I was all in on link until I woke up and saw +35% on ICX.
I threw all my LINKIES in ICX in an act of FOMO
after that I felt sick. I didnt go to work and went tot he supermaret.
i just finished my seventh beercan and i feel anxious
what am i gonna do????
i jsut want to stay in ICX until it hits korean exchanges but now I fear that LOINK will outpferorm ICX in an epic act of JUSTing
fuck i have a mental breakdown
I didnt tell anyone that i wont come to work so im probably lossing myj ob
be honest with me is ICX outpferming LINK in the next days?

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Stop chasing moon missions, retard. Pick projects you feel confident having your money in. Also don't go all-in, ever. Pick multiple projects (depending on how large your investment is) and spread it across them.

pls I need to know this its important I really didnt want to sell the LINKIES but I saw thr big green numbers on ICX and had to do it but since I lost all my linKIES i feel worthless

Never let your emotions have the control.

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Woah , a actual advice from Veeky Forums

>yeee """advice"""
smart money goes all in link
t. 100k stinky


ICX is definitely outperforming LINK in the next few days, what does Link even have lined up? Nothing. Use the pump to buy more LINK, but you're better off with ICX anyway.

Nice digits. Most of my holdings are also LINK, if that makes it any better.

Enjoy being poor.

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trips of truth, so Im getting justed

who is right now, trips of truth pro LINK or dubs pro ICX?
i need another beer

wait 666 is number of the synagogue of satan while 88 is heil hitler, so as a german I have to go with 88 which is ICX

Clients want LINK to maintain a low price or they rather use Oraclize. If LINK charge 10 times the price of Oraclize, no companies will want to use LINK.

depending on how much you're playing with, the profits you could potentially make with icx may be in vain... considering that link could go up substantially in that time frame it takes icx to gain, you may end up no better off than if you bought link now. six and two threes.

The Devil's Digits - Checked - 1000 EOY
Praise Kek and Heil Hitler

If you want to invest in LINK the best thing to do right now is research on Oraclize and LINK pricing. None of the LINK shills ever talk about this. LINK doesn't offer a price comparison chart unlike decentralized storage coin, Siacoin, PRL offer a price comparison chart to let investor know how much they charge compared to AWS.

This makes no sense. What a client pays has nothing to do with the price of a single LINK token. Link can be $1, $10, $100, the fee they pay for the oracle service is the same

>so as a german I have to go with 88
kek, du investierst besser die Ersparnisse deiner Mutter in die Königsklasse, um den Rest kümmern wir uns später

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Free market, buck-o


fuck that advice, you want to be millionaire or not?

I went all in on LINK, NO REGRETS

OP is an unworthy heathen

Icon has exchanges, a token swap and ICOs.
Chainlink has a mainnet.

Fuck this guy. Go all fucking in. LINK will make you rich.

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