How to decline already accepted offer without burning bridges?

How to decline already accepted offer without burning bridges?

Is it possible? Took an internship for 13.00 a month ago and now another company I completely forgot about offered my $19.00 so I'm pretty sure I'm gonna take the latter but I'm gonna feel like a dick cause the first company really wants me and they have been very warm and welcoming

Also I feel way more comfortable at company 1 but company 2 basically implied they will hire my full time after a few internship over the Summers so I feel I would be a retard to turn down company 2 even if it meant fucking over company 1

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Explain to company one and try to get a pay rise out of them. they might want you enough to pay you more.

Happens all the time - not like you're the president leaving, you're an intern. no one will care if you leave, there's a 1000+ other college age people willing to take your place. Just meet with your manager and explain the situation. Hell, they might offer to match the wage to keep you if it's that big of a deal.

If you're willing to work for $6/hour less just because you don't want to be a dick to a company you are working for than you need to grow some balls or else you aren't going to get far in business

explain the facts in a calm manner, and all will be fine. Dont have any loyalty to any company, they see you as cattle and nothing more

Possible to take time off of company one for maybe 2 weeks..... Start company 2 and see if they are just as warm and welcoming..... If company 2 is shit, don't go back. If company 2 is better than company one don't go back... Nothing to lose and you can be confident in burning which ever bridge. Just an idea.

You don't owe company 1 anything. If they had to get rid of you, they would fire you in a heartbeat. Loyalty is for cucks

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leverage the position you're in and negotiate for higher pay, if all fails company 2 it is

>a company
>really wants me

Think if you combine both of these, you have pretty good advice. Try telling company 1 in a mature way that you have a better offer, see if they'll improve their offer, and if not, you're free to leave without feeling bad.

Might be worth it to work at Company 1 for a couple bucks less, but that's entirely up to you obviously. In my experience I'd rather work at an awesome job where I have relaxed work hours for a couple bucks less/hour than for some shitty boss who wants me there at 8:00am-7pm for a few dollars more.

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Well company A starts April 30 and company B starts May 14 so this could work...

What do I tell company A though if I don't like it after two weeks? Should I just say I found out I have cancer? Then I could say I'm cured and come back if I don't like company B

Also they are both massive companies (100 Billion each) so there's a good chance I might want to work for company A in the future and they will prob tell me to fuck off

This is exactly what you do OP.

Don't get hung up on workplace loyalty....ever. It's an at-will employment agreement, not a marriage. If something better comes along, you have to take it.

my professor said its not professional to try to leverage one company after you have already accepted an offer

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Politely notify company 1 that you recieved a better offer and see if they try to match it. Have you weighed the pros and cons of each job? I'd take a 13/hr job where I did dick-all over a 19/hr job breaking my back. Sometimes the benefits of less work is worth the pay cut.

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