ITT: Speculate prices

ITT we speculate the price of coins in 2019

BTC $45,000
ETH $2500
LTC $1000
ADA $1
XRP $4
NANO $30
TRX $1.25
LINK (- $1)

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ITT we speculate the price of coins in 2019

BTC $0
ETH $0
LTC $0
ADA $0
XRP $0
NANO $3.00
TRX $??
LINK 1,000

Get ready whales, link isn't gonna FUD it's gonna CUM.

Screenshot this

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BTC $50,000
ETH $3500
LINK $200+

BTC $55,000
ETH $3500
LTC $400
XRP $3.25
REQ $2.80
- - - $94,232
NEO $575
BNB $50

TRX - $1500
XVG - $600
FUN- $200
ADA - $500
XRP - $300

DERO - $100

Just for your information, that barely puts the coin at a 400,000,000 marketcap. I can easily see DERO reaching that by 2019 if it follows through with its roadmap.

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Honestly don't see ETH passing up BCash, and BCash is pretty shit. Also LTC is dead now that the owner doesn't even hold anymore.

Thank you.

The shit I would do to that woman's body. Goddam.

I would drag my balls through 20 miles of broken glass just to sniff her gooch

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What's unfortunate is I had a girlfriend with a body that was 85% like that. Easily tanned, went tanning a lot. Face was 6/10 without makeup and she was a raging cunt that.

That and she eventually just got kind of fat. Then intentionally pregnant.

Such things are not meant to last.

you knocked her up?

ARK 1000 dollar. Dead serious here.

Yeah, convinced her to get an abortion though. Semi broke up for a couple of months over it.

Really, really dodged a bullet though.

VET $250

BTC $1,900,000
ETH $820,000
XRP 0.0004¢
BCH 0.5¢
LTC $12,000
ADA 0.00008¢
EOS 0.00000001¢
NEO $1,400
XLM $55
IOTA 0.0000¢
XMR $360,000

BTC: $110,000
ETH: $3000
LTC: $15,000
XRP: $4
LINK: $100

abortions are some crazy shit. not saying I wouldn't get one if i was in that position, but fuck it's a hell of a choice

you must've been shitting bricks

LTC is the only cryptocurrency even close to being used by normies, volume is going to make it skyrocket

BTC: $40,000
ETH: $3000
XMR: $700
NEO: $500
VEN: $100
XRP: $1
ADA: $1
EOS: $50
TRX: $0.01

>you must've been shitting bricks
Words can't even describe. I couldn't eat, my stomach was all fucked up, was constantly sick for like a month.

Yeah, abortions are pretty fucked up. Still the right decision. She for sure was trying to get pregnant.

She pulled the whole "cum inside of me, it feels better, don't worry I'm on birth control, user" thing. I was too young/stupid to see what was going on.

kek you forgot the Number 1 blockchain by 2020

NEO $1,500

being realistic here

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>People are optimistic about BTC

It's dying. Let it go in peace

delusional as fuck

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0.1 for all of them

> Wishfully delusion list of price targets.

wtf what a psycho

Please don't lump ADA with the rest of those shitcoins

Beginning of 2019:
>BTC $7,000
>ETH $320
>LTC $150
>XRP $0.8
>LINK $0.3

Idk how old you are (don't take this as an insult, not my intention), but I would say at least half of women are mildly psychotic. They're just not wired the same.

22, yeah i've noticed many of them are kind of unhinged. I'm in the perfect situation now: broke up with my ex because we realized we were better off as best friends and now we just hang out and fuck every so often

As a newfag who just started accumulating in November 2017, pic is related. Tell me I'm gonna make it, bro.

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Right on brother -- keep that shit going as long as you can.

I've got about 10 years on you.

Not exaggerating when I say-- enjoy that age bracket while you can. Usually have way less money than you likely will when you're close to my age, but the insane access to pussy goes away to some degree.

Especially if you end up with a long term g/f/fiancee/wife (like most of us). Then you're in the business of mistresses (pain in the ass) and prostitutes (expensive/risky).

Not that you're asking for life advice.

A man can dream.

With a 10tn Marketcap $1000 Ark is ~1.75% of total marketcap

Nope not even reading such a turbo shit stain thread
Bitcoin 45k in 1 year?
It will be 80+ eoy
This is just the law of returns

>my bags will be the only coins that aren’t 0. Lmao the level of delusion.

Sometimes I think anti linkies post as deluded linkies to troll and make them look stupid

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Boy I’ll buy you a lambo myself if that’s true.

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>no LINK in that list

Fuck out of here


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