Petro is here

Petro is here

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>I wait for you


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No thanks.

>trusting commies with your money

it should be called the Russian coin

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thought it was a dictatorship with inordinate amounts of oil reserves, sounds like a good deal to me

Ty China

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Its about to get serious

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have fun getting rekt then.
this is literally a cash grab designed for naive westerners and pajeets

Just bought 100k

becuase moon missions are based upon decentralized partnerships. stop with the idealism 99% of everyone here is becuase of greed. When China and Russia pump this coin youll be sorry

Go Trump ! lol

not legal for americans to buy this FYI, its a federal crime

just imprisoned 100k for treason and trade sanction violation

why not, if you could go back in time and Hitler told you that he's gonna liquidate the jews, put them in labor camps and seize their fortunes, you'd invest in German economy.

>goblinos not allowed
this keeps getting better.

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just like they went after evveryone using Napster

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plus they just lost Peruvian president. warren, its time to call it quits

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So.....communists come to the ultimate final boss of free market capitalism with hat in hand asking for gibs.

No. We're not paying for your regime. You're welcome to just let your people buy cryptos like other free people. That'll still help fix your economy, since you fucked it up. Separate economics and state is the future, just like seperate Church and State.

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Miss Universe

$100 makes you a millionaire baka

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no one is perfect but at least this will tip the scale in favor of the oppressed. you cant ignore the fact that inequailty as its all time highest and the way YOU S A plays geo politics with Latina america is not right and its not fair. this is bigger than blockchain, its taking power away from the 1% that control it all. anything else will take 100+ years by then well be screwed

not idealism


I hope they all starve to death.

why is US cyber command not hacking the shit out of their wallets

So what's the point of this?

are you a shill or really that stupid? they'll take your money, laugh how the greedy westerners were stupid enough to trust them and that's it.
if a commie told me the sky is blue, I'd look up to check if that's the truth.

burgers will starve and the opposite will happen unless quantum shuts down blockchain. that is the reality

Putin approved

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>Inequality is ATH


Pre 1950s era global oppression called and said “ youre a daft retard who can’t read a history book”

its not about them, its about blockchain and they are the first national authority to allow crypto investments. Russia was too big of a risk they used Venezuela. I cant blame Putin since everything is going just as planned.

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seems like any help comes too late for you, buddy.

Runescape gold is a more reliable investment

The funniest thing is that their social systems and government built on top of oil money is now being moved to be on top of issued tokens for oil money. They're doubling down on sending future generations into deep, deep debt.

All while elite bakers collapse. At least both will be even . Better than current system