Guys go on Binance CEO twitter

Guys go on Binance CEO twitter.

Insider info not posted on Official twitter yet.

Binance is going to the moon soon.

Worlds biggest exchange rolling out margin with the ability to lend out the BNB coin

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so pretty

I don’t understand

Big if true. Would rather trade on margin there than Bitmex.

The CEO of Binance said they are rolling out margin trading on the worlds biggest exchange in a few days.

In the whitepaper it said the BNB token will be used for margin trading.

He posted this on his personal twitter not the exchanges. When news comes out the coin will pump, its pumping as we speak take a look.

The Quarterly coin burn is also in 3 weeks.

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You posted the wrong girl.

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>Implementing an advanced financial instrument in an unregulated market
>on the exchange with most teens and shitcoins
>no proffessional UI like Bitfinex
>leads to even bigger swings when margin calls exectues

What could possibly go wrong.

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I see.

Can you post a link to the tweet? Zhao doesn't have a blue ribbon next to his twitter handle, This could be false information.

My dick swells just thinking about the volatility.
Oh and the whale games. Stop and liquidation hunts on alts too. Fffuck yes

He does, look

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I think M = margin trade

Meh, BNB is massively overbought anyway. Price reacted way too hard to the DEX news...they wont be delivering anything on that for at least a year. I am interested in margin trading on Binance though.

>In the whitepaper it said the BNB token will be used for margin trading.
Just did ctrl+f "margin" on the whitepaper, and it says nothing of the sort.

Hell yeah. Fuck BitMEXicans - that place is shady. Fucking front running, stop hunting by the exchange, stops "accidentally" don't get filled etc. Binance have had ample opportunity to screw us over and gone above and beyond proving themselves trustworthy. I'll take the higher withdrawal fees for that.

You must be looking at a version of the whitepaper without search lol

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I pulled this up to, I am hoping it mentions somewhere the relationship of BNB to margin. Is it just the fees? Is it the only thing you can collateralize? Is it the only thing you can loan with?

The word "margin" appears 3 times and says nothing about BNB.

I fucking love bnb and thanks to the user who shilled it here when it was trading sideways around a dollar and brought attention to it.

I think you guys are missing the point. It's in the BNB token whitepaper not a blog post.

The BNB token will have a use with all the features on the exchange. It's expected to do something in relation to margin.

Most coins have a BNB pairing why wouldn't they have BNB margin trading? Poliniex has all kinds of weird margin pairs.

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It doesn't say anything about how BNB relates to margin in the white paper, just that they plan to implement margin trading.

>'thee margin shalleth be paid with bnb coineth'
BNB Whitepaper 33:8

I'm in. Fly me to the moon.

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This isn't insider info you retards


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dude every retard in here that tries margin is gonna go broke in 1 week, whales will rule the world

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I don't give a fuck what they use it for. I just want to pump and dump it.

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Crazy Frog - Axel F

this sentiment is why crypto currency will ultimately fail

prove me wrong

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sometimes there's things we want to pump and hold, like that semen demon.

it's hard for me to imagine how pnd mindset among traders could cause cryptocurrency to fail. to provide an argument against that it would help to get a rough picture of how that could possibly happen -- my brain is not capable of producing such a picture. Could you help me out?

Idk guys, just dont find this pic attractive.

people ultimately view crypto as a "get rich quick" scheme to flip for more fiat, they don't care about the "tech" and they don't care about the "store of value"

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why would a token be used for margin trading
you need to stake bitcoin as short term loans to marginfags
poloniex already has this feature

what people think right now doesn't matter. people are shit eating monkeys

Because fees

fees for what? for example you loan 1 btc get back .0001 fee of .00002 you get back 1.00008
where does the token come into this?

Your shitcoin is down, nigga.

why does any of this matter when stellar already has a dex

Fees because they have an exchange to run. Just like in a casino when you don't get fair odds.

>people ultimately view stocks as a "get rich quick" scheme to flip for more dollars, they don't care about the "fundamentals" and they don't care about the "economic growth"

You can pay fees with BNB to get a discount on them.

Margin trading will have a 0.1% fee on profits or something.

JESUS FUCKING CHRIST. How bitcoins for a semen demon like that?

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I see I didn't understand what BNB was before this post
but why is it an investment opportunity, can't the value of the token never exceed the discount of the fees?

if the bnb value increases you just pay less BNB to discount the fees.

For the gigantic amount of brainlets here:
if BNB=1$, trade =1000$: fee discount = 0.05%=0.50$=0.5 BNB

if BNB=1000$, trade = 100%: fee discount = 0.05%=0.50$=0.0005BNB

When you combine margin trading coming, the coin burn coming, the announcement from last week: you are absolutely 100% full on retarded if you don't take a big position in BNB right now.

if BNB=1000$, trade = 1000$*: fee discount = 0.05%=0.50$=0.0005BNB

Who is the qt in op's post?

Well said

Hope so user. Have $5k in BNB right now, about 30% of portfolio


I had to sell this shit, Asuka.

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>Confirming (1/2)

i think M = MERKLE

probably banning all users from europe due to heavy incoming regulation

Bnb is the shit



sold 75% of my portfolio 2 hrs ago to put it all in bnb. wish me luck.

What were r s and p?


I bought Storm and Icon because they're going up faster.

Fuck lads I only have 0.07 BNB, Wat do????