What are you mining right now Veeky Forums ?

What are you mining right now Veeky Forums ?

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whatever miningpoolhub equihash profit autoswitch has me on, I dont even bother looking anymore. its gets converted to eth and then to nano each day

Coal. Just dropping it tho

I'm trying to power mine so I can finally get a trim on my cape

ETC is the safest bet. Used to mine it like a year ago not sure if it's worth it now though.



Flurbo (don't tell anyone tho)

Snowgem a equihash fork that might show some promise since they've implemented masternodes.

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This, I hope ETC increase its value.


Mining gold in a cave, feels good man

I was getting less than eth with this one. Is it expected to moon or something?

With the block reward cut coming, we better accumulate as much as we can



Nicehash and MAGA.
I know, I'm stupid.

I was thinking abouy creating a program caled "Satoshi's mines" where you can select a shit coin and mine it (using trade satoshi api and various shitcoin pool) is there any potential doing so ?

Also, wouldn't you be better off mining eth, and just forkdelta-ing 0xBTC every once in a while. Eth was about 20% or so better (on my setup)/


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Masari, the best Monero fork.

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Zero coin. $100 eoy


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GRAFT. Stay poor pajeets.


Nice. I'm looking forward to what this coin can do.

I mine trtl on ny.minetrtl.us, get on board fgts

This is what I will start mining in a couple weeks when I get my PC put back together

me too! :)
Blessings :)

Best coin to mine with an L3+?

Yo mom's pussy

I'm looking to mine once again in the coming months. Yes, I know new bitmain equipment and nvidia stuff is just around the corner, but it's too far away (July - August).
What do? 1080s? L3+? I'm looking at the ROIS and feeling depressed, remembering the ROIS just last year.

Just get WET

>not getting on the AKA train

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>mining a eth clone in 2018


Just btc on NiceHash. Am I doing it wrong?

> Private Smart Contract

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Ehh... you’re fine, most just like mining a coin we believe in and think will give mad gains. Do you keep it in btc?

mining this shit token - tell me how retarded i am

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