Well obviously you don't place a market sell order for 500 million or you'd crash it harder than mtgox. So you place small orders over a period time.

Assuming that guy did cash out 550 mil, he had to put 55 000 sell orders of 10 000.