What Value Does Blockchain Add?

I was watching a video about how Amazon took advantage of the internet in 1997 to become such a powerful company.

I see blockchain technology as a great technology for security, but what other value does it add? Is it really as disruptive as the internet was? How?

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Nothing, it's shit. Sell your bags immediately.

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It removes the need for middlemen, including banks. It allows automation on massive scale. It makes everything transparent and reliable.

Nothing, if you ask anyone on le reddit all the bias bagholders will say this exact same thing:

>it's a decentralized, secure, immutable transaction ledger for transferring money securely across the internet

it's literally using fucking buzzwords

No chargebacks, no mistakes no backsies ancap survival of the fittest.
I think eventually safeguards will be programmed in though.

Why would you not want a middle man? Wouldn't the average person get cucked if they tried to facilitate most transactions?

Also, the blockchain is not easily transparent since one can send transactions/data to tons of addresses.

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>Why would you not want a middle man
because they are completely unnecessary, add nothing but inefficiencies, extra costs and complications. The only reason we have them is because of the double spend problem, which has now been solved. Literally a revolution coming.

>Why would you not want a middle man?
because that allows yourself to be deplatformed if you have even semi controversial views, and the left loves to use alinsky tactics to censor people in this way.

>Not realizing middlemen are a fucking black hole of value
Just to put it in perspective, if the chinese could automate their own bureaucracy they would save so much resources and manpower they could scale to a whole new level

Middle men exist because there is value in having middle men. One would expect a middle man to have more market expertise and market connections than the average consumer on the other end. There is also time and money involved to become knowledgeable and make connections that these middle men have.

How is blockchain supposed to link consumers directly to businesses while educating them about market standard practices?

Doesn't the internet already link consumers directly to businesses? (Amazon for example)

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it prevents double spending of electronic currency... that's about it

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read up on Req. Revolutionary, if you read what they're trying to create.

literally none of those are buzzwords, you're just too stupid to understand the full implications of each word

>Why would you not want a middle man?
because it costs money. middle men exist through necessity. without that necessity, it is a question of efficiency.

distributed ledger technology has the potential to replace huge swathes of white collar low to medium skill jobs - and quite quickly (within next 15 years easily).

for e.g. you will not want to be a paralegal soon.

blockchain has potential in a lot of other areas (including as a currency, particularly for privacy, immutability and speed).

blockchain is likely to form part of a technological leap similar to what we saw with the internet.

if you talk to educated people with an understanding of blockchain, within just about any industry, you will learn to appreciate how truly disruptive this could be.

Try to send a significant amount of wealth between countries without (((banks))) raping your ass with fees or just plain not letting do a transfer between X and Y country because reasons. Having fiat is like leaving your crypto in an exchange. you may think you can freely trade with it but you don't really own those coins. You can only do whatever your bank lets you do. Not what you want to do.
>filthy nocoiner that got into crypto because his local bank tried to jew him too much for him to tolerate.

Even dinocoin is leagues better than fiat when moving wealth through countries. Both in speed and convenience. The only thing that is slowing adoption is that banks won't just roll down and die. They will either control it completely or ban every fiat gateway so you can't cash out. But still, try as they might, they can't stop this. Only delay it

if crypto cuts out the middle man (banks) then why aren’t the powerful bankers trying to keep it down?

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>not realizing he was being ironic and those are actually very good points about blockchain tech

they're investing in it, instead

The funny thing is it's literally none of the buzzwords either. Quantum computing destroys crypto in it's current form.

No it dosn't. Do more research you fudding piece of shit.

ya unless somebody controls half of the hashrate

It adds value to the consumer. If you want to crowdfund an idea, you no longer have to give >10% of the fund to the person who owns the site that you used to crowdfund. If you want to publish something, you no longer have to give up the rights to the product. That goes for books, scientific papers, and news articles. Your data is no longer going to be harvested by Facebook and given to advertisers for millions of dollars. Youtube will no longer have any say in whether or not your video meets their guidelines and it will allow people who make content to be paid by the consumers directly.

It is disruptive because it means that commerce can happen between individuals even at a distance. It will no longer have to be between an individual and a corporation.

Also, if you don't think that it's possible to create some sort of reputation-based escrow, community vote escrow, or hard-coded insurance system, then you're a retard.

>but what other value does it add?

Besides it's obvious advantages against centralized currency, immutable data is much more reliable for AI, so blockchain + AI = value.


>Quantum computing destroys crypto

So does invisibility, time travel, and teleportation. Prove me wrong.

Why do you need blockchain to do this? I could create a website to do everything that blockchain can do, except you would have to trust the company.

I don't think putting trust in a company is a big deal. We do it everyday. Why would I want blockchain as a trust system if anyone can make a smart contract and scam consumers?