You hear the news about this shit coin

Prepare for a mini pump fags. Looks like shita is coming out with a functional wallet JK. It isn't going to be released because they want to do "audit testing" before the beta is released for public.

Idiots didn't even think about making a functional wallet before they started trying to get brands.

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>muh Q
>Dom on German Jimmy Kimmel
>trinity wallet that's been delayed 5+ times now

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>lack the confidence to host a random number generator.
>call people out for using insufficiently random number generators.

The fud is strong
So that means we buy

>not using dice to generate your own random numbers

My favorite is when IOTA had people go to a sketchy website to randomly generate passcodes for their wallets.

Yes I thought that too at one point user. Then I realised that their entire community is desperate bagholders from 2015. Only down 25% on my initial, will buy back in when Sonstebo steps down and CFB gets banned from social media

Or just typing randomly on a keyboard and putting 9s in randomly.

If you owned it in 2015 how on earth could you be desperate or a bagholder?
you people are actually retarded.

This. Anyone who held IOTA since 2015 is pretty happy right now, considering the 1000x gains since then.

It's hard to find articles about it. Basically a lot of people lost money on their previous hardware project and they were rolled over into Iota. So it's hard to do any accurate math. Obviously anyone who was in crypto during the bullrun did well. That's not an Iota achievement

I'll be delightfully dropping my salty pepes on biztards that have been fudding IOTA for so long

Although some of the FUD is so retarded and pointless I'm suspecting reverse psychology psyops, nonetheless mark my words cause I'll make those salty pepes rain on you feggits

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>at least 1000x gains in 2-3 years, possibly much more
>not an Iota achievement
>rose to top 10 coin for half of 2017, as high as #4

I'm not a fan of the project either, but your mental gymnastics are pathetic

LOL just forget the fudders and keep accumulating.
you'll be rich user, trust me.

>Trust me

Better than trusting you

You can buy now. But who knows if they are gonna have another PR disaster like they always do. I have a feeling some pajeets are gonna move in for the release then dump. But honestly fuck IOTA, cant handle a PR disaster whether in right or wrong. Have a working product before making partnerships or going on talk shows and say how great your tech is. Focus on tech first then marketing.

I have the trinity wallet ama

I've been buying for along time my man.
I'll continue to do so,but thanks.
No less than $100 eoy

The fucking retards in this thread holy fucking shit this is pathetic