What does her portfolio look like?

What does her portfolio look like?

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XLM and WOMEN, unironically.

A box, obviously

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She’s dead from old age, move on user

>hi my name is boxxy

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All in on litecoin

didnt she do shows on animal planets youtube?

she holds BAT and BTC

wait. is she known to hold crypto?

boxxy was involved in dogecoin when it first came around in 2014, not sure about since then.

So hawt

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Don't remind us, we've been trying to forget ever since.

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Faggots still posting the never queen boxxy.
sad and pathetic.

Hell I remember when the eternal virgins on team orbit kept posting cracky ..... both are old now and lost their youthfulness. but thirsty losers still post them like it's 10yrs ago and they are still young and attractive.

None of these never queens were attractive past lots of makeup and sweet sweet camera photo edits.

now head out to your weekly project orbit meetings

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Like a roast beef sandwich.

>tfw you unironically looked for boxxy nudes before
oh how times have changed

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she overdosed and dead already guys, stop posting her

kinda like...

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This is why women should be married off at age 16. They shouldn't be allowed to have free choice after this. They become disgusting degenerates and feminists.

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Subtle gif

100% GAS

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That’s some brutal truth in that pic

you election 2016 stormweenie faggots are worse than ponyfuckers and le anonymouse

Not very effective. Need fire for results

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>brutal truth
Jesus christ, more like brutal cringe. Do you guys walk around with that loser mentality?
>"You remove and/or de-incentivize your A players"
>Implying he's the A-player
I hope the post is ironic, because it's beyond pathetic. The world is yours, go out and take it and stop whining.



What’s high school like?

The world is shit. I just need my shitcoins to moon so I don't need to do business with people.

>Relating to that picture
>Implying I'm the highschooler
Are you old enough to post here?

If you feel that the world is shit it's most likely because you are.

>t. a shithead

I’m just trying to figure out what breed of cuck you are.

Lol I unironically like this

The kind that fucks your mom while your dad watches. You?

>mom jokes
>man up
Obvious cuckold is obvious.

Kek the 15 year old type. You'll grow up someday kid and realise what a pointless shitshow our society actually is. Or you're just another fucking degenerate scumbag. In which case rope is too good for you.

>posting screencap from pol
Someone's gonna die alone

this is beautifully on point

>Someone's gonna die alone

>He's still a slave to the ego meme

You come into this world alone and leave it alone.

Feminism and being a cancerous SJW literally changes your face

You read nietzsche with the wrong mentality. Next time don't watch Rick and Marty beforehand


defeatist scum. These are shills strategizing to bring you down and make you feel like shit.

LINK and XLM. No doubt.

You assume too much, lad. Never read Nietzsche- not a R&M edgelord. Go back to plebbit

Lol you gotta be trolling us

only some bitter faggot coming in to proclaim he's right and the other guys wrong.
No thanks sissy i'll stick with what I see going on in the real world and not just what you think is going on in your basement.
get a clue modern society is fucked and men have less and less reason to care but here's only basement bill going hurr achulllually... fuck off basement nerd you dont know shit about the real world or you wouldnt flap off at the cunt about thinking you know nothing about.

the real world is alot different than 8th grade and your basement kid

I'm not eternally salty because le women are all whores and I'm not an alpha male so I should die an incel
So how is that defeatist

just (you)

This thread did bait me hard. I’ll take it.