How to avoid being a victim of armed robbery when I look like pic related...

How to avoid being a victim of armed robbery when I look like pic related? Some of my friends know approximately how much crypto I have and if that got to the wrong people I would no doubt be a target. Even if I downplay everything after this dip and pretend I played my cards wrong and lost most of my stuff (I plan on doing this), but just being a crypto enthusiast puts a target on your back since people assume you have some vast amount of bitcoins.

I'm thinking a few machiavelli type moves so people know I'm crazy and will kill them if they fuck with me. But in real life I'm not that intimidating and only mildy offensive with libertarian beliefs.
I'm in a liberal shithole state so there are lots of undesirables, although I live in a rich area, so no guns, but I could make sure my knife clip is showing on my jeans pocket.

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Pull you dick out

Just never carry any amount of wealth so when they attempt to rob you you can laugh at them before they kill you

your not that important faggot

Build a time machine and tell your younger retard self to zip up the dickholster and not brag about your posessions to others.

You underestimate how desperate some people are. They dont target important people, they target nobodys who they heard came into money.

Lol don't show force. Everyone knows you are a pussy. Get a gun and CC. Steel your mind for a self defense situation.

A nigger would kill you over 50 bucks if you flashed it
And this Yeah too late now. Part of the problem was talking about it before the 2k to 20k bull run, it was a lot less then.

>needing a gun

Dont be a guncuck

>Some of my friends know approximately how much crypto I have and if that got to the wrong people I would no doubt be a target.

You've made a mistake but you're right to realize the dangers. I met up with a white nigger friend of mine (think white Tyrone) whose life took a turn for the worse last year. The guy literally was asking me if I know anyone with a large amount of cryptocurrency (Im in software development). If you have more than two million, I would dissapear and change all but your tested friends, that you can rely on (already checked). Make sure theyre also not poorfags because poverty puts people in terrible situations where their morals may take 2nd place to day to day survival.

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>but I could make sure my knife clip is showing on my jeans pocket.
Don't do this jesus

kek, is this how you sissies are coping nowadays?

Buy a gun OP and then go to the range and learn how to shoot. Not only is a good stress reliever but then you’ll have piece of mind at home as well.

Hire bodyguards and/or private military security firms.

>Dangerously rich billionaire security (part 1)

>Dangerously rich billionaire security (part 2)

>Superpower for hire: rise of the private military.

Yeah your swiss army knife is going to really intimidate some criminal with a gun. Why is leveling the playing field with a firearm considered "cuck" behavior? That's the opposite meaning of the very word.

>make sure my knife clip is showing on my jeans pocket
This is a 13 year old's fantasy post.

Conceal your weapon. If you kill an armed robber, you are actually doing the world a favor and lowering everybody's chances of getting robbed. You should welcome the conflict.

Never go outside again. Sleep in a bullet proof vest and helmet.

It's not like I'm going to wear my fedora, I'm an outdoorsy type so it wouldn't look too edgy but might make someone think twice.

I haven't made it made it, just done pretty decent. Like was said earlier people will rob someone just because they heard a rumor or saw they won the lottery. You could be surrounded by wealthier people and they would still target you.
My friends are all into crypto and well off too (both from crypto and jobs), they won't sell me out, but might accidentally say too much.
That's what I'm afraid of and why I want it to be a defacto "dont' fuck with that guy"

Instead of projecting "don't fuck with me" get prepared for the worst if it happens. CC is a must, if you're in a leftist hellhole, move states.

Put your crypto on hard drives and get them to safe deposits.

Only have on your phone what you must.

DO NOT MEMORIZE YOUR SEEDS, write them down and put them in another safe.

When I make it and retire I will do that, honestly I would lose more fucking up my career by doing that right now. I'm sort of at an inbetween and just trying to plan for the worst.

Well I have segmented my wallets to some degree, there's one with a few eth across different addresses. And put them on flash drives, but it needs to be better since it's the same password for them all. Although that assumes someone steals every usb and make me write down the password.

Dude you're a pussy. Doesnt matter how skinny you are.


Good advice, thanks

let me guess..... /fit told you to go fuck yourself...

Dude you need to study the blade and carry a gun if you are able

This idea autists have that you need to hide your wealth from everyone at all costs is so retarded lol. I suppose anybody out there driving a nice car should also consider hiring private security or something? You faggots watch too many movies.

>I suppose anybody out there driving a nice car should also consider hiring private security or something?
Yeah if the trunk was filled with gold it would be a good idea.
You realize it's a lot easier to make someone move bitcoin that it is to rob someones 401k at gunpoint?
It's not far fetched at all and tons of examples come up on google, you just sound naive.

Ok user, I'll believe you.

You're a skinny fuck.
You have acquired wealth.

What the fuck are you doing.
If you have time, why aren't you improving yourself?

Hit the gym AND learn some type of self defense. Literally poor niggers can afford this.

It's not too late to turn your life around.


>Thinking any amount of muscles or a knife can protect you from robbers who think you have millions

You really have no idea which kind of people we're talking about here

>Not keeping your hardware wallet between your balls and dick


Never gonna make it

So then what do?
And it's not just
>think you have millions
>think you have any amount of untraceable cash
Could be gold, silver, whatever. The situation would still be the same. It's just that while there's tons of people here who have hundreds of thousands in crypto, probably nobody has 100k worth of gold. The level of paranoia should be equal or even greater when it comes to crypto.

This. Sort of like they say if you travel in some shithole country, keep a small amount of money in your wallet, and the rest in your shoe etc. If you get robbed have something you can give to them easily, without them knowing about most of your stack. It's not like they would how many hardware wallets you have, how many exchange accts, software wallets etc.Have something small to give them while letting them think that's it. Keep the other stuff in a diff physical location, or if on your computer, somewhere obscure so they can't easily find out if they looked

Also while crypto is more easily stolen than a 401k acct etc, it's also much more easier to hide than gold/cash

Good point I sort of did this, but realized even my hot wallet/decoy is too complex since it requires booting linux from a usb drive. I'll make something simpler to access that looks relatively normal.

don't be an anti-selfdefence cuck

Rapist detected

find a multi sig wallet that only lets you withdraw a tiny % per day unless you have every private key. and just keep some of the private keys in a bank deposit box. It's your safest option. You might get murdered if you can't explain it to the robber though. If I were you i'd carry around a "business card" with an explanation typed out, so it will be an additional signal to robbers that you properly secured your wealth

wow now you faggots are trying to use our words. this should be fun.
I am a proud guncuck, if you fuck with me i will bulletcuck your ass till my gun goes cuckclick.

>study the blade
just go buy a fucking gun

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Wow, he looks so much better since becoming filthy rich

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it wasn't the money, he dropped the sword and bought a gun

You need to tell them you lost your crypto. Like in casual conversation. Say you lost it in a trade that you were making, sent it to the wrong address, gone....

I plan on moving somewhere where no one knows me as well as storing my crypto far away from myself with a small portion at my physical location.

I haven’t discussed my net worth since 80k and hang out with no poor folks, I am also essentially schizo or autistic (generally appear weak publicly) So nobody is jealous of me. Still have a dirty ass room, shitty car, shitty girls. Hiding my power level very well. Normies don’t care that much as long as they aren’t desperate and as long as you’re still wagecuckin’.

>assuming a position of power or at worst putting your life on the line to stand your ground is cuckoldry
You do know words have meaning right?

liberals are so open to the thought of cuckoldry that they can't figure out what makes "cuck" a proper insult and just use it blindly.