its that guy who invests in creepy digital assets

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>Implying I won't have my own harem of 18 year olds when I make it.


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>creepy digital assets
No normie woman would ever say that.
They'd probably just call everything Bitcoin.

>implying crypto isn't a normie thing now

sorry roasties, i'm saving myself for Sergey

>Hey user, what happened to that minecraft money you bragged about? was it digi bit or something? how much are these digimons worth now?

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Girls actually like cryptos

If you're good at talking they'll be super intrigued by it, I've tried it on several dates and they were all quite fascinated.

Just don't get too much specific or technical and they'll simply see it as a "cooler" or more modern version of stocks

I have reverse image searched that, and I cannot find the original skit that pic is from. Can anyone help?

Oh you wont. Modern western golddiggers know no bounderies? You think you can keep them from being a social media roastie hoe for a couple mil? You delusional. You will buy them fuckin 15k handbags and they still fuckin suck your rich neighbors dick. Life is not some Robert E. Howard short story.

Stacy: Hey chad, I went to dinner with that loser to throw him a bone, halfway through he started talking about bitcoin
Chad: Haha that's hilarious, I'm sure you made his night though.
Stacy: Yeah. Hey get this, it wasn't just Bitcorn he was talking about, he started talking about another coin called Request something. He started furiously rambling about how he'd be able to pay for mocha lattes with his creepy monopoly money instead of dollars, can you believe that?
Chad: Wow Stace, what did you do?
Stacy: I nodded and pretended to be super into it. He started smiling and ordered me a drink right then. The waitress came and after he paid, he told her that in the future, he could automatically tip her in Links, or whatever. She just smiled and said "okay honey".
Chad: This is why nerds never get girls. You're a good person Stace.

>implying dumb bitches could even formulate a sentence with the words "digital assets" in it

holy shit this board is straight autism, even roleplaying as chad they can't get it right


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>Girls are all mentally retarded and are incapable of understanding anything about cryptocurrencies or investment

Oh ok thanks for clearing that up, maybe next time I'll talk about how many push ups I can make this will surely get them wet

>Be me
>Last night
>gf knows I've bought a bunch of LINK and is considering some for herself
>Telling her why I think it will moon
>We've been talking for maybe 30min about it
>"A big portion of the quadrillion-dollar derivatives market could be replaced with smart contracts, and all of them will need external data"
>"Oh, how will they get external data?"

Women are incapable of understanding crypto.

Your girlfriend is just retarded.

She's smart, there's just something about crypto (and finance in general) which makes women's eyes glaze over. I think it might be a testosterone thing - they don't get the same amount of FOMO that we do.

My ex loved listening about bitcoin and monero and the ideals behind them, even before they went parabolic.

>Oh hi user! We were just discussing about people who made bad investments.
>Could you join us? You're the expert in this right? :^)

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There is this one girl I have been writing twisted love letters to and I have shown off my BTC gains bragging that she will never have them but that I'm also obsessed with her and I've been gradually explaining it to her to the point that I think I will recommend specific reading materials to her. She is tough to handle sometimes. I've sent her 24 messages and no response. I think in my last love letter where I really laid my card out on the deck, I also recommended some reading materials in the Reddcoin subreddit. Then I deleted them, so I can't remember what I sent. But she has them. Should I sent her another message? I think if I keep persisting and gradually slip in blockchain references to build as the ledger of our relationship where our love will be forever. She is perfect in every way. I think I'm gonna text her now. And don't you dare talk or think about her. She's MINE!!

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that was gay

bro theyre all like 15