Guys, can we have a serious discussion please? I need some input about an investment I'm going to make:

Guys, can we have a serious discussion please? I need some input about an investment I'm going to make:
Next month I will make one of the biggest investment I have ever made, what I plan to do is to buy Cardano with 80% of the money and the rest 20% Ethereum.
Is this too risky? Or is it the safest I can go when it comes to long term hold?
I really don't care if I'm going to wait 4 or 5 years holding these coins. And yes, I can afford loosing the money.
Thanks anons!

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Cardano will have a $2t market cap by 2020.

You're safe.

I would flip it and go 80/20 eth/Ada for safer but less gains

Dude if you're just going to hold buy literally anything else than alts.

BTC LTC ETH at 33% each and fuck off.

Isn't that toooo much? Why do u think that

If you're about to make the biggest investment of your life as you say, don't do it on advice from Veeky Forums. My portfolio is close to this, 80% ADA and the rest being swing trades, but no one can predict how these things will go.

yeah I know that, just want to see what some people think about this

It's assuming a lot -- but as skeptical as I am, I believe this team will achieve what they say they are going to. They're just too god damn autistic not to.

The way things are aren't the way they were and definitely aren't the way they will be.

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This is my only hold because it's the safest bet for huge gains. There's not even any point diversifying into any other projects because they're all run by amateurs who have no idea what they're doing because they dont take the fundamental academic approach cardano does. I believe cardano will be number 1 within the next few years because cardano will be the one to connect all other blockchains

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I don't trust academics to get anything done

That's an exaggeration. I think it will continue to grow, but don't fall into this trap or else you'll end up like the Link people. I think it has good chance to be top 3 by the end of the year, but apart from that it depends on how the whole market goes.

You've solved the oracle problem, you are the next Warren Buffet for sure.

why not? cardano's team certainly seems to be one of the most competent of all coins

I'm guessing you're a blue collar worker who couldn't get into college. Epsilons like you will be the first to lose your jobs to the creations of the charles hoskinsons of the world

They need to change their logo. Why exactly did they make it an anus?

shitcoin with no customers

the only thing making it less scammy than TRON or Verge are the people who created the 10b white paper are respected and smart

give it a couple years and let’s see if there is meat on the bone

Disclaimer: about 40% of my portfolio in ADA, and my favorite crypto

Cardano is a very ambitious project. I have no doubt that in the long term they are going to be one of the biggest players in the crypto space only from technological superiority. I'm lurking their github once in a while and I am 99% sure they will deliver on their promises. Roadmap is updated every week and Shelley is about to roll out in the next few weeks.

Now, the problem with Cardano is the opportunity cost. Smart contracts aren't coming until Q4. In the meanwhile VeChain, EOS and others will launch their mainnet and potentially moon. Are you comfortable with that? By locking 80% of your holdings in Cardano, you are standing to lose the profits you may gain from other shorter term projects.

My current plan is to move slowly more of my portfolio towards Cardano as we approach Q4, but keep an eye open in the meanwhile.

Ladies and gents I present nigger: the post

It’s all sacred Jewometry

Check their github. Very active and high quality code. They're making progress but what they're doing is so ambitious and needs to be made perfect through peer review. Just give it time.

Why don't announce partnership? When good news sir? When moon?

>they're all run by amateurs
um, dude not really
>I believe cardano will be number 1 within the next few years
how are the foundations of you belief structure?
>MUH the flippining

>Are you comfortable with that?
Yes. I may be be loosing short term but will I gain in long term if stuff goes alright, in my opinion ofc

I can’t take seriously a project employing pic related
If you support Cardano you support the degenerate lgbtqlmnop agenda.

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i made about 3.000.000€ (bitcoin, etc, usdt) and i dont want to pay any taxes. i am from austria and if you hold a coin for 1 year you dont have to pay any taxes. i also decided carando

so i decided to buy a coin

Thank you for investing the 3 million legit euros you made from the USDT moon on Carando.

>how are the foundations of your belief structure
Go back to street pajeet

Just look at shit like vechain. Great idea and great potential, but they can't keep their mouths shut about pertnerships that were supposed to be under NDA. And did you see the vechain thor announcement? Completely cringeworthy and unprofessional.

Charles has already addressed this. Catdano hires based on merit. If you're good, they'll give you a job regardless of personal beliefs

usdt ist more risk than carando

or cardando.. who gives a fuck about the name. buy a coin at the bottom

Newfag, Cardano is run by a SJW team. You can't expect them to actually code a decent product if they're busy virtue signalling and showing how progressive they are.

Pick a project with a solid team that actually has a working product and you'll reduce your risk. Just buying some coin because it's cheap without doing any research is a guaranteed way to lose money at this stage.

Cardano is really risky. There are next to no teams developing their own projects to run on it, so there's no foreseeable demand for the gas token for transacting on the blockchain.

It's also not going to be better than ethereum with POS, and whatever people might think of its governance system, you're wrong, they're going to fuck up.

fuck me you bring up Vechain!?!
what about OMG or EOS, they have experienced teams, What the fuck does ADA have?
FYI i do have 1K ADA, but if you are all in and *believe* that ADA will be the flippining ffs, the market decides that, not some stupid newfag

>Cardano is run by a SJW team

Just like Ethereum, Stellar, Ripple and many others. Look where they are.

Refusing to invest in something because it shatters your worldview is a good way to show your low IQ.

Ppfffff 1k Ada, tight ass

i know, i will get more....

>poor as fuck and will remain that way

> bend the knee goy
No, fuck you. I won’t give money to an ideology that wants to destroy me.

Eos - two words: john oliver
Omg - the company that runs it is worth sub 1 mil

The market will decide what is number 1 by what project has the most merit when smart money comes in with the boomers and institutions and not biz autists like ourselves

Post proof of net worth, otherwise larp. Also i'm 20 and in college so i don't have millions to invest like you clearly do

look with 2k in this you have not been around long enough for me to respect your opinion.

>implying charles hoskinson isn't a constitutional conservative
KYS retard you're spreading FUD on a great project

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Cardano's marketcap is based on Virtue Signalling and nothing more.


ignore him he's most likely a broke larper I have about 1 mill cardano and I've lost about 25-35% of my initial investment since January but i have hope for this project

Coming from the guy who can only afford 1k cardano. I may have only been here 6 months but do you really think time in this market is really any indicator of knowledge of it? Any moron who bought $100 of meme money 5 years ago would be a multimillionaire right now

He's just trying to derail the thread, like always.

Does anyone know if there's been any news about staking? How much ADA would you get from staking?

Rather amusing that you think this world view is somehow 'shattering' to me. Top kek, nice projection there.

They could be far right skinheads either for all I care. It's just generally not a good idea to mix radical politics with business as their is little upside and it can only serves as a distraction.

>show your low IQ
By using the Africa FUD as evidence of Stellar being an SJW team you're clearly either reaching or genuinely retarded. I'm going with the latter since you're probably holding bags of this shitcoin.

>There are next to no teams developing their own projects to run on it
this is the thing. you can have the best tech but adoption is the only thing that matters and there are many other competing projects rolling out this year. we don't need all of them. there will be one, maybe two platforms that win and the rest die. like iOS/android.

my folio is currently worth about $145k USD but that has nothing to do with the fact that you're poor. acting like you know shit because you went "all in" with 2 grand stfu little boy

Ok so have large positions in coins that i *think* will rise faster than ADA. with 1k ADA i can dollar cost average when i buy them at more expensive prices..... your getting so butt hurt over your coin

It would be illegal to not hire this person because of their personal views. Would you rather they don't hire people because of their political beliefs? Charles is a conservative, so I wouldn't be worried about the project getting too sjw. If anything it's good to have range of beliefs rather than everyone the same thinking the same ideas, contributing the same stuff.

Anyone who has 1k+ ada is ok with me, don't listen to faggots, Ada will be huge in 1 to 2 years, it's only a baby atm ffs

Ohhhhh you mean the Trap coin?

>buying a coin that has zero real world implementation or partners

145k and you spend your time talking to poor losers like me? Wtf is wrong with you? Do you have no friends, no job, no hobbies? Anything better to do with your life with that kind of money than trting to win arguments with random people you'll never meet?

calling me pajeet and thinkin $145K is a lot. ffs the state of Veeky Forums

Fudder kys please

I know short term, there will be coins that grow faster than ada, but i've been rekt too many times chasing pumps, id rather just pick a coin and stick with it for years

Fuck you asshole, 145k it is a lot. If you can't appreciate that, than I hope you choke on dinner today

I think the next few weeks should still be interesting since staking remains planned for April.

don't worry stick around get comfy, you will get a 'feel' for the market, the Dec. spike had to have a correction...

Where did you get the money to invest in crypto?

i bought in 2015...+ have JOB

Just out of interest, how old are you? If you're in you're like 50 then 145k isn't much, but if you're 20 it's a lot

Your argument against EOS is John Oliver. Remember that.

Why are Cardano block times 30 times slower than EOS block times?

You fucked up. You got castrated by a gender binary hacker.

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Sweet, bet it feels good. Can't knock you for that. Peace user

i am OLD...34
believe me at 20 you don't even know the world yet, and if you think you do its only holding you back from discovering it

I'll admit that was a pretty retarded argument. I was just trying to win against FUD autists in this thread. EOS is alright. As for block times, they'll figure out a way to improve it, its still early days

I'm 34 too man. 145k is alot to me.

Damn. I didn't think anyone over 30 even knew about this place. Any other life tips user?

It's also a lot if you're a 34 year old car mechanic in Romania.

I'm 24 and my annual salary in USD is double your "large" portfolio.

Kill yourself you uneducated faggot, thinking you have some sort of "wisdom" because you're 34. Difference is you're a failure while I'm sitting comfy working at a tech firm

Seriously, fucking kill yourself. Sure the other faggot is definitely a newfag to crypto and dumb to all in on cardano and call every other team "amateurs" - which is not the case, but your arguments were simply retarded

Dude, 145K its not bad money, but to be called pajeet by a newfag that was dissing another user...ffs

You seem like a complete cunt, hopefully you lose everything you love

What the fuck does it even do? Yeah there is peer reviewed acedemic shit but for what? What incentive will people have to buy it?

No one talks about how Haskill is slow as shit

oh dam i got told!
you really made me feel bad, how will i ever recover?
you don't need to prove yourself to me, i will refrain from KMS

>best developed coin by a considerable margin
>buying in would require supporting an anarcho-communist

Tough call.

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I wouldn't care whatever a persons personal views are when it comes to hiring. I don't care what people think in their private thoughts or at home. However when you hire a person though it isn't just about me or them. You have a lot more responsibility than just that.

Consider that this company has found it difficult to get partnerships. In order to make B2B work you need to seriously tone down the autism. Why? Because your lead for actually making the deal is someone like Stacy or Chad. And they will do a little bit of digging on you and your team. They probably are not going to appreciate anything that is far outside of normie territory being plastered by your team in public and so you can't reach the people you need to make the deal possible.

The TL;DR is that in business you need to avoid freaking out normies if you expect to make any serious money. Look at even a crazy emerging market like crypto, why did we moon back in December? Lots of normies FOMOing out contributed to that.

>implying that wealth = a better opinion than someone else

With your logic, you're a complete retard in my eyes.

had to go for a while now the thread has 54 responses
would u do the investment I described?

I screenshotted this, putting it in my "1 year ago" folder

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What do you think the EoY price will be?

Don't buy cardano unless you're trying to launder money or buy drugs. Its like shorting western society. You probably wouldn't like most cardano bag holders irl. Privacy coins are daf.

Cardano is shit right now dont waste your time on that pipe dream.

Have you heard Charles Hoskinson? Hes up his own ass in intellectual mental masturbation, the team is extremely slow and they have this snobish idealistic attitude that points to disaster.

This happens all the time, really smart/intellectual people with a great idea that ultimately fails because theyre so disconnected from practicality and dont understand/ dont like business. Look at Nikola Tesla.

Unless they change I wouldnt invest.