I think I must have spent nearly 50 hours by now researching this guy

I think I must have spent nearly 50 hours by now researching this guy.

He's really Satoshi. Hold BTC at your own risk.

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>Wasting 50 hours when you could have watched one < 3 minute video and stopped there.
>The absolute state of delusional cashies.

You guys are actually more obnoxious than stinky linky's. At least they're moderately comedic in their obsession, you morons are just cult-like and it's pathetic.

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vitalik's response here is honestly embarrassing and shows what a brainlet he is. in the words of nassim taleb, he's a classic intellectual yet idiot medium.com/incerto/the-intellectual-yet-idiot-13211e2d0577

>IQ proven to be over 200
>called a brainlet by someone unintelligent enough to join a cult based around a fork of a cryptocurrency ran by known sociopaths

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>references signaling theory to sound smart
>presuppose that i know what the other person is attempting to signal
>too autistic to understand what craig was actually signaling
>tfw too smart to win

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Why research these when you can just watch a 3 min youtube instead?

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what's the best thing you've found

Vitalik's mention of signalling theory is 100% logical though. You call him a brainlet but I guarantee you can't explain why his argument was flawed.

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Satoshi is most likely John Nash or Alan Greenspan

because he assumed craig wanted to signal that he was satoshi you retard

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these are pretty good for a start


craig actually wrote that medium piece AFAICT (he admitted to it in slack, assuming you believe it was actually him in slack which i do) - here's a link to the slack transcript pastebin.com/zU6YZWXK

kek. fucking brainlets everywhere

Definitely a member of the team but not the leader

trolls are free to join the cult of their choice why then do you care about your forked little brother taking over the kingdom if your darling is so great.

Lightning Network DDoS Sends 20% of Nodes Down

important to link the following when posting this image wiki.cacert.org/AssuranceHandbook2?action=show&redirect=CARS#CAcert_Assurer_Reliable_Statement_-_CARS

so that people know what CARS means

incidentally, ian grigg wrote the paper on triple entry accounting and has been involved in financial cryptography since the 90s

this is why im all fucking in ETH.

I personally think he's satoshi but I can see why a lot of people think differently. I think he's intentionally muddied the waters so he is underestimated and is free to be left alone to work on bitcoin behind the scenes.

ah man. instead of banning 3rd world shitholes we should just have to pass a simple 5 question iq test.

If he was Satoshi why did he need to go back and change his old blog posts to reference crypto?

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cheers. I think bch will be over 100k in june

I wonder if there is anyone left on Veeky Forums who actually holds over 5 figures in crypto.
It's just a bunch of bots, shills, and dollarionaires yelling at each other.
Of course CW is satoshi. It's been obvious since the day he came forward. Only a person with his personality type could create something like Bitcoin. What did you guys expect? Some soft spoken limp wristed faggot who bends over backwards to everyones demands? please.
BCH is bitcoin
bitcoin was 20k
therefore BCH will be 20k
invest or not, thats your choice.

All he has to do is move the satoshi coins and say satoshi supports bitcoin cash and its all over then as FOMO sets in

Dougie Jones?

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lmao Taleb is a retard

"dude random events happen that you can't predict" wow great insight I'm sure nobody thought of that before

Of course CW isn't Satoshi. Anyone who thinks that he is is a fool. Point fucking blank.
If he was actually Satoshi all he would have to do is sign a transaction with one of satoshis known coin addresses to shut everyone up for good, but he won't because he can't.
He's obviously a con artist who is just trying to steal Bitcoins from people.

He wanted to muddy the waters.
He wanted people calling him a scammer.

>69D chess

He might prove it this weekend at the Satoshi Vision Conference as he's getting tired of fucking around

I don't think he's Satoshi but I don't like the argument that he has to move coins to prove it.
I think there are too many legitimate reasons to NOT move those coins to make it any sort of litmus test.

more like the best possible response to a terrible, unforeseen event

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Anyone can sign a transaction if they have the keys
Argument that whoever can sign tx for Genesis block coins is Satoshi is fundamentally flawed
Any member of the team could have access to those keys at any given time

No. He will not be the Bitcoin community's godhead. He will never prove it publicly.
One day, after the tulip trust assets unlock, the BTC genesis block will be market sold, and the proceeds put into BCH. And that will be that.

It's Hal Finney /thread

this. it's irrelevant to the truth anyhow; if someone signed a satoshi key and proceeded to say we should keep the blocksize at 1mb you'd know satoshi (person or group) had been compromised because there is not a single reason to limit blocksize to 1mb other than to make on chain transactions impossible

He doesn't have to prove anything but he can sell over a million btc coins if and when he wants and continue his work on the bitcoin cash chain with patents. I think he knew a takeover would happen from the beginning and planned accordingly.

one thing i dont understand though: how are patents supposed to work in this scenario? who do you sue when BTC or ETH rip off your IP? what kind of damages could you collect?

He's either Satoshi, or an incredibly driven and successful sociopath.
Either option is a good bet for an investment.

>Only a person with his personality type could create something like Bitcoin. What did you guys expect?
also this

It all fits. CW has links to the gaming industry. Bitcoin was creating by a group from the gaming industry as a response to various US financial blockades.

>supposedly access a Satoshi wallet with one of satoshis keys
>I'm not trying to signal I'm Satoshi tho guyz 4 real

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I think he's stockpiling patents so he can prevent large companies from building their own cryptos to pull the rug out from under bitcoin, and to force banks and exchanges to deal with bitcoin(cash).

hadnt heard this before. source?

no he's been very clear that he wont let alts use his tech
but he also has added elsewhere--I think once, in an interview with Vin Armani--that part of the patent strategy is to prevent governments from creating competitors (eg. FedCoin)

thats a very good point patents only work against centralised competitors (which is what we don't want) meanwhile bch is the optimum decentralised option

None, patents are mostly bullshit when it comes to open source software. What they DO do, is give ammunition against other for-profit companies. i.e. Blockstream
It's a war chest

i mean maybe you would have a case against blockstream if BTC ripped you off since they are in charge of the code. might be without precedent though. he certainly has the funds to pursue though. and a thirst for vengeance, probably.

This guy's general point is good, but it's so swamped in opaque writing and specific and poorly explained political bias that he undermines himself.

I liked this line though:
>What we generally call participation in the political process, he calls by two distinct designations: “democracy” when it fits the IYI, and “populism” when the plebeians dare voting in a way that contradicts his preferences.

There are different areas of intellect.

One may be exceptionally developed within the mathematical areas of life. Or very well developed with communicative skills. Etc, etc...

Also, nature has proven to show if a species is not balanced, and they have some abnormality that consituties an extreme feature. They are lacking in other areas..

Just like some autistic kids are very good at math, or have a photographic memory and can draw anything they see. They, at the same time, have horrible, retarded social skills...

Vitalik is no different here...

BTW chainlink is going to be one of the very few altcoins that will still be around in 2019...

Watch and screencap it..

>hadnt heard this before. source?
Here's the original Satoshi code:
Now click on the file "uibase.cpp" and search the page for "poker"

There's code for displaying a poker lobby:
It's unfinished, but it's there



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>back-edit your blog to mention cryptocurrency in 2008 constantly
anyone who believes CSW is satoshi is a gullible idiot honestly

i wonder if csw is upset with the government / blockstream. i feel like in his position i would be.. if he is, it's never come through to me. but through the government's ban on banks interacting with the gaming industry, the US government probably forced him into bankruptcy and, possibly, resulted in him getting divorced (speculation whether that's the cause on my part). through blockstream's lack of understanding of bitcoin, it has threatened his baby.

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>the BTC genesis block will be market sold, and the proceeds put into BCH.
this is what delusional cashies ACTUALLY believe

anyone who can't understand the idea that if you were satoshi you would want to tell people you're satoshi with plausible deniability is a retard

signing the keys doesn't 100% prove shit anyway

We all know it will be a cold day in hell before any btc fan would think Satoshi was Craig Wright but just saying its not so isn't good enough.

>guise he doesn't want to be satoshi that's why he back-edits his blog to pretend to be satoshi
lol anytime strong evidence of his fraud behavior is presented you dick-sucking fanboys just fall back to this "100D chess!!!!!!"

he isn't that smart, have you listened to him speak?

he's a genius and i would pay money to hear a debate against vitalik / gmax / any of these other crypto soyboys

>he's a genius
He's the idiot's genius.

The Craig supporters all seem so cool/collected. The Craig skeptics seem very flustered and emotional.

t. Casual observer

The Craig skeptics all seem so cool/collected. The Craig supporters seem very flustered and emotional.

t. Casual observer

>taking the opinion of a pedophile over a highly accomplished scientist with multiple doctorates and a family


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is that you adam back?

I would pay to see him fight gmax

craig snatches 150 kg. he'd snap gmax like a twig

What kind of female argument is this? Such a pathetic appeal to emotion
>I called this guy a pedophile therefore he can't be knowledgeable about anything

Mate you need to reassess your worldview.
Fanatics are always cool and collected because they think their beliefs are the Ultimate Truth.

What a waste of 50 hours.


that's why I'd pay :^)

Satoshi is dead
Also nobody has the private key

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Holy fuck, that is the most pretentious blog entry I've ever read. And I should know as I've written quite a few cringers on the now defunct xanga.com

When you have to keep proving to everyone you are smart. You ain't smart.

If hes Satoshi hes under indictment

If hes satoshi he holds millions of BTC

Think about what this madman could do

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Brainlet here. I'm researching CSW, and he seems all-in on BCH and hates on BTC. Is he intentionally spreading FUD? What's going on here?

BCH is unironically better and CSW is satosho

He's spreading facts. Unfortunately those facts are harmful for BTC and beneficial for BCH.

Jesus man where the fuck have you been?

go back man

Oh for fuck sakes you people are so stupid. Satoshi isnt any of these people it's taylor Swift and the only reason that's not public knowledge is that psychopath russel greer

That's not nick szabo. you idiot

no one here know what ironic means?

He's not, mate. He's second in command.

We will never know who "prime creator" Satoshi is. Satoshi is still alive, but if he were to pass, CW would be the batter up.

>Team BCH has had Satoshi's private keys for a long time, huge secret, it's their dead man's switch
>Small bits and pieces of this were leaked on purpose
>Team BCH needed Gavin to help bring credibility to the project
>Gavin wouldn't join unless he saw proof of their secret
>First rule of BCH Gang is don't talk about BCH Gang
>They panic, fake Satoshi volunteers to meet Gavin privately
>The misunderstanding: Gavin thought he met Satoshi, but he really met a person in the gang that has Satoshi's keys
>Silly Gavin makes mistake because a has a raging boner that be met Satoshi and goes public
>Fake Satoshi takes one for the team and makes fool of himself on TV on purpose, letting the enemy think you are weak when you are strong, doesn't matter in the long run
>Team BCH has the keys regardless

Pay attention to upcoming events. BCH gang will move coins from Satoshi's wallet and shock crypto to it's core. Satoshi endorses BCH. Game Over.

Do you think #1 is Calvin Ayers? Or another cryptographer?

Bullshit, this is the REAL satoshi.

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That also means he have more to loose thus more to hide.


Why would anyone move to BCH just because a bunch of sociopaths market sell vast amounts of BTC? The price would crash short term but anyone with a brain would buy all the coins up and we are left with a blockchain decoupled from the insanity that is the BCH team. BCH would win only by better tech.

if you dump enough you can cause a chain death spiral on btc additionally effective if jihan colludes to maximize its effect

Honestly bch development looks good and they are working on ico platform and privacy but the community is toxic and Roger ver dirts down the whole reputation because of his retardness.

i highly doubt it would kill BTC. It would reduce in value yes but people would buy like mad for two reasons:

1. Limited supply
2. BCH could dump just the same

Again I think BCH would have to be better tech-wise for this to kill BTC. Having the people that hold the same amount of BCH that was just dumped in BTC would not attract many followers either.


*breathes in*

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Craig seems to know Bitcoin inside-out and a few times has demonstrated things Bitcoin can do (or was doing) that most people, including 'Core Experts' had no clue about.

Below vid made me take a deeper look, you can't deny that he's passionate about Bitcoin and scaling it to change the world. Bitcoin Cash is following that, and it's the boat I originally jumped on way back when I first heard of Bitcoin. If BTC wants to remain on top, it needs to start competing - BCH adoption is accelerating, just like Bitcoin did 2009-2014


i know who the real satoshi is and its not any of the people you guys think

and i won't fucking tell because i respect the man.

it takes a high IQ to understand CSW, I'm not surprised brainwashed teenagers and noobs and pajeets are swallowing the blockstream propaganda. They are the dumb money that will make me rich.

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me coughing

I get nervous talking about people who could push prices down to single digits if he felt like making a point

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>believing a pedophile


satoshi is a jap last name retard

once again whitey trying to steal other races' inventions

moving those coins tanks BCH too though. Moving Satoshi's coins increases the BTC circulating supply dumping the price. If you have the private keys to Satoshi's wallets then not only do you have access to the BTC in the but also the BCH created during the fork. By moving Satoshi's coins (even just the BTC) you increase the circulating supply of both BTC and BCH; crashing both coins and the whole crypto market.

Jihan will never allow this.

I am hoping for a little bch pump this weekend though