Veeky Forums says bit-coin is good

>Veeky Forums says bit-coin is good
>convert all my $ to bit-coin
>can't pay my taxes
fuck you guy's

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nice bait
and if not bait, and you're this much of a fucking retard, you deserve to fail in life

Saw pic related on reddit the other day,
she's hot as fuck.

>no bulge

2/10 ass from this angle


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He's right. Burgers are going to get assraped with CGT this year. You realise that if you sold BTC into altcoins at the top of the bubble you have to pay tax on the gains even though your alts might be worth shit now?

Terribly unflattering underwear on that ass. Jesus.

>be retard
>do retarted thing
>blame it on basket weaving forum


>claiming your crypto


Is Veeky Forums charging you taxes?

>the sound of a BRAP being quelled by a single band of abused fabric

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Not if you know how to act like an innocent crypto noob who got rekt on the phone
that sounds more like a fart in real life desu than the brap meme

>Not if you know how to act like an innocent crypto noob
HAHAHAHAHAHA your strategy is to PLAY DUMB!?
I bet the IRS have never seen that one before lmao

she's god tier qt3.14

Do you notice how many threads there have been about how to do crypto taxes the past month or so? Are you kidding me, there is so many holes in the law regarding it. Learn to manipulate you cuck, enjoy paying all of your gains away to taxes.

>durrr you'll be going to jail!


My friend, loopholes are for careful use, not for "pretend to be a cryto noob" or whatever the fuck your silly idea is.

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>investing beyond your liquidity needs
no user, the retard is you

Gotta check those titty gifs mane

ass is meh and ass > tities

To each his own. I like dem petite white womynz.

Will Bitcoin ever go back to $20,000?