The next big thing?

At the current moment, what will be the next big thing which will promise you x100 gains in the next 5-10 years, will it be crypto or something else that comes along just like bitcoin in 09?

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XRP the coin being adopted by banks worldwide


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chainlink unironically. if i had one chance to go allin to make it with my 4k investment, it would be it... dont fall for ico bullshit, its not even that much lower and most of them die off normally, anything way to specific in crypto is the of today


Unironically Powh3d

Eos. It will do to the Internet what steem does to blogging. End users wont even know they're using a blockchain and will never have to fuck around with wallets and gas fees. It will bring decentralized social media, wikipedia, exchanges etc to the masses


If people here bothered to get a job they would increase their gains by 10000%

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ChainLink. So much room to grow it’s unreal. Literally a golden ticket.

> Being this retarded...

What's going to be the next Crypto guys?

Hey dude I hear Oil is going to be huge, start digging wells now friend!

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nice subtle fud. nano will go 10,000x in 5 years


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Unironically this.

Getting tired of pointing this out to be honest family.

It's just interesting seeing all these replies, everyone has their own special coin they are shilling and i'm just here thinking there has to be something else apart from just crypto.

i honestly can't tell if link is a shitcoin or not anymore.

artificial intelligence will be the next thing that changes the world, like the internet did these past 20 years.

Battery technology will be huge in 10-20 years.
But by that time you could be rich off crypto.

If you're looking for the next thing that will make you a millionaire overnight, there will never be anything.

You missed the boat user.

inb4 you're eating cat food at 80 years old.

Xrp fun link icon ae
Thank me later.

never too late for anything. Most people on this board are determined to make money one way or another. You have to fake it to you make it

anyone know what real estate coin he's talking about? if we figure it out and get in early it could be good?

yeah you're looking for AI. That's all VCs care about at the minute.

Oh and blockchain. Jim Breyer (3bil net worth VC) says we are 'SUPER early' on blockchain tech, and it's 'unstoppable, simple as that. We saw this in the early days of the internet'. Check this youtube vid of him talking about AI and blockchain. Don't fall for the FUD that we are not early.
13:50 for crypto/blockchain talk

Then get a job?
If you work at McDonalds for the next 5 years, you will have x100 what you have now if you're starting with zero.............

Origin Trail you fucking nerds.

Right in front of you

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U all stupit

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Yeah failed because their product was too specific. Just like that one online bookstore a bunch of autists got so hyped up about


Sometimes what you seek is staring you right in the face.

For most of the cryptos in this thread to 100x or more we are looking at a future where crypto adoption is widespread and mainstream.

If this were to happen btc and eth can easily be 100x what they are now. Then on top of these you have the blue chip cryptos/tokens that use blockchain tech as a service to this new crypto world that may go more than 100x. So invest 25% and 25% inn btc and eth, and then put the rest into solid service/platform based cryptos you've researched. Avoid purely "currency" cryptos (apart from anything truly standout - dyor) and go for the cryptos that offer a platform. You'll make it

This is why you need to DYOR. Anyone who has researched Chainlink is holding it with diamond hands. Anyone I've introduced it to with the mental capacity to understand the whitepaper, realized it was huge right away.

REQ and COLX. Both are set to do a x8-x16 in the next bull run, likely before Q2 2018.

You realize that Amazon only became huge once it stopped being specific and became a platform, right?

The next big thing will be water OP.

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This man knows something

Unironically this

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Was a longtime XBY hodler. But thing now seem to have got stuck

Already responded to this thread, but colx and req mentioned together?

Curious about colx not critical - I've a small stack of req but what makes you think colx will moon? It seems a bit of an underdog against many other privacy/speed cryptos where being an underdog is not a good thing

This guy gets it.

Ching chong chang ching XBY.
Asian shill at full power

OMG 100X

I say this in every single thread and no one bites.

Nebulas. It's going to make me sickeningly rich. Mainnet is going to launch in a week. The team has been quietly creating their own platform. Just check out the Github. Once the marketing starts it's straight to the moon.

>>"was a longtime xby hodler"
>the currency was made in April 2017


i think docusign is the next amazon and im trying to figure out how to buy it. im not a rich jew so i cant get in on the ipo and going to have to wait for it to start trading but thats fine ill be there when all the ipo whales dump on wallstreet and i get my tiny limit orders filled.

all this only if i can figure out how to buy it. shit is way harder than buying crypto. im setting up etrade account but dont know if thats even right is going to moon