Buying COLX was the worst decision of my life

no fud, no nothing.... legit, coin has done nothing but lose value. I'm still not selling, but please, give me one reason not to off myself... please!

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why'd you buy it?

People don't even use masternode coins and you expect them to care about a poorly named fork of dash? I'm sorry my dude but you're better off selling and using the remaining btc on a 50x margin trade.

Sellit noaw sell it to me !

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COLX holder here. We got dumped on, bro. I know these feels.

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I had just 20$ invested in this, but it still hurts because I could have cashed out at 2000$ and used that to buy TRTL and finally have a serious foothold in crypto. Could have invested in Ethercraft, cryptokitties and other.

I fell for the HODL meme line and sinker since 2016. I should learn to be more active and treat this like the ponzi scheme it is.

>used that to buy TRTL
>Could have invested in Ethercraft, cryptokitties and other

You don't deserve none of that $2000, i see that it was just luck which got you there in the first place anyhow.

Well, OP it seems you find yourself in quite the predicament but do not fear allow your fellow Veeky Forums bro to help you out.
Here send all of those tasty COLX coin over to my wallet, do not worry OP together we can solve any problems if we put minds into it.


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Funny thing is, i MADE that tyrone meme about 3 months ago, when the Colx spam was insane.. I fell for the shill hard as fuck... No where to go but up from here, i guess... or down, way down. fuck. fuck. fuck.fkufkfukfhfh

Lol I have 40M. It was worth ~800K or smth couple of months ago. Couldn't sell because of the non existing orderbook.

>But you could have sold in chunks
Not really

Nah not shilling because I own a bunch. COLX is on of those shitcoins which will make it either on itself or a all over market rise like in December.

The team is working hard, good communication, solid updates etc. In all honest this is a nice shitcoin position to have and to stake.

i'm holding some still, i bought some when it was like 6 sats so I'm still in the green. regret not selling at 120 sats though, holding is a meme

COLX is like the XVG of DASH/PIVX forks. It's a turbo shitcoin scamfork and you should feel bad for buying it.

I wouldn't mind if it does an XVG though.

when you slit your wrists do it along the vein, not across. will take forever to bleed out otherwise. sorry you fell for this user

I have written off this piece of shit as a loss. Put about 100 bucks into it and now it's about $10

XVG didn't deserve its retarded memepump to 2b mcap but I wouldn't say it's out of the question for COLX if it gets McAffee or Justin Sun level shilling. Best of luck

This is all such BS. You guys basically bought during one of the biggest market rises in crypto and are surprised that an extremely low volume coin does a >80% collapse?

Woow who could have though?! Reality check people, the entire market collapsed. Is any single one of your positions still worth more than 50% of ATH? No? Didn't think so.

So don't attack COLX because the entire market collapsed, that is just ridiculous.

Didn't deserve? Sure it didn't but it still happened.

Thx user, best of luck to you too :)

Cryptokitties can still be a good investment if you breed some fancy cats.
Even pepecards are good.

TRTL was below 1 sat before it went on TradeOgre where people kept selling in batches of 50k USDs.

haha. i bought two masternodes at 1 sat and sold 15 million colx over 120 sats. i still have one masternode cause im confident the project is still going to grow. whoever shilled the cv2 swap god bless you

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We are way, way, way past coins pumping when someone shills them. It's not 2017 anymore, in case you haven't noticed.

Sorry what? In case this is bait, ok.

In case it is not: yes we're in a bear market. Everything is going down, not up. Therefore (and this is extremely hard to understand so pls try to keep up) people don't trust shilling anymore. They rather stay safe, hodl, don't gamble etc.

Do you honestly think that the situation has changed? If so, then I guess human psychology must have changed as well.

Just you wait buddy boy till this market turns around then the exact same thing will happen again.

You needed 10 mil COLX to host a masternode.

Just hold. If we are lucky by dec it’ll have more buyers and places to sell

Only put 1k in it

it's going to dump pretty hard if/when it gets released from coinsmarkets.