Am I gonna make it guise

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Put more in alts don't be a pussy!

are you expecting BTC to hit $250k EOY or something?

buy skycoin

Not gonna make it.

Whats the point of owning 700 link and 300 cripple if you have 4 bitcoins, KYS

this is almost like stocks yucks

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Dont shill XLM to these fagets they dont deserve the gains.

Hold Bitcoin

Sell BCH for more Ripple and Link

Like really user you spent 3 bands on b cash

most vanilla portfolio ever

you're either a boomer or a woman, maybe both

bcash is a comfy hold. only up from here

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Definitely sell BCH and throw it into OMG, XRP or LINK

Like why dude?

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Seems to me like you're just winging it at market price. I think you'd benefit from timing your positions a bit more.

virgin detected

Waiting for BTC bull run then I'll switch to alts. People should understand that there won't be an alt run unless BTC pumped to 20k again. No, 12% green candles on alts are not bullish signs.

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>I want to buy something immediately. Not BTC because that already mooned. I know, I'll check biz. Those helpful guys will recommend something good. I remember they talked about ETH before so everything they shill must have SOMETHING behind it. Otherwise, why would they shill so hard?

no need to be jealous

Will I make it with this portfolio? Might sell most my VEN for OMG.

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needs more pajeet shitcoins. Have you looked into coinmetro?

Ofcourse you are, fuck these bitches here, if i had 4btc i would just store It in a papper wallet and forget about it for 4-5 years....but i dont, i only have 1btc so i have to trade shitcoins to make more btc.
Also to any newfag here, never fall for the meme of truely hodling alts, they are here just to make more btc

You need more link.

Am I gonna make it? Cardano might be what kids get home schooled on when they leave public education behind

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>he puts his 2 bnb on blockfolio
that's fucking adorable

I'm mostly a BTC Maximalist as well. All these shitcoins are useless pump n dumps. Bitcoin and ethereum are most likely to still be around. Unfortunately I FOMO'd back into ethereum in 2018. I had a huge ETH stash in early 2017 that I sold for peanuts.

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poorfag here

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just go all in on LINK. at worst LINK will follow BTC. why the fuck do you even have scamcoins like BCH

Theres a reason stellars logo is a rocket

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Bought the ico sold in 2016 @14$ -fml

drop some verge and grab more link or cardano.

My port looks kindof like yours except i'm not a pussy bitch and i'm invested in 100% shitcoins with 30k link, 10k agi, 1k HPB, 10k CPC and a bunch of minor shitcoins that were once worth mentioning would post blockfolio but i deleted the app coz it was depressing to look at.

I bought ETH a few months after the DAO hack. During the ethereum bear market in late 2016. But ethereum was performing so poorly back then that I got rid of all my ETH after it recovered above the price I bought it at. I was a newbie back not making much money in crypto at the time and the multi-month long eth bear market was brutal to live through. I was stressed.

I'm not too hot on ethereum at the moment. But I will definitely be slowly accumulating it. Hedging it with BTC along the way, etc. People are addicted to gambling on ICOs and D'Apps (crypto-kitties, crypto-pussies, etc). So ethereum should be a long-term #2 behind BTC. This is why I don't mind buying ethereum while I look down on other alts for being the pump n dump schemes that they are.

I also need to buy some litecoin to pay for my VPN and Proxy subscriptions. That's about it for me alt-wise.

I have less than 0.7 BNB left and I put it in my Blockfolio too. lol. I am autistic and very OCD. I feel the desire to keep track of everything. Especially in the event that the authorities ever decide to audit me. Since Binance destroys records after 3 months, I take regular screenshots and download the excel file of my trades, deposits and withdrawals.

I bought the minimal amount of BNB (you're forced to trade at least 0.001BTC for BNB/BTC trades) just so that I can get the 50% fee discount on my trades. As a BTC Maximalist, I didn't start trading on Binance until very late. When I used Binance to dump my BCash, BGold. And for trading ETH for BTC.

What gains? XLM has way too much supply in circulation.

If you can time your entry and exit with shitcoins correctly, nothing wrong with buying shitcoins. Technical analysis is fucking bullshit. I looked at the technical analysis for the BCH/BTC trading pair and it literally told me to sell my BCH. I did. I go to sleep, wake up and the market FOMO'd back into BCH and BCH hasn't gone down below the point I dumped it yet. Fuck that shit. In order to day trade shitcoins, you need to have alerts setup on your phone to wake you up and not have a life. Technical analysis is either full of shit or the situation changes so fast that you can't even sleep.

When BTC goes down, I don't mind because I bought in really early anyways. BTC Maximalism is what I'm comfortable with. Though I'm looking to build my ETH portfolio as well.