I have 10,000 EOS

I spent under $9000 on them.

I’ve been trying to tell you for almost a year Veeky Forums.

I wrote some of the EOS copypasta.

I wasn’t shilling. I was trying to help you make money because beyond the pajeet threads we’re in this together.

Veeky Forums shouldn’t be about emptying bags. It should be about stunting on normies.


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Eos is a gay coin for faggots and most coins have mooned more than it did in the past year. Eos is boring there’s nothing of interest at all for me

>for me

Nobody asked you anyway

Confirmed brainlet spotted

I sold at $13 user. You’re still holding my bags

been trying for a few days, biz is not intelligent enough for this chad coin

Screen cap this when we are at 15$ within a month

Wow, you and the other 15000 shillers on 4 chan must be onto something here! /s

OP bought at under a dollar brainlet


>beyond the pajeet threads
>makes a pajeet thread
Nice, just bought 100k

>4 chan
You have to go back you fucking nigger.

Me too lol. Luckily I know when it’s time to get out and take profits

too many eos threads on biz. knowing how that works, staying away for now.
better moon opportunities in the meantime.

What’s it like being a cliche Veeky Forums skeptic who thinks everything is a scam?

What’s it like being so easily influenced by pajeets that you overlook something like EOS because you take a John Oliver approach?

You are guaranteed to remain in poverty.

10,000 EOS/$9000 = $13?!?

This is what I’m talking about. Of course Veeky Forums is finally talking about EOS. Expect it to be mentioned more than Ethereum when it kills Ethereum.

It's not a scam, but it's centralized and can't compete with ETH. EOS will be the silver to ETH gold.

Nice math, faggot

It’s much less centralized than Ethereum and will outperform Ethereum everywhere including in adoption. I feel genuinely sorry for you because I believe you won’t make it. EOS is cutting edge. Let go of the past (Ethereum) because the future is here: EOS.

Fell for the EOS fud until John Oliver made me research

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how many to make it


1,000 is enough

>21 nodes
>much less centralized than eth

I am too lazy to upload the image

Rotating nodes that swap in and out from a larger pool. Your arguments are debunked by the EOS whitepaper which you have clearly not read.

Not to mention the large pool of cycling nodes are verifiable people voted in by token holders whose proposed changes take months of checks and balances to come into play. Anyone who doesn’t play by the community’s rules will be voted out.

Ethereum is controlled by 3 mining farms.

EOS will be the fastest and most decentralized blockchain in the world.

The only real question is will Veeky Forums make an educated decision to remain in crippling poverty.

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I only have 2500. Will I make it?

What are your EOY price predictions?

You’ll be a millionaire within 2 years. EOS whales have the strongest hands in the space. More whales are coming.

great, all I have to do is coordinate my DDoS attack across the rotating nodes as the block chain updates. thanks Dan.

EOS is a trap for noobs.

wow dude. you should consider stop trading and maybe kys.

>5% inflation
It's like xlm funding niggers in africa, except this time your funding kiddie diddlers

Great to hear. Can't wait!

You need EOS tokens for the EOS blockchain to even listen to you.

Steem and BitShares are DPOS too. DDoS them offline.

I’ll wait.

jelly af, well done OP.

EOS will IP ban millions of botted computers. Botnets can’t compete!

Don’t get attached to your coins. All in EOS and forget about crypto. Risk reward is fucking CRAZY right now.

do you really think this is healthy grow? this is jutro the pump of the week, get over it
next time the entire market dump, this will dump harter than other things to compensate for this, get out in time or get rekt
you think that it's really going up because of the coin's value? this far from june? with this much fud surrounding ICOs?
you need a fucking reality check
I'm not saying this was not good opportunity this week but you sound deluded

so they just ban all the people from the block chain huh. cool, sounds super decentralized.

>Don’t get attached to your coins
> All in EOS

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Trips of retardation.

No G20 regulations on crypto. Only FUD is Google and Facebook and they’re going to roll out manual programs.

Microsoft can’t even buy ads for its blockchain platform.

It will be able to though. So will block.one

You fucked up. You really, really fucked up here.

you poor bastard...

Not everything on Veeky Forums is dishonest.

When EOS flips Ethereum you’ll remember this moment.

This moment. Remember it.

Remember when you thought EOS wouldn’t flip ETH when the guy from Veeky Forums told you it would.

This moment is now ingrained in your mind. We are connected through this memory you cannot let go of.

You will remember this.

volume coming from bitthumb

Literally top 3 most shilled for 2 months now at least. Possibly even more shilled than TRX at its peak and the same level of
>fucking nothing ERC20 token

I mean even normies like /current year man/ know it's overbought

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fomo in now or miss out on 10x gains

Your argument is invalid. Testnet with a large developer community.

You’re making a grave mistake if you aren’t heavy in EOS. A grave, terrible mistake.

>strongest hands in the space
>literally watched the devs dump their bags 2 days ago
More like most deluded shills in the space amirite? KEK

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Remember me calling you a dipshit. You won't remember it, but you should.
Nothing with 5% annual inflation will top ETH.

Veeky Forums needs to stand together against normies

> smart people talking about eos knowing they can’t move the price on Veeky Forums

> must be a scam

If you don’t own EOS you are probably someone with a very low IQ or a horrible understanding of the English language and an inability to differentiate between shill posts and pajeet posts.

I suspect that your IQ is very, very slow.

EOS is God Illuminati Hodl.

Get down or your family will never respect you.

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EOS will kill Ethereum and you’ve exposed yourself as a maximalist.

You’re attached to your ETH. ETH whales will say goodbye when mainnet delivers.

You will be among the last out of ignorant pride.

You have failed.

Only EOS can make your wildest dreams come true. Good buy sir.

I predict that you will stay poor my Indian friend.

Devs haven’t dumped EOS even once, e l - r e t a r d o.

no, just an investor who understands supply and demand.
apparently EOS shills don't understand inflation and why its bad to invest in.

Already 80% of my portfolio. I made an post like 3 hours ago giving biz the head up that the main net release was being priced in but you can't expect people here to know a shill post from legit advice. Anyone one still doesn't understand the potential of an rthereum that's fast and feeless is beyond hope.

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>argument is invalid
>"refutes argument" with completely unrelated anecdote
Maybe investing just isn't your thing, bud.

What was that thing that Warren Buffett and his business partner said about investing? Oh yeah something like:
"When others go left, I go right. When others go right I go left. Lock the doors, listen to your own opinions, not those of others. Be fearful when others are greedy, greedy when others are fearful."

You have to be something of a contrarian to make it in competitive markets and when I see half of the Veeky Forums riding EOS's dick I remember every time that's happened before.

Doesn't end well. I'll stick to things that aren't being shilled, thanks.

And thank you for the shilling you will all be doing for me in the future when you drop these EOS bags and FOMO into my current hodls.

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No hope for you. We told you about Ethereum too. Now we’re telling you about the next Ethereum.

You remember that bitch.

EOS mainnet = fast and feeless Ethereum

>Claims 1mil tps
>Claims 100k tps
>Claims 1k tps

Classic bullshit Dan. This will do very well on hype alone though, will be interesting to see how many ETH projects flip over. I have other bags at the moment but EOS is looking nice. Hopefully I can get in next month under $10

you guys need to look a bit harder....the poster said he dropped his bags on OP @ $13. If OP held 10K EOS and spent $9k how did drop them on to OP @ $13? ok maths 10K x $13 = ?. hope you see a difference in the numbers, 130,000 vs 9,000! ffs the state of Veeky Forums

Kek, just bought my first EOS. Was waiting for next pay of useless fiat after currentyearman FUD to buy. All this fud? Must be a good project. I'm annoyed I missed the recent surge though - so keep that fud coming user. We're all gonna make it.

You sound pretty mad. Must've touched a nerve because you're hearing the truth.

Thanks for all the (You)'s retardEOS

Btw you have to actually have a working mainnet to know how fast it'll be. Remember how NEO and IOTA were supposed to be fast as fuck till they actually went live? And then crashed horribly?

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>the guy who built steem and bitshares will release a slow dpos blockchain

Eos is running on improved steem tech. Steem is the most used blockchain and has instant feeless transactions. Already battle tested my boy. Your stubborn fanboyism is going to make you miss out on the next big thing.

wtf you're retarded as well. OP spent 9k$ for 10k eos. couldn't dump on OP when OP didn't buy any at 13$! is this the state of biz?

This. The only reason I looked into EOS is because of how perpetually and eternally BTFO all EOS fud gets

this just a worthless shitcoin erc20 token

Only holding 5k and bought late because I believed the bs about vaporware until I actually researched the project. Dollar cost average down to about .0008 btc at this point, no fear. This will be a top 4 project and will airdrop ico tokens to holders.

The only question now is whether to sell during the lead up to the mainnet in the massive pump, or not take the risk and just hold through it. Im thinking im going to chance it and flip it once the pump happens.

>stubborn fanboyism
I haven't even shilled anything you protectionist

I'm just a skeptic.
>being this insecure

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Anything Brock Pierce involved in seems to always have some shitty controversy and eventually failing. I'm good senpai.

Steem offers "instant and free" transactions, the catch is the costs are paid for by the investor with its 100% annual inflation.
In bitcoin fees are paid by the sender.
EOS is better than steem, but it still has 5% inflation, meaning your investment will go down 5% every year to pay for infrastructure costs.

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Where's the paste bin for brainlets new to crypto on things like this?

ok why is STEEM structured just like bitconnect?

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because it is. only diff is its whiteman bitconnect so not taken down yet

you have 10k EOS instead of 10k LINK topfuckingkek. you realize EOS can not get data from the outside world ya? or does it have built in oracles too? fuckingtopkek

t. when ill spend 100x less money and be 10000000x more rich.

can they not spell fucking annually?

its max 5% and its adjustable