Those FUDing bitcoin cash will be judged the hardest the day of the flippening

Those FUDing bitcoin cash will be judged the hardest the day of the flippening

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Does bitcoin cash have any fundamentals?

I can't wait

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It has a hulk

I mine both btc and bch
Both are slow as fuck to transfer. The whole "bitcoin cash is faster to transfer and muh coffee" is just not true.

The only reason I mine bch is because the $ profits are better than btc. If I want more btc I get more by mining bch and then trading it for btc on exchanges.

I'd rather own the original king of coins, rather than his little jester of a brother.

If by some twist of fate the flippening does happen, Roger Ver will likely be assasinated, or locked up somewhere. It's not even up for debate. There's a reason why Satoshi is anonymous...being the spokesperson to dethrone the financial status quo is 100% suicide.

im satoshi
buy bcash

> Does bitcoin cash have any fundamentals?
Yes, and its fundamentals are quite unique for crypto. Here's the full description:

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it has ALL the fundamentals

>Tries to prove BCash is Bitcoin
>Links to
>All of crypto laughs

Stupid logic, I mine BCH to and I dont sell it except to pay the electric bill.

You can't force a failing crypto on the masses and expect them to fall for it. Bitcoin as it is will not last, similar to whats happening to facebook.

>China owns crypto, government supported
>Whoever controls BCH becomes most powerful entity in the world
>BCH price can be set to whatever the fuck they want, but gradually
>Banking/economic paradigm shift

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Will the Internet fail because of Facebook? Think about it.

Yeah fuck that bcash, we only want Bitcoin.

Pic related. Bitcoin.

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I think not. Will the economy fail because of Bitcoin Core?

bcashfags are getting closer and closer to linkies in their delusions.

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with that faggot as your mascot good luck your gonna need it

Has nothing to do with luck at this point, it has to do with the poor choices that the bitcoin developers choose to follow thinking they were on the right course but later realizing how wrong they were.

Satoshi speech last night in Hong Kong at Token2049 Conference

Tokenization on the Bitcoin Cash Chain

Headed for Tokyo now for Satoshi's Vision Conference 23-25

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do you think anything of substance is going to come out of the conf this weekend?

flippening my ass, rather use LTC

Bee cash

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I have heard some rumors but I have no facts of whats coming but id say at the minimum they will be talking about latest news released that BCH will have every capability of any alt coin, smart contacts, privacy, 32mb, colored coins, even gay ass LN.

I laugh so fucking hard every time I look at the bcash daily transactions. Doge have more value transfer each day.

i mean craig has been tweeting about all that for the past 9 months, so i am sure that's right

Craigy has a history of overpromising and then scamming everyone.

Tx mixers will come first, BCH wlll be anonymous from May, and there's gonna be Electron cash integration from day 1 :)
Also coming in May is the better DAA. The rest might wait till EOY ...

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I was bullish on bitcoin cash until I heard about bitcoin cash bucks with $8 GB block size. holy shit bitcoin cash BTFO.

like which scams?

also i actually hope they hold off on the privacy stuff until it gets wider adoption globally

We're the BCH gang and we've already won.

No pedo Satanist Segwit

Difficulty adjustment algo