I called ethereum

>I called ethereum
>I called Antshares
>I called eos
>I predicted ark
>I predicted neo
>I called raiblocks
>I also predicted nano

Today I present to you the next Antshares. Bee token. Bee token is the very first decentralized home sharing network built on top of the bee protocols that connects hosts with guests without taking any commissions.

This is literally going to take over Air Bnb which is a 200 billion dollar yearly industry. Real estate on the blockchain is the next evolution this crypto space needs. We need to start investing in projects that connect the real world to the blockchain.

The three bee protocols are as follows. A peer to peer decentralized payment system that gets paid in bee tokens after exchanges on the bee blockchain are transacted.

A decentralized arbitrage system that promotes network growth through nodes and eliminates scams through a public voting protocol system rewarded through a reputation ranking payouts in bee tokens.

A p2p decentralized transparent reputation system that couples your identity on the blockchain so you know who can only do business Dealings with your true digital fingerprint.

Their team is all PhD graduated and their founder worked on big heavy hitters like guardian circle and origin. They have been mentioned in huffington post and other prominent media articles.

Do not miss out on this opportunity of a life time. Bee token will revolutionize the real estate game and take over Air Bnb by putting it on the blockchain.

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fuck off pajeet

>>I called ethereum
>>I called Antshares
>>I called eos
>>I predicted ark
>>I predicted neo
>>I called raiblocks
>>I also predicted nano

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This is such a fucking shit coin lmao

you didn't predict any of this, fuck off pajeet

Fags didnt allow burgers in their ico, i hope they die

Look at this icotard and laugh

I'll buy when you're down 60%

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Bee token is a pile of shit. Their team is first-timers and juniors, they fucked up their ico and got their mailing list hacked / phished, and their roadmap was SUPER vague for 2019 onwards.

This will stagnate for years

> huffpo and other prominent media articles
> the team has PnDs I mean PhDs
> a 200 billion dollar Bee industry
> Bee tokens
> Bee blockchain

Listen to yourself OP. Dump your BEE bags while you can, this shit is going nowhere.

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>I called raiblocks
>I also predicted nano

But in all seriousness. They sold their ICO data to a scammer who scammed heaps of people. They aren't gonna recover from that.

>I brought you x now I bring you y

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>I make claims I cannot prove
Wow, Ethan. Great moves, keep it up.

All house that accept beetoken have hidden cams in the toilets...

I don't like bees.

Didn't their ICO get hacked and utterly destroyed?

fuck off with your CANCEROUS beetoken.

do you think we forgot how the devs treated the community durring ICO?

Down -50% from ICO
Bonus ranging from 60-100% release on april 1st so of course Ranjeet wants to shill his bags.

AirBnB will just enterprise ICO off Vechain and wipe you. Beetoken is for normies and getting them wrecked.

>I called OP faggot

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You predicted antshares would be rebranded to neo?

The fuck are you talking about?

jog on Manjit

you didnt predict shit you ugly pajeetnigger fuckboi faggot, kys irl

I called your mother when she was $0.50 you fucking pajeet. Kys.

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>called coins on an anonymous board

*breaths in*


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roadmap says nothing is going to happen with this yellow little shit until 2019, and what's going to start happening then is underwhelming.
dyor, OP.

>>I called antshares
>>I also predicted neo

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>>I called ethereum
>>I called Antshares
>>I called eos
>>I predicted ark
>>I predicted neo
>>I called raiblocks
>>I also predicted nano

And you're still so poor that I have to shill shitcoins on Veeky Forums? Seems legit.

I called Bitcoin the fucking day that Satoshi announced it in the mailing list I was in.

I'm telling you, Bee Token is a pajeet scam.

so, so dumped

Lol isn’t this the ico which leaked their mailing list, allowing a scammer to make away with 1 million dollars in ETH within 24 hours?

lmao yeah sure it’s the next big thing

I know most of the people on their team lol they went to my uni (UCSD). One of them took 7 years to graduate and their CEO just spends like 40k on Vegas trips doing irresponsible ass shit I mean I admire the Chad shit he does but God damn their team is completely incompetent

>>I called ethereum
>>I called Antshares
>>I called

Yeah fucker? Well I called Bitcoin and Dogecoin.

post a link to your previous predictions

This, if you had done so, there would be no need for this thread.

but why would you need a crypto token for this?

Would great coupled with req network so you could pay however you want

no normie will ever bother to get some volatile shitcoin off of obscure exchanges to rent a room in a decentralized fashion lmao

there are thing that blockchain is good for and there are things that are riding the blockchain hype just for the ico cash grab.
Guess which on beetoken is